Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"It's A Girl" Heartbreaking Trailer...

The woman who laughed about the murder of her eight beautiful treasures, broke my heart.  Although before we condemn this woman, we must acknowledge that governmental pressures, social pressures and financial pressures are largely what motivates these women or their family members to take the lives of their newborn daughters.  Though that the fact remains that murder is a sin, no matter the pressures.

But consider if you will our own societies; do they encourage such brutality against defenseless babies?  Yes!  Our governments and societies do encourage us to perform acts of unmentionable horror on our unborn children.  They also encourge us to snuff out their innocent lives, through the use of the birth control pill and early abortion pills.  Just because these children are not yet born, does not mean they deserve less protection...life isn't subject to location.  We must stop feeling only sorry for those women, in such countries as China and India, and realise that we should also be feeling sorry that it is happening also right under our very noses and that our children are also in danger.

While this video is indeed heartbreaking and highlights a critical issue, we must not foregt that babies of both genders are being brutally murdered everyday across the globe, because their arrival is considered inconvenient.  We must remember that God considers all children a gift and a heritage and so should we.


Taryn said...

This is also a result of that reincarnation belief. That's why it is so sad to see eastern mysticism in the American churches-yoga,etc. I have 5 granddaughters. "It's a girl!" are precious words. Now there's a problem in China because the young men have no one to marry. I recently watched something on tv about women in India that are surrogates for American and British women. It was heartbreaking-the reality behind that-selective "reduction"(killing a third preborn baby if they only want twins-a boy and girl),husbands forcing their wives to be surrogates,etc.

His bondservant said...

Oh my. I cried when I saw this. I knew about the birth control policies, but had no idea how many baby girls were being targeted. It is so true that America is just as guilty in their own way. Our society has just become calloused to the killing of babies…we just call it abortion.

Elizabeth said...

I did watch this trailer, but I have nothing to really comment. I am speechless.

Anonymous said...

"This is also a result of that reincarnation belief."

Actually, no, it's not.

It's a result of a culture which places a much higher value on boys than on girls. It's a result of poor parents not wanting to worry about paying for dowries or marriages. It's a result of women being considered "less than" men, and it's a perfect example of why feminism is so important, especially in developing countries.

Sarah said...

Taryn ~ I agree "It's a girl" are precious words! As indeed are "It's a boy" :)

Jackie ~ I'm sorry this upset you, but it shows that you have a soft mothers heart. Our world needs more ladies like you.

Elizabeth ~ It is hard to respond to something like this I know, but thank you for taking the time to comment.

Anon ~ Are our countries now so much better for feminism? I think it is obvious that they are not.

Does India need more aborted children, broken families and depressed women forced into slavery (the workplace) under the guise of liberation? In my opinion the answer is no.

These countries and indeed our own, need "feminism" like a hole in the head! The false religions in such countries, indeed place little value upon girls/women and the feminine role. Communism on the other hand places very little value upon human beings of both genders.

Our Lord Jesus Christ sees all human life as precious, and holds women in high esteem, as they fulfill their roles as Christian wife and mother.

Anonymous said...

Forced into slavery? Broken families? What on earth are you talking about? Are you honestly saying that there is a downside to women being valued just as much as men? And communism? What's with all the non sequiturs?

Sarah said...

Anon ~ My comments did follow logic, for those of us who understand the ill effects feminism, has had upon society. Ill effects, that are blantantly obvious for all who choose to see them (I mentioned some of them in my previous comment).

There are women who are intelligent enough to differentiate between truth and lies. Though you may riducule those women, to satisfy your own conscience and justify your own lifestyle. As unfortunately it seems as though you have bought into the feminist's lies.

I suggest you check out some un-biased literature, on the detrimental effects feminism has had upon society. You might be surprised at what you uncover!

Anonymous said...

Look, all I know is that thanks to feminism, I don't have to feel like a freak if I want a Ph.D. Feminism means that I have the option of getting married and having a bunch of kids and staying at home. Feminism also means that I have the option not to, if that's not the kind of life I want. How on earth could that be a bad thing?

Sarah said...

Anon ~ You do not HAVE to feel like a freak for wanting a Ph.D. It is your choice, however as a Christian I am accountable to God for what I do with my life and I choose to live in a way honouring to Him.

For me to write down the all the ill effects of feminism or of those claiming to be fighting for "womens rights" would take me a LONG time! Please don't feel attacked with what I have responded, but I hold to the suggestion that you should check this out for yourself.

Also if you are a Christian, then you should search Gods word for His basic will for the role of male and female.

Whether you choose Gods route or your own is your own choice entirely.