Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Family Trip To Dublin!

Overlooking The River Liffey

We're back!  It is so lovely to get away, but it is definitely lovelier to come home again!  We had an amazing time in our nations captial city; filled with precious memories that we will treasure forever!  We were so grateful that the drive to Dublin was only just over two hours and that made it much easier on little Meg, as she was able to sleep for most of the travelling.

Settling In...

The first afternoon that we arrived, we settled in our hotel room and had a small rest and got our things organised.  I popped Meg in the ergo (which was such a blessing) and we went out for dinner and a stroll around the city centre.  Although we took a taxi there, we decided to walk back...but we had seriously misjudged the distance and it took us a long time to get back to the hotel!

The National Museum

Once back I bathed Dylan and Meg and began to settle her to sleep, which took a little longer than usual.  We learn't quickly that we probably should book inter-connecting rooms in future, when travelling together.  Sweet Meggie found it difficult to nod off initially.  She is used to sleeping in her own crib in our room where it is dark and quiet, so naturally when her exhuberant big brother was running around the room like a wild animal she found it difficult to sleep!  Thankfully we had an open closet area within our I arranged Meg's crib in there so as to limit her from the noise the rest of us were making and to keep it darker around her so she'd be able to sleep better!  It worked well and she was able to sleep soundly! 


The following day we awoke early and went to the hotel restaurant for our breakfast.  What a spread; we were thrilled to find an "all you can eat" breakfast!  We ate till we were stuffed, even little Meg chomped on a croissant with butter and jam!  We packed up a few things and took the "luas" (tramline) to the National Museum!  Amy and I thought it was wonderful...we just loved looking and learning!  Brian and Dylan however got very bored very quickly!  We stopped to feed Meg and proceeded into the city centre once more and bought a few souveniers for my parents and Brians mother.

Gourmet Pizza!

The afternoon had really worn on at this time, so we took the luas back to the hotel.  I spent time with the little kids whilst Brian took Amy around for some extra sightseeing.  One of Amy's favourite books is set in Dublin, so she had wanted to see some landmarks that she could identify from her books.  This was really a special time for them both.  Although parts of Dublin were beautiful and well kept...we were saddened to see so many drug/alcohol addicted persons, loitering in the city centre and drinking alcohol openly on the street.  It was shocking to our children to see that aspect of society, of which they are normally sheltered from.

Brian, Meggie And I
Later on in the evening of our first full day in Dublin, Brian took Dylan and Amy out to dinner whilst I bathed Meg and settled her to sleep.  My lovely hubby also told me that I could order some yummy room service for myself!   I enjoyed a little quiet time and rested, which was wonderful!  Later on that evening we watched a family movie together on the laptop which we brought with us! 

To Be Continued...


sarah in the woods said...

Looks lovely. I'd love to visit Ireland sometime.

Aurie said...

What a fun trip! I would love to visit Dublin :) When we travel with the girls we gt 2 rooms connecting (or a suite) so the girls have their own space to sleep!

Chelle said...

I am glad you had a nice time. Love the pictures.

Aritha said...

Great to read your blog. I never visist Dublin. Too bad there were also areas with drug addicts. What was the book that was situated in Ireland?

This week the Dutch children get their six weeks holiday! Our favorite holiday region: the Ardennes in Belgium. We practice French.

Sarah said...

Nicole - I will ask my daughter what she would she already has pen pals whom she regularly corresponds with, though I agree it would be lovely! I did not publish your comment yet as your email address was on it, so I was not sure did you wish me to?

Thank you for your comments ladies! We did have a great time! We are having such a busy week this week, as my husband is on his annual holidays from work. I am looking forward to reading all of your new posts and responding to a few emails! So please bear with me as I try to catch up! ;)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So glad you had a good time! Would love to visit Ireland someday and go to the National Museum. How awesome!

Erin said...

Love Dublin Zoo. We went there 2 times. We never got to see Dublin for days at a time but we got to go there a lot of times. And we just saw different areas when we were there. Since I grew up outside of Dallas, I really enjoyed that Dublin was such a big city. It's a lot prettier than Dallas.