Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swimsuit Advice Sought!

Our family have not renewed our membership for our health club swimming centre this year.  Due to the fact of the large financial cost and that swimming with a newborn in tow can be incredibly stressful!  Please note that our climate is too cold for a private swimming pool, and there are no private lakes in which our family could swim, so the only option is the hideous public pool or a health club. 

However we have quite a lot of free token lefts over from last years membership.  The rules of our health club state that you cannot use them if your membership runs out BUT you can use them if another member signs you in...my mother just re-joined!  Unfortunately that brought a little dilemma...

What to wear?

Up until last year we had been wearing regular bathing suits to swim in even though we were not happy about it.  We wrapped our towels around us and removed them just before entering the pool and vice versa when we got out again.  However Amy had come to me, after one of the last times she went with Brian and Dylan, and confessed of how self concious she had been, swimming when there were teen boys and men about.  I of course could completely relate to her problem. 

I have visited some modest swimwear sites and often didn't like the styles at all, and felt that they would attract more unwanted attention, simply because they were old fashioned and weird looking!  I since have found these swimsuits at  Simply Modest Swimwear.  We think they are just lovely and they are just what we have been looking for.  It was important for our family that we found a suit that, fully covered the thigh to the knee, bottom, and chest area.  The fact that these suits also have a skirt attached means that the material skims over, rather than accentuates the bottom area!  There is however one snag... the price tag!  $150 for one bathing suit is a lot of money.  I personally think that it is reasonable considering that a regular bathing suit may cost us €25-30 (approx $35-40?) here in Ireland and I would guesstimate that one of the Simply Modest swimsuits, probably uses the same amount of material, that would make up 2 or 3 regular bathing suits.  But it is just not possible for our family to spend that amount of money at the moment on swimsuits.

So I am hoping that some of my dear sweet readers may have some suggestions or links to other companies who sell swim wear close to the image above for a lesser cost.  I would be grateful of any help or suggestions and I thank you all in advance!


Nicole said...

Do you sew? I dont really sew but my sister in law made them side by side with me and she said they are SUPER easy for someone who can sew,and a newbie like me, it wasn't too too difficult. I spent about $30 to make Jada and Brynn's (adult size) and $20 to make Bailey's (size 6). It's always an option! Espeically since Amy will probably fit in the same one for a couple years :)
Well, good luck with all of that! I was blown away at the price too! But my sis-in-law really encouraged me to make them !
Nicole :)

Elizabeth said...

Here's what we do:

Our family, whether at home or in public, always dresses modestly. We feel like it's best for us to choose quality places to swim. I want my kids to be modest, but don't want them bombarded with everyone elses immodesty. That said, for my birthday I got a WholesomeWear swimsuit in this style: http://www.wholesomewear.com/slimmer-c.html Yes, it was really expensive...the equivalent to 50 Euros! I felt like it was a good purchase for me, however, because I'm not going to wear it out or outgrow it. Lydia on the other hand is still growing. I would never ever sink that kind of money into a swimsuit for her. It would be silly. For her I bought an athletic-type thin shirt and knee-length athletic type shorts to wear under a thin, knee-length skirt. Her skirt I made from very thin $1 per yard cotton fabric following this super-easy pattern: http://makeityourown.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/no-pattern-required-tiered-skirt/

That said...most of the teenage girls in our church's youth group prefer to wear one-piece swim suits and then wear knee length shorts to cover their legs ... shorts like the ones basketball players wear. They dry pretty fast, don't feel very bulky and usually have a drawstring to prevent mishaps when jumping in the water.

A friend of mine has a daughter who prefers to swim in a cotton knit sleeveless knee-length dress with shorts under.

Another idea is to look into surf shops. I guess that's easy for me to say since I live on the Gulf of Mexico, but they have a lot of options that cover more: check out board shorts and rashguard shirts.

You can always search terms like LDS (Mormon) swimwear.

Hope this helps :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure what you're really hoping for here is for someone in the Fundamentalist blogging community to offer to "bless" you for free with the suits you need but can't afford.*

However, on the off chance that you really do just want suggestions for cheaper alternatives, the site you linked to also sells sewing patterns for their swimwear. Each pattern works for multiple sizes, and it looks like they run about $25 each. I know sewing the suits yourself is a lot harder and less glamorous than having someone just treat you to expensive, unnecessary swimsuits with no effort at all on your part, but sadly that's real life.

* I get that you were hard-up when you met your husband, and it was easy to embrace just about any ideology at all to have a better grasp at a less difficult good life by converting and thereby nabbing a fundie husband/provider, but maybe you should consider getting a job and helping support your family if you can't afford the things you need/want. Honestly, the life of a single mother is always hard, and it was probably a huge relief when you met your current husband, but at this point you mostly just come off as lazy and flaky. Your call, certainly, but it's unfortunate that your kids must suffer under the unhealthy domination of a fundamentalist father/step-father just because of their mother's poor decision making.

Zsuzsanna said...


did you notice the company you like also sells patterns for their swim suits? They are $25, and I think the adult one could work for you and Amy because it comes in different sizes.

If you need a larger size than she does, you could cut yours out first, and then cut the pattern down to the smaller lines for her. Or, you could trace the pattern with tracing paper from the fabric store.

