Monday, July 4, 2011

Making A Joyful Noise!

Our Beautiful Musician!


As I mentioned in this post, our family have been hoping to get a violin.  Amy had wanted to learn another instrument for quite a while, and she had originally mentioned it last year.  So Brian and I had discussed it and decided that now really would be a great time for her to learn the violin.  Amys music teacher and several other friends, had given us great advice to consider when making our purchase, for which we were extremely grateful!


Just this week Brian and I planned to take just Amy, along shopping with us into our nearest city.  This in itself was a treat for her, as we could shop the big sales in the department stores, without having to stop for feeds, bathroom breaks, food...etc.  We got many great deals on quality clothing (mainly for Meg and Amy) with as much as 70% off the original price!  Though it must be said, that we still save far more by shopping at secondhand/thrift stores!  When we had finished our shopping we stopped at a fast food place, *gasp* and filled our tummies before heading on once more.  Brians took us into a kitchenware place where we found Kilner canning jars for €3 with 20% off!  The cheapest I had ever seen them for in Ireland was €10 a jar!!!!!  We bought all they had!

Just when Amy thought we were done and heading for home...we ventured into a small music store.  Her face was priceless, as we told the man that we had come in to buy a violin!  Amy was SO happy and thanked her Daddy and I for our gift!  We hurried home and arrived just in time for Amys music teacher to arrive!  Miss Murphy did some piano practice with her, and then spent the rest of her lesson on basic violin care and giving her some basic things to practice on until next week!  We all had a blast trying out our new instrument!

Ooops a wrong note!


Chelle said...

I am so happy for her. I love the violin its one of my favorites. Love getting good deals shopping too.

Our Family Is His said...

Isn't it great when we can give our kids these small gifts in life that make them so grateful. We are looking into getting our older son a guitar for Christmas (a bit too young now, but we think Christmas will be a good time) and having him start lessons. He's so interested in it, and has maintained that interest for quite a while (you should have seen his face yesterday when we walked into church and a young man was on stage tuning up his guitar for the service. I thought he was going to leap on stage and remove it from his hands.).

Elizabeth said...

I just love Amy's "wrong note" look on her face! I have made that face too many times to count!

Glad to see that she's also still enjoying the piano.

One more thing: I really, really like the scarves tied to the stairs. How creative!

Katie said...

What a blessing for her to get a violin! Love that she is making a joyful noise! =)


His bondservant said...

What a wonderful present! My youngest daughter is interested in violin as well. It is such a beautiful instrument. We also are focusing on piano first. It is a great foundation for any instrument...although I may be a little biased. So glad you had a great time on your vacation. I know exactly what you mean about coming home again....I never understood that when my mother would say that when I was little. I never wanted to leave vacations. Now, I know exactly what she meant.


sarah in the woods said...

Congrats on the new violin and the fun day together. That is an instrument I would love to play myself. Maybe some day. :)

Sarah said...

Amy is having a blast learning the violin! What is fantastic about this particular instrument compared to piano is that it is portable! Thank you for all your comments!