Monday, August 8, 2011

Hauling Hay and Market Day!

What a busy weekend!  Just a few weeks ago we harvested our hay and had it baled up ready for the winter.  A local man (he was paid for his work in hay) baled and transport it to our shed, and was supposed to come back and stack it up properly...but he hasn't and isn't going to!  This has caused some stress for Brian, as even though they were out of direct rain many of the were still laying flat on the ground and have soaked up some moisture which had caused small patches of mould on some of the bales.

Saturday was our long awaited day to take some cattle to the market.  But we couldn't put the cows into the shed ready for transportation because it was full of bales that needed to be moved!  Brian had been sick with a chest infection since last Sunday and had been working for the rest of the week.  So Friday evening we all had to help move the bales into place.  Of course as we are only hobby farmers we do not have a loader or any other machine that could stack the hay, so had to do it by hand!

It was hard work!  The idea was to use one of the gates to create a ramp up unto the first row of bales and then Brian would drop a bale onto it with the tractor.  Then with my mother, father and I holding onto it he would back up and lift the gate higher on one end.  Then my mother and I would push the bale and run it up the ramp!  After doing this two or three times the men would climb up and wrestle the bales into place!  It was hard work, but such fun!  Sweet Amy stayed home and minded Meg, who was in bed for the night.  As this was a little dangerous Dylan was allowed only to sit on a bale out of the way and watch!

We finished just before it got too dark.   We then headed home and started our normal evening chores.  Dylan wasn't in bed till near on 10pm!!  When Brian came in from feeding the cows about fifteen minutes later, he went up to give Dylan a goodnight kiss...he was already fast asleep.

We were all up early as usual the next morning.  The cows needed to be moved into the shed ready for our friend to come and load them up into his large trailer, and be taken to the market.  So at 8am Brian and my father went out to get the first lot moved in, Amy helped them also.  I got myself, Dylan and Meg ready as fast as I could and headed over to help...but alas, they had already managed to do it all by themselves!  Then it was back to our house for a breakfast of leftover homemade pizza from the previous night and a fresh batch of granola!  Brian and Dylan went off to the market to sell the cattle.  Brian rang home often to keep us updated on what was going on, which was lovely!  Our cattle got a good price at the market, which we are so incredibly thankful for!


Zsuzsanna said...

Wow, for being "hobby farmers" this looks very serious to me!!! Great job on getting it all done - it made me tired just reading about it. I can only imagine how beautiful it must be where you live. :)

Our Family Is His said...

Since the cattle are gone from our place now, we have a wonderful arrangement. We get paid per bale made. Someone else does the baling using their equipment, our place gets taken care of, and a little money goes in our pocket.

Everyone in our area are having to sell off their livestock due to the drought. Anyone that lives in the US, prepare for higher beef prices soon. It's getting bad. People can't afford to nearly do full feeds on hay for their cattle. The grass is all burned brown. Water supply is hurting and water prices are too high to water your livestock. People have to sell at whatever price they can get, which will mean no competition in the market later. Sigh.

Elizabeth said...

I looked over this post several times and just realized that I didn't comment on it!

Many folks where I live are farmers by trade. It's so important that what you're selling has a good market price. SOOO glad that your cattle sold well.

Totally understand about the hay. I know Brian was just sick over it. I can only imagine how tired you all were after moving all that hay. I have moved hay bales before and it is backbreaking work. I'm sure you were all sore the next day.

Have any of your kiddies been guilty of jumping from hay bale to hay bale? Oh what fun!!!!! Great memories!

I LOVE Brian's tractor. Well, I love tractors in general, but I really like Brian's.

Jeremy and I have often thought about buying a whole beef, or at least a half-beef at market. You save so much money in the long run that way. Not to mention how much better it is for you than the junk that comes out of the supermarket. Maybe one day....

Really enjoyed this post. :-)