The website says they ship virtually anywhere in the world.

Zsuzsanna said...

Comments rarely make me gasp, but that anonymous one did. Unbelievable, the venom some people spit. Yuck!!!

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a pair of swim/surf shorts. You can now get them long enough to come down to your knees. For the top you can wear a rash guard/swim shirt (they come in short sleeve, 3/4 length sleeve and long sleeve).
These can be bought at any swim store and most sport stores.
They are quite popular now so you would be covered by yet not attract attention.

Chelle said...

I really don't have any advice. But I will tell you what our family does. We only swim in a private home pool or when everwe go to the ocean. We don't have a pool so we go to our friends house. My boys wear shorts that come to their knees with tea shirts that are a dark color. My girls wear skirts and teashirts with long pants under the skirt. If i swim i do the same thing. My husband does not allow us to go to public pools because of the immodisty. I know somw places say they don't allow you to wear "clothes" but when we went to a family gym once they had no problem withus wearing them to swim. We just changed into the there. I know this is a hard place to be in. One of the reasons we don't go is beacuse of what veryone else is wearing. I know our life may sound boring Hope you are able to figure something out for your family. I am soory people are so rude about things. I also finished reading my book. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it.

Sarah said...

Chelle ~ I completely understand about not wanting to swim in public pools becuase of the immodesty of others. However we feel that it is important for safety reasons that all of our children learn to swim...it is our only option. We we love to have access to a private lake or pool.

Thank you all for taking the time to send in your advice and comments! ;)

Rashel said...

We too try to dress modestly when swimming and I have found a few things that have helped. Athletic stores usually sell shirts that are life surfing shirts, they protect from the sun as well. I have found a couple at garage sales but they really aren't that expensive at the store. My daughter has also used a tennis skirt as bottoms but I don't think it was long enough and as she is getting older now (8), we'll look for something else. A friend of mine gave me a great idea, she wears men's swim shorts. They are longer than girls swim shorts or bottoms and they look very cute. I hope those ideas helps.

Rashel said...

Here are some links to what I was talking about: the shirt http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_105454_-1?color=Sea+Side+Floral-Red&Ntt=Girls'+Swimwear&Ntk=All

shorts- http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_196850_-1?color=Black&Ntt=Boy's+Swimwear&Ntk=All

Taryn said...

$150! I agree it is important to teach our children to swim. I don't know if I like that word-Fundamentalist. I like that the Duggars wrote in their new book that they are not part of the Quiverful Movement and why. As for Fundamentalist-I tell people we are Bible(KJ) Christians. When I tell them I don't like any of the tv "Christian" celebrities they are surprised. Then I tell them the King James-only people I disagree with-those that believe in divorce and remarriage,etc. Then I explain why I disagree with Billy Graham(one world religion) and Focus on the Family(psychobabble,etc.). When people put us in a large group it's worth explaining. I'm not an Intelligent Designer(the documentary-Expelled) but believe in a literal 6-day creation(Creation Museum). Most of us don't agree with the "Christians" that get negative media coverage. I try to be fair and recognize that not all Democrats and homosexuals are pro-abortion. And I gave away our home school books through the years so I did appreciate knowing when someone was interested. I didn't have the time to sell them. Just some thoughts.

Taryn said...

The Duggars swimming episode was interesting. The boys wore tops. They were at a friend's pool. I want to add that one of the feminists' agenda is to have 100% of adults pay taxes. In other words, they don't like that a stay-at-home grandmother(55) watches the grandchildren. They prefer that the children go to daycare(where they get sick more often and then the mothers have to take off of work).

Wiola said...

Perhaps this could be something:

Or I don't know, this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/75846802/ready-to-ship-womens-modest-swimsuit?ref=sr_gallery_25&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=modest+swimsuit&ga_order=date_desc&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_page=3&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=

You could look at the rest of her swimsuits: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationsbySavannah?ref=pr_shop

Elizabeth said...

I totally understand that you want the kids to learn to swim. It's a life-saving skill that can be vital for their safety. We were able to buy an above ground pool this year to help the kids to swim. Living in a colder climate, I can see why that's not an option for you. The pools probably not even for sale anywhere in Ireland...and if you could find them they would be very overpriced. Since you probably only could use a pool for about 3 months of the year, and you wouldn't get as much use out of it (we use ours from April to September and could even longer, but we're cold-sissies), it would be a big financial decision.

You've had a lot of good suggestions. Can't wait to see what you come up with. :-)

Raine said...

The suits at http://swimmodest.com/ are very similar to those, but not quite knee length. It seems to be a home business though, so maybe you could contact her and ask for longer shorts.

Other than buying the pattern and sewing it yourself, your best option may be a "mix & match" outfit of a "rashguard" type swimming top and a synthetic material skirt & shorts (there are quick-dry polyester skirts with sewn-in capris made for running and exercise that would be a little less bulky).

His bondservant said...

So glad you posted this sight…these suits are lovely. I would not have a problem with my daughter or myself wearing this…and might rethink swimming…although we do not go for public swimming either. We do know some lovely friends that are like-minded that have a pool.