Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Day At Dublin Zoo!

The Smart Way To Travel!

On our second full day in Dublin we decided to visit the zoo!  Dylan had never been to a zoo before and was very excited!  Even though I knew Meg would sleep in the ergo for most of our time there, we took the buggy along just to give another option and to allow Dylan to sit in and ride, if his legs got too tired.  We used our supermarket vouchers to buy two adult admissions to the zoo before we left, which in the end saved us €30 as we only had to pay for Dylan and Amy!

Mr Stinky!

The first animals we came upon were some tapir who shared a pen with another animal.  I thought the tapir were so cute!  Until... As I stood there next to Dylan, admiring the cuteness of Mr Tapir, he turned around and squirted me with his business! Yuck..tapir wee!  We laughed so hard, thank goodness it didn't stink too bad!

Dylan With "Aslan"

We walked a long way!  Part of the zoo was closed off as they were building a new gorilla exhibit, so we had to double back to make sure we saw everything, which took quite a bit longer.  When I took the above picture of Dylan sitting next to the lion, my heart was pounding so hard.  Even though I knew he was safe behind all that glass, my mama's heart was still frightened for my boy!  Totally unnerving seeing your child, sitting inches away from a wild animal!  *shudder*  Brian laughed at me!

After it felt as though we had walked for thousands of miles, (perhaps a slight exaggeration) and had seen all the animals, we decided to head to the "zoovenir" shop to get one or two things for the children.  Amy had brought some of her own chore money to spend.  Dylan got a stuffed gibbon monkey and a wooden snake, Amy bought herself a huge, cuddly stuffed meercat, as they are her favourite animal and a stuffed otter!

Sheltering From The Rain!

After we waded through hoards of children on their school tours, we headed for the "Meercat Restaurant" to grab a bite to eat as we were all pretty hungry!  When we got there we were a little disappointed as it looks a little "rough"...but just then Amy gasped out loud!  The back of the restaurant looked directly into the meercats den!  So Brian got us a few little snacks, and we sat and watched the sweet meercats for some time, before we packed up and left.  A very grateful girl told us, that this was her favourite part of our whole trip.  Amy had never seen a real meercat before, and was thrilled to have such an opportunity, to gaze at them for such a long time!


Our Family Is His said...

Isn't it funny how places that are 2 hours away to one person are another person's life dream to travel there. You go to Dublin like it's a jaunt to the store, I would LOVE to go there one day (I live in the US, probably close to areas many would love to travel overseas to see one day). So, I am eating up your travel pictures and stories. Ahhh, love it.

Elizabeth said...

Relatively off topic, but I ADORE Amy's skirt. Incredibly beautiful. I love going to a big zoo, although we haven't been as a family in quite a while. One thing's for sure: we won't be going as far a Dublin to see a big zoo! lol

Sarah said...

Elizabeth - Thanks, Amy's skirt is from www.etsy.com at a store called "janelizabeth". They have lots of pretty skirts that are elasticated on the waist, so there is no pressure on getting the UK/US conversions correct! We've ordered from them twice now and I think they are lovely and are not expensive either!