Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Recent Reads...

We have been reading up a storm at the moment!  We have listened to many tales on audio too!  I just wanted to share with you some of the titles which we have enjoyed!

First And Foremost...The King James Bible!

Brian and I love to study the Bible together!  Recently alongside this topic, we are just enjoying dipping into the scriptures at random, discussing and copying verses out to help us remember them!  Brian has also asked me to ensure that I make time for "Bible time" with the kids everyday!  This request helped me so much by ensuring that I prioritize my duties!

My History - Slave Girl

We have just begun this for one of our "read-alouds" and we are enjoying it immensely!  I love the chance to do different accents when I read out aloud to the children, so this gives me a great opportunity to work on my southern accent!  We do love historical fictions such as these, as they often give an informative and fun foundation, on which to build further study.

Sold And A Promise To Nadia

A friend recommended these two books to me.  Both of them were heartbreaking to read but I did feel as though I gained an informative insight into the muslim culture.  Even though one may conclude, that not all men in this culture sell their children and treat their wives like dogs, it does seem that muslim women are often treated very poorly, and physical and emotional abuse are the norm.

Beautiful In His Eyes

I was given this by a lady at church (a mother of 18!!!)  Even though I have only dipped into it at this stage, I have enjoyed and been encouraged by what I have read.  I love that it unashamedly exhorts women to respect, reverence and love their husbands with all submission, as the Bible teaches!

Beyond Belief

A man whom Brian was chatting to whilst at work last week gave him this book to read.  We have read small amounts of this book.  It is incredibly sad but nonetheless important to read.  As this has happened in our own country we must be aware of all the facts.  I have been shocked by many things contained in this book and also by facts that we have unearthed on our own.  So, much to the delight of "freejinger" catholics who feel targeted by me...I will be posting about this topic again soon. ;)

Shepherding A Child's Heart

This audio was loaned to us by our Pastor and his wife.  Brian and I have been listening to it in stages; a little every few nights.  We have found the advice on biblical parenting and discipline to be sound.  As parents we do retain the parental right to smack our children when necessary, this book shows how to do so effectively and lovingly.  We cannot wait to finish this audio!

Little House In The Big Woods

Amy received this for her birthday.  It is such a sweet story!   We had already read this before, but there is just something so special about an audio with a well chosen narrator!  Wonderful!

Green Eggs And Ham

Oh my favourite of the whole list!  What a wonderful story for all the family!  I have been know to wander the house quoting this book, this week!  Dylan loved this so much that he asked to have it re-stamped at the library...prompting us to think that we should get it for our home library!  "I do not like green eggs and ham!  I do not like them Sam-I-Am!"



His bondservant said...

So love looking at what others are reading. If you get a chance and haven't read them already…get The Hiding Place and Tramp for the Lord…both by Corrie Ten Boom. Also check out the book Brother Andrew. These are wonderful books that are full of the beautiful hand of God in difficult situations. They are great faith builders! Take care my friend.

Sarah said...

Thank you for the recommendations Jackie! It can be so hard to find quality books, so I love to get suggestions!

Sarah said...

I just wanted to give my readers a heads up about pasting pictures to blogger, which has caused me some technical problems.

For this post I decided to just copy and paste images from Amazon. Blogger does not like this and in doing so it caused my blog to cut short my main page.

It can only be rectified by deleting the "offending" pictures and actually downloading them from Amazon to your computer, before uploading to blogger! Hope this may help someone! ;)