Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Ross Piano Festival 2011

So, its that time of year again!  The annual New Ross Piano Festival!  Gosh, where does the time go?  The festival took place through the latter end of last week, and over the weekend.  As usual Amy and her Grandad had a great time!  I was hoping to go myself this year...but alas, I was not able to make it!  Brian managed to take Amy on Sunday afternoon after church though, and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

One of the best parts for Amy was that she got to listen to a friend of her play on the student night!  She was very proud of her!  Amy is hoping to play on the student night next year...she had wanted to this year but still felt too nervous as she has not yet passed her first grading (which is coming up soon). Also one evening a "zoo piece" was played by the musicians...Amy particularly liked this piece as it was very funny, so she tells me!

Every evening Amy came home, she was very excited to tell us all that she had heard, and people she had met!  This is such a wonderful event, I'm glad that our family are able to enjoy it.   We appreciate the hard work, effort and sheer talent that goes into making this festival so delightful for everyone!

Strike A Pose! :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Garden Play!


Just the other day Amy, Meg and I, went off into the garden to have a little fun.  We also needed to collect our sticks for fire kindling over the winter.  This is a really important chore, as having plenty of dry small twigs and sticks is crucial to lighting a good fire without the use of lots of chemical firelighters!

"This Is So Fun!"

It took Amy and I about two hours to fill a big black bin full of sticks!  For half the time Meg swung happily on the swing set, she just LOVED swinging back and forth, though the wind made her eyes water a little!  For the rest of the time, she sat in her bumbo-seat, pulled up grass and chewed on a stick!

"Daily Intake Of Fibre...Check!"

*****Earlier That Day*****

"I Really Hate My Hat!!"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feminism Strikes Again

This week I received an update email from the LAF website, reporting on a news article that had featured in a UK tabloid newspaper.  Intrigued I read on...

A generation of young women have been put off starting a family because it will damage their lifestyle, career and looks, a survey shows.  One in three childless women quizzed now say they don't ever want to become a mother while increasing numbers of thirty-somethings in stable relationships and with good jobs have different priorities.  Almost half would rather get on the property ladder than have a baby while 28 per cent would prefer a £100,000 salary, according to a poll of 2,000 women.

Childless women just aren't willing to make the sacrifices they now see are necessary for motherhood with 44 per cent feeling sorry for working mums struggling to have it all, the survey said.  A quarter think working mothers always look exhausted and one in five say it looks so difficult it makes them think twice about having children.  Half of childless women over 30 look at stay-at-home mothers and think it will be difficult for them to get back on the career ladder and a fifth believe they've lost their identity. 
Body issues are also a factor with three in ten worried about the effect pregnancy would have on their appearance.  Almost a third think having a baby would make them less body confident while almost one in three mothers miss their pre-baby figure and feel judged by society thanks to coverage of glamorous celebrity mums.

Four in ten childless women say they're not ready to give up their lifestyle - and a quarter still feel too young for a child.   Meanwhile 26 per cent admit they are fearful of the effect motherhood would have on their career.  Almost half think having a child would make them poorer and over half say they couldn't afford a baby even if they wanted one.
Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton said: 'We were really surprised a third of childless women admitted they didn't want to start a family.  "It's clear from our survey 'having a baby' has just dropped off the to-do list for a whole generation of twenty-somethings".  "Yet with women bearing the brunt of the recession and headlines about rising costs of childcare forcing working mothers out of their jobs, is it any wonder these women are questioning whether motherhood is really worth it?"  "It's time we started looking at the support systems out there for women so the new generation don't feel pushed into making a choice between motherhood and a career."

This report is saddening.  This is a prime example of one of the "ill effects" of feminism that I mentioned in the comments section of this post just recently.  It still amazes me how many people (men and women) have been taken in by feministic lies.  Think about it...if feminism "liberated" women why are so many feeling under such pressure to keep working, maintain a perfect body and provide for themselves, that they will give up the blessing of children?  Doesn't make sense does it?

