Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Canning Query...

I know the "canning" method of food preservation is very popular in America, but here in Ireland it is relatively unheard of!  As you might remember from this post, Brian and I were thrilled to find screw cap Kilner jars at a fantastic price, especially when considering I had previously only seen them for sale at €10 a jar!

Now that the harvesting season is approaching I would like to ask you kind ladies, to please share any recipes, links or tips with me!  The one fruit I will definitely be preserving by canning is pears, as all other methods tend to spoil the fruit.  I also once read something about placing the canning jars upside down to ensure freshness?  Thank you all so much in advance!

I promise that that this will be the last ofthe short and sweet posts for a while, I am working on a few 'meaty' posts but they are slow coming!  In the meantime I'll try and get some photographs uploaded...I have been putting this off as my blogger photo uploader is not working so well and usually just leaves me frustrated!  We have been so busy lately that, if and when, we get some spare (ha!) time, we are choosing to spend it playing board games with the kids, watching sermons together or simply loving on each other! ;)


Bakershalfdozen said...

You can go to Ball or Kerr's websites for canning info. Also, has tons of how to articles for canning.

Getting a book by Ball or Kerr would be a good place to start too.

Canning fruit is a basic, easy place to start. You mentioned jars. Do you have a canner (pressure or water bath?) I've seen them cheap on eBay. You could try too.

Elizabeth said...

When I started, I knew nothing about canning. I had watched my grandmother use the "open kettle" method to can, with is what most "old-timers" use. It is not effective in killing all bacteria and deactivating enzymes.

I was given a copy of Ball Blue Book of Canning and Preserving. It was the only source I needed: illustrated details, complete explanations, recipes and lots and lots of info.

They update the copy of it often, but they contain the same basic information, just with different recipes in each edition.

This is just me: my "canner" isn't a canner at all, just a huge boiler that will hold 8 pint (.5 liter) jars comfortably. The boiler has a pretty thick bottom. I've only had one, maybe two, jars shatter. (Which makes a mind-boggling mess, and makes a huge BOOM! but isn't dangerous lol)

You can just use a boiler, or buy a water bath canner to can most fruits and some vegetables. Canning some types of vegetables and all sorts of meat, seafood, poultry, etc require a pressure canner. I've never used one. The thought of canned meat just grosses me out for some reason.

Here's some detailed info from USDA (US Department of Agriculture) that is detailed, but no recipes that I noticed:

Canning is fun! Hope it works out for you.

Sarah said...

Thank you SO much for the tips ladies! I've never heard of Ball or Kerr, so I'm grateful for advice! I'll check out their website!

Bakershalfdozen ~ I do not have a canner...I'd more than likely be using a BIG boiling pan.

Elizabeth ~ I'm with you on the canned meat...sounds a little gross!

Thanks again! ;)