Thursday, June 30, 2011

Senator David Norris - The Future Of Our Country?!

Mr David Norris, as pictured above, is running for the Irish presidency (second in leadership to the Taioseach) in October 2011.  It would seem, according to the opinion polls, that he is the favourite to win the election.  I am absolutely disgusted to bring the following information to light.  It makes me ashamed of the Irish people who would support such a monster either through ignorance or otherwise.   

Just this week I was absolutely disgusted to find that Mr Norris had hosted the "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender" prom in our nationals capital city as part of Dublin Gay Pride 2011.   Senator Norris said this event was important in terms of validating young gay people's experience.  He then recalls how he was the only person at his school to miss the debs/prom, he said: "the first prom I ever attended was last year because this was something that [homosexual] people of my generation was excluded from".

In the 1980's after many years campaigning, Mr Norris won a supreme court hearing, to change Irish law regarding the criminalisation of homosexual acts.  He claimed that the law as it stood violated his human rights; he felt that not being legally permitted, to engage in a sexual relationship, with a same gendered partner kept him from exercising his right to have a "private life"

"The first and immediate thing about the European decision is the enlargement of dignity and freedom for gay people - but I think a decision like this enhances the dignity and freedom of all the people of Ireland because it pushes us towards a more tolerant and plural society". - Norris's reaction to the European ruling, 1988.

Mr Norris is reportedly a prominent member of the Church of Ireland also.  Perhaps the Church of Ireland do not read the same Bible as the rest of us?!  Perhaps the Protestants are now embracing the sexual abuse of children, and in particular small boys now just like the Catholic priests?  In 2002, Mr Norris was interviewed by a reporter to whom he told of his support of "pederasty".

But in terms of classic paedophilia, as practised by the Greeks for example, where it is an older man introducing a younger man or boy to adult life, I think that there can be something to be said for it.

Did you ever read anything so disgusting?  A man who thinks there is something to be said for "introducing" young boys to homosexuality?  The Bible teaches that homosexuals are violent criminals who "recruit" by preying on innocent children...this man is a clear example of such a beast.  One who surely, has been "given up to a reprobate mind".

This is the link for David Norris's presidential election website, where is posts his effeminate "twitters" and asks for support from the Irish people.  The worrying thing is, my husband and I feel, that the public may vote for him, simply because they wish to distance themselves from the Catholic church and/or because there is a huge social pressure to "keep up with the times".  Brian will not be voting to elect David Norris.  I support my husbands vote!


Katie said...

It's so important to know the candidates and what they stand for!

I could not believe it, just yesterday, our President of the United States of America announced that it's LGBT Pride Month! The founding fathers of our country founded this nation on Biblical principles ~ they would be flabbergasted!

Many Christians in America are praying for our citizens to humble themselves and pray (such as 2 Chronicles 7:14 suggests) for God to heal our nation. I will be praying for Ireland too!

Blessings friend,

Elizabeth said...

But in terms of classic paedophilia, as practised by the Greeks for example, where it is an older man introducing a younger man or boy to adult life, I think that there can be something to be said for it.

yeah, I could say a few "somethings," starting with "sick."

Zsuzsanna said...

Ack! Disgusting! I've said it before, and I will keep saying it: homosexuality is on par with beastiality and pedophilia.

The next big push will be for pedophilia to be legally sanctioned by lowering the age of consent. There is a party in the Netherlands who represents pedophiles and they want the age of consent lowered from 12 (which is already insane) to 8.

Sarah said...

I was so shocked to read that, Zsuzsanna! Those sick individuals who do such things, are trying harder and harder, to change the laws to suit their own perverted ways.

I agree that those three things (homosexuality, beastiality nd paedophilia) are on par with one another. It is sick.

We have spoken to a few family members about the things that this candidate stands for, and why Brian will not be voting for him...but sadly they really do not seem to care! These are people who have children also!

Anonymous said...

...Right, because having consensual sex with an adult of the same gender is NO DIFFERENT than raping a child or an animal.

Look, if I want to have sex with a woman and she wants to have sex with me, then how is that any worse than if I were to have sex with a man? If two adults want to have sex, then who is getting hurt? Comparing a consensual sex to an act of rape just shows how ignorant you are.

Jessi said...

So if the child says they want to then it is ok? Homosexuals say they can't help who they love. What if some adults just can't help but love children that way? Why would you get married if you can't help who you love. One day you could not help but love someone eles. It is a choice. A overwhelming number of child molestation cases are homosexuals. They are very disgusting and messed up people. I have know some personally so I can say that. I haven't seen a normal one, because that's not normal! When you start to say that they are born with it, and can't help it, you are opening the door for adults and children, and animals.