Friday, June 17, 2011

More Goings On...

We have been rather busy lately just keeping up with everyday chores, activities and fun, hence the lack of posts!  I thought I'd just type up a little post to let you all in on whats been happening around here lately. 
I loved reading all of your comments on the last post, though some people got a little ruffled!  Our family just recently bought "Dinosaurs of Eden" by Ken Ham, which we think is a great book for both little and older children.  Though I must admit some of the pictures made me chuckle!

Another book that I have been reading at the moment (one of far too many!) is "To Train Up A Child" by Michael and Debi Pearl.  I am aware this material has had some controversy and criticism.  I'm not sure what to make of this book yet, as I haven't read much of it; perhaps when I'm done reading I'll share a review...

      I had an upsetting confrontation with an extended family member recently.  The lady (who we will call K) was raised catholic and still attends catholic mass once per week.  K also lived in an eastern country for a long period of time where she was surrounded by (and embraced) Muslim and Hindu beliefs.  K and I were talking in anothers home, where she asked me about the new church our family has begun to attend.  She genuinely seemed interested when she asked what "type" of church it was, what they taught about salvation, heaven, hell...etc.  I told her that it was a baptist church, where the preaching focuses on teaching Bible truths to its members.  Then she asked me what I thought the Bible taught about the gospel, I tactfully explained to her what the Bible says about salvation.   K then rapidly fired angry questions at me and stated that the Bible does not teach that only people who believe on Jesus Christ can go to heaven!  I, was horribly wrong K told me, and that millions of people had been slaughtered and hundreds of wars been fought because of beliefs like mine!  I was absolutely speechless.  I tried to answer her questions politely and calmly, but she continued to shout, so I excused myself and went to leave.  K laughed; feeling victorious that I was leaving.  I gently told her that yes, that was indeed what the Bible taught, she quickly changed tactics and informed me that the Bible was flawed.  I bid her goodbye and I left, shaking with anger and sadness...I cried all the way home and then more upon Brian when I arrived!  I was sad for her and also angry about the rude way she had shouted.  Surely adults can disagree without shouting at one another?  The next day a lady from church and I prayed for K, and asked the Lord to speak to her heart about her anger and about the issue of salvation. I also asked that God make me a more effective warrior for Him and that when next I come into contact with K, He will give me the right words and actions to display.

          Brian has kindly bought a new camera for our family this week!  I was thrilled!  Our old, wonderful, amazing, brilliant camera "died" a few months ago!  I know, so terribly sad...I think I actually cried!  Amy then bought one for herself and up until recently she had been sharing that with us.  But now thanks to my super generous hubby, we now have a new camera to take on our trip to Dublin!  So we will then be able to take lots, of lovely photographs to share with you all!

            Our homeschooling is done for the year now, so we are enjoying some time off.  We are entering into new territory this coming school year; secondary level!  Yikes!  So far we have Amy's math and science books bought, but have many more to browse and buy.  A good friend also recently recommended history and geography books that I think (after reviewing hers) we will get for Amy.  Buying curriculum is pretty daunting...but we'd rather have our choice as home educating parents rather than have to accept what the school dictates.

              At the moment, our family is hoping to acquire a violin!  Amy originally expressed a wish to learn violin, in addition to piano early last year, but her music tutor felt that she should concentrate on piano for a while.  Now however she feels that it would give Amy some variety, help train in her "ear" and help immensely with her sight reading!  We are excited...though as we know little or nothing about violins, a few friends are offering their advice which we hope will help us.

                Yesterday our family get-away to Dublin was booked.  We will be away for most of next week...I am so excited!  We have not been on any type of holiday for a long time!  I am mostly looking forward to spending quality, family time together and making precious memories!  The absence of most of our chores for a few days won't hurt either! ;)  Did I mention that I'm excited! *huge cheesy grin*

                I Hope You All Have A Wonderful Weekend!


                  Chelle said...

                  I have read the Pearl's book. I donot agree with some of it. I also read her book Created to be his Helpmet. Have you ever read it. I enjoyed it very much. Somethings I think you have you choose on your own. How some disipline isn't going to always work for you. Not all kids are perfect and thats how I think they thinkthey hould be. My kids are good, but not perfect. Thats just what I got from the book. I'm not telling you its wrong I just was saying how I felt aboutit. I get theri magazine too. I think they have a great ministry. I am glad you are able to take a holiday. They can be very refreshing. I hope you can help your family member. That is sad. But the Bible says no one can eneter Heaven but through Him. Its sad how many are decived.

                  Our Family Is His said...

                  Oh my. How sad that she got so angry when there was a discussion happening. If she had truly desired to lovingly changed your mind, she would have been respectful. That was witness by firing squad. She's so very wrong in her assessment of what God commnds us to do. She's accepted the world's lie that anything goes and just be nice and you get all the rewards God has to offer. We are told in the Bible that people will look for those to tickle their ears. Her ears seem to be very tickled. Pray for her. She needs it very badly.

                  Taryn said...

         has a lot of information(many pages) about the Pearls. As a result of Lisa Ruby's reviews on that web site I am not a fan of the Pearls.

                  sarah in the woods said...

                  Glad to hear you've found a good church. Have fun on your trip!

                  Sarah said...

                  Ha! "Witness by firing squad"...that one made me laugh! I have been praying about it a lot and hope, that I will have the right words and actions next time we meet.

                  Lots to do today...we'll be missing church this Sunday as Brian is taking our car to collect his sister from the airport! Dylan is very disapointed! So today I must clean out the car ready for him, as it is REALLY bad!

                  Taryn thank you for your link...I checked it out. I must say that I didn't like what a read there about them...but I will reserve judgement until I have read their book for myself.

                  Thank you ladies for your comments!