Saturday, August 27, 2011

Christmas In August

Yes, I know Christmas is still months away, but I am already planning out my lists!  Brian and I have a lot of nieces and nephews.  Most of them do not like to being the kind and generous aunt and uncle that we are we love to give them books!  You can tell that they just LOVE opening our gifts!  The logic is, is that we won't give them anything that will kill their brain cells or imagination!   We do want to give a gift that will hopefully spark a love of reading and stimulate their brains; perhaps one rainy day when the electricity is out, and there are no batteries for their nintendo's, they will go to the basement where they keep all of the books Uncle Brian and Aunt Sarah have given and read up a storm!

...That's the theory anyway... have a rather large sale (up to 70%) on children's books in October each year, with free delivery to Ireland.   So my aim is to have all my lists made out by then, so I can avail of the great bargains and have most of my Christmas shopping done early without having to battle my way through the shops!

At this stage I have all the nieces and nephews done, as well as the children of close family friends and any close relatives who haven't any children.  I LOVE picking out gifts for people!

Brian and I have been discussing Christmas traditions just recently, when I suggested buying "Keep Christ In Christmas" bookmarks to add to the books we give to our relatives, as a reminder of the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Brian thought it was a great idea and said to go ahead!  But then I began to wonder...what about our own children?  How are we showing them that it is important to keep Christ in Christmas?  Usually in our home, that jolly idol Santa brings most of the children's gifts, leaving both Christ and us out in the cold!  This year we will phase out the commercialised Santa'mas and bring in a joyful, meaningful, fun filled Christmas!  We want our children to see that God gave us the greatest gift anyone could ever give and we intend to show that this year!

How does your family keep Christ in Christmas? 


Jenny said...

I was just debating whether or not it was too early for a Christmas post!!

I am planning already as there are quite a few things I want to cross stitch for Christmas.

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

I'm starting to think about Christmas as well!

We allow Santa to bring 1 present & a stocking, but everything else is from mommy & daddy.

We have creches especially for the girls to play with, and we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas with a small party :)

Taryn said...

We have a turkey dinner on Resurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas(everyone is off of work). We left the Roman Catholic church,were married in the Baptist church and are not of the Reform Theology. Most Messianic Jews I have met believe Scripture shows comparing John the Baptist's birth and his father's eighth course(Luke 1 and 1 Chronicles 24,etc.) that Jesus was born in September during the Jewish holidays and we agree. can write them for better tracts on Christmas and a CD-no cost they take only donations),, etc. have online tracts about the holidays. We do not have statues of Mary-even in a Nativity set. We do not have statues(we do have a globe). We do not have a Christmas tree(Jeremiah 10:2-4(KJ), wreaths,mistletoe,etc. We do not celebrate any Catholic holidays-St. Valentine Day, St. Patrick's Day(he was not Roman Catholic-Abeka Books,etc. have info on this and we do not do leprachauns or any elemental beings-gnomes,etc.) and Christmas. We do not celebrate Groundhog Day, May Day or Halloween. We have researched all these holidays. Another reason many believe Jesus was born in September has to do with his ministry beginning when he was 30(Daniel 9:27,Luke 3:23,Numbers 4:3,John 18:39). Dec. 25 is the birthday of Mithras and the pagans celebrate Saturnalia. The Puritans made Christmas illegal in the colonies. Queen Victoria made the Christmas tree,etc. popular in the 1800s.

Anonymous said...

I was always the Aunt that didn't buy the electronics or junk. I told my nieces they will always get something that will help them grow. Books were often that gift. I saw many eyerolls, many sighs. Hey, I picked good books, but they were books. You had to engage your brain for them. I usually bought something fun and something engaging.

Well, the other day oldest niece had a friend over. Her little friend came up after the day was over to tell me I was just as nice and incredible as my niece said I was, all the time.

A month later, same niece, told me how great I was, how much she felt like she could talk to me, how much she learned from me.

This isn't a boast on me. But it means that taking an interest in something more than if they have the coolest gadget is what matters. Uncool Aunt is now their go-to person when they want to talk, learn, or just have a nice chat.

Taryn said...

We never did Santa-change the letters around. There is a tract at Rod and Staff-Santa Claus-Another God? A free paper at explains that the shepherds in Palestine never watched their flocks in the field by night after October. Also, it says that Joseph brought Mary to the Great Feast in Jerusalem in the fall. History shows that Roman census or taxing was done in the fall and did not require woman to be there.

Taryn said...

If you google Krampus there is more info on the subject of Santa. Remember George Washington and his troops attacked the German Hessians(who were helping the British) at the Battle of Trenton during The War for Independence. He attacked them at Christmas time because he knew that they were drinking and celebrating. Christmas was not that big of a deal in America then- Not until Queen Victoria married a German and they became popular in the 1800s. Coca Cola put the image of the modern day Santa on their product and that image(like Warner Sallman's images of a long-haired Jesus )became popular.

Taryn said...

lasttrumpetministries is the ministry that takes only donations not libertytothecaptives.

Taryn said... and are other web sites with Christmas info. Most people in our Baptist church do not celebrate Halloween or Easter. The church does not say Easter(Herod's Easter-Acts 12:4 KJ) but Resurrection Sunday. Some people do not have Christmas trees,some do. We do not have images,statues,paintings,etc. of Jesus or a baby Jesus in our home or church. We never had crucifixes in our house or church. Some Baptist churches do not even have a cross-no symbols. I heard of a family who gives gifts on Thanksgiving. We do not celebrate the Jewish feasts but we do acknowlege Jesus' birth during the Jewish feasts that happen in September.

Sarah said...

Aurie ~ My husband thinks we should allow one santa gift, and have the rest from us too.

Our Family Is His ~ I can only hope that one day our nieces and nephews will be as thankful as yours! ;)

Thank you all for commenting! I guess I wasn't the only one thinking about Christmas in August!

Taryn said... has articles on Christmas and the holidays in the Believer's Corner.