Saturday, August 6, 2011

Recent Happenings And A Little Ranting...

Here are a little collection of goings on within the O'Neill household and beyond over the last few weeks!

  • A Few nights ago, Dylan decided to eat about two tablespoons of Herbamare whilst I was taking a bath with Meg.  Upon discovering the copious quantities of salt does NOT taste good, he came up to tell/show me, he mouth agape and a frantic look in his eyes.  I was trying to get him to tell me what was wrong, when he proceeded to vomit the Herbamare (and a lot of what he ate for dinner) all over the bathroom floor before moving to finish off in the toilet!  I then had to get out and clean him and the bathroom up!  Lovely!
  • I have just this week finished up reading "To Train A Child Up" by Michael and Debi Pearl.  It took me a long time to get through it, as private reading time has been a bit thin on the ground lately.  I hope to get around to posting a book review over the next few weeks.
  • Our local libraries are hosting a "Islam Explored" exhibition.  From what I could make out, it seems to be a PR tour, in the hopes of proving that not all Muslims are terrorists!  There was even a caption stating that Islam supports "womens rights"  Amy was handed a "Islam Explored" quiz sheet by one of the librarians as part of their bookclub...she brought it straight to me.  It wouldn't actually be that bad if it wasn't for the fact, that I'm pretty sure, if I began handing out gospel tracts to children at the book club then I would be asked to stop, lest anyone become offended!
    • Thank you to all the ladies who contacted me on Swimsuit Advice Sought, I appreciated all your advice and links that you kindly provided.  
    • Dylan has learnt how to drive nails into timber this week too!  He is so very proud of himself and I was so happy when he showed me what he had been taught!  "Daddy teached me what to do" he explained, as he held the nail straight and just gave two tiny taps to set the nail in place before removing his hardworking hands in order to drive the nail fully in!   
        • We started back to school just last week which was exciting!  We had become a little unorganised and it was time to kick back into gear!  Amy tells me that she is enjoying her work more this year!  
          • Now that our dear Meg is 7 months old, people at the health department and our local doctors office, have begun to notice that she has not had any vaccinations.  We received two letters in the space of a fortnight, one of which asked for us to sign a form indicating whether she had, had them or not.  We did not sign nor send the letter back, simply because we are wary of putting our signature to paper that may come back to bite us later on.  Then a receptionist from our doctors surgery called, and asked me to confirm a few things (Meg's d.o.b, gender, my name...etc) then she asked "We don't have her down for having any vaccinations, is this correct?"  "Yes that is correct", she went very quiet for about one full minute!  "Well don't you want to have her vaccinated?"  "No, we don't thank you" I replied, at that point Ms Receptionist spoke rather snappy and our conversation ended!  Ha!
          • This article featured in our news recently.   I don't know where they got the figures for the "allowed" class sizes for this report, but I can say with 100% certainty that the average class size for primary schools in our area is 35-40 children per class not 27-28!  What an insane number!  Education for the masses just got even better! 
          • There are so many blog posts that I wish to write at the moment, plus ones that are already started and are waiting patiently for me to finish them!  I actually love posting ones like this, which allow me to touch upon several topics in the one post.
          • Just two days ago I have noticed that Meg has oral thrush.  I remember Amy having this as a small baby, and being young and very inexperienced I simply took her to the doctor and applied the antibiotic ointment he perscribed.  Now, I hopped onto the computer and googled "natural oral thrush remedies"!  So for the last two days I have been treating the thrush with raw virgin coconut oil, both on her lips and coating her dodie/pacifier with it when she is napping.  I've read that it can take about a week to start to disapear.  I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has used it and has sucessfully treated oral thrush in their babies.
            • I have been trying hard to get out of the habit of preparing quick breakfasts and really making sure that we eat something substantial.  Eggs are great because we usually have a lot of them.  One of the nicest breakfast days over the last few weeks was Baked Oatmeal and "Swamp Smoothies"!  The smoothies were delicious!  We gleaned the idea for the smoothies from Zsuzsanna's blog at Are They All Yours?!??

             Hoping You All Have A Wonderful Weekend!


              Anonymous said...

              I notice Dylan is always wearing that cute little necklace, looks like amber? Does it have any special significance?

              Anonymous said...

              Hi Sarah! Nice to find your blog! We are homeschooling in Co Laois - would love to be in touch -

              Sarah said...

              Anon 1 ~ Dylans necklace is amber... well spotted! I have heard that it does have "healing properties", I don't really buy that...we just like them! Amy has one too, though hers is in a lighter girly colour.

              Pauline ~ Thank you for getting in contact! We LOVE to hear from other home educators within Ireland...I'll be in touch soon! ;)

              Anonymous said...

              Muslims are indeed very evil. It is terrible that the library would encourage toleration of such evil viewpoints.