Of course the questioned childless women over thirty, that have chosen fancy clothes and career, over husband and family would think stay-at-home mothers have lost their identity.  This helps them justify their dull and empty lives.  Additionally "losing ones identity" is a ridiculous term, that could only be directed at a generation of women who have truly lost their identity.  A womans true identity is the one given to us in Gods word.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Leftover Fry Up - Recipe

I LOVE this leftover lunch!  So much so, that I thought I'd share it, even though many of you may already know about it!  Basically we make this for lunch the day after we have had mashed potatoes, vegtables and some meat.  Usually for our family, this would consist of the following:


Mashed Potato
Cabbage (shredded)
Boiled Bacon (chopped) *note - I believe in the U.S, corned beef is used instead of boiled bacon*
1 Onion or Leek (sauteed/braised in butter)
1-2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
Ground White Pepper
A good splodge of Brown Sauce!


Firstly I would melt a knob of butter, in a large frying pan and then saute the chopped onions till soft.  Then I would add the mashed potato, cabbage and boiled bacon and heat gently until everything is hot.  Next pour in your beaten eggs and stir through until all the eggs are cooked.  Add white pepper to taste *note - black pepper doesn't taste as good as white in this recipe* and brown sauce.  Ensure thoroughly hot.  Serve out onto a thick slice of homemade bread with an extra squirt of brown sauce!

This lunch is so TASTY, that you'll find yourself making extra mashed potatoes, just to make sure there is enough for this lunch the next day!  Enjoy!  :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Play Room

You might remember this post.  In which I posted photographs of the newly fitted storage units in our playroom!  We were all very excited to finally put the room to good use!  Before it had served only as a room in which we kept a few boxes of toys.  But as the room was otherwise empty, nobody really liked to play in there!

In that last post I promised to post updated photographs when I found the time to fill the room up with all our stuff!  But alas, I never got around to it!  So here they are now, better late than never! ;)

Our Lovely Snuggly Sofa...Perfect For Read-Aloud Time!

The Huge Cupboard Is Where We Store Art Materials An Board Games
...I'm Not Letting You Peep Inside There, Because It Is Hideously Untidy!!!

Tough Shelving To Accomodate Some Of Our Reference Books

Our Computer Area, This Used To Be Upstairs But Moved Down Just Recently,
We Are Still Waiting To Cut A Cable Hole Into The Worktop To Pop The Cables Through

I Hope You Enjoyed Having A Snoop Around Our Playroom! ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poor Meggie!

Yes, our poor sweet girl has a head cold!  Her eyes are watering, nose is running, sneezing and a little cough too.  Also she is drooling a lot as she is teething!  This is really the first time she has been sick and she looks just miserable!  I've been giving her infant paracetamol to take down any fever and discomfort, Karvol caps in her room, to help her breathe a little easier and (much to the disgust of many) I have used a nasal aspirator too (otherwise known in our house as, the "snot sucker"!!)  Haha, LOVELY!!  ;)

It was quite a rough night...the first ever for Meg, so I won't complain.   Thankfully she was easy to settle whenever she stirred through the night.  Brian and I will be staying home tonight, instead of going to the wedding celebrations.  I'd rather be at home nursing my babies back to health, than attending parties anyway!  As I type this, Meg is snoozing peacefully in her crib, and has been for the last 2.5 hours!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mish-Mash Post

As promised, I have pasted together all the unfinished updates of the last few weeks, into a mish-mash post!  (Sorry no photos...too lazy to upload them!)  But I did add a pretty picture!  ;)

  • Just a few weeks ago, Brian and I took Dylan for a special day out.  We first visited a huge toy store; we took about two hours slowly looking around and playing with EVERYTHING!  Then we told Dylan that he could pick one toy to bring home with never did see such an excited boy!  Finally after about fifteen minutes deliberation, Dylan picked out a JCB Backhoe Loader toy!  He was and still is thrilled with it!  Next we visited a pet store to look at the cute animals before going for a (bad, but oh so yummy!) fast food lunch.  Just as we though our boy couldn't take much more excitement, we visited a music store in the city centre...and Dylan came home with a beautiful pre-owned violin (all pre-planned)!  It is a bit "biffed in", but we just wanted him to get comfortable with holding and handling the instrument, so it'll do the job nicely for now! (I'll try and get a photograph up soon!)
    • Speaking of music, we have now registered Amy for this years piano examinations.  We haven't got a firm date yet, but we know it will be sometime between early November and early December.  Amy is rather nervous as it will be her first ever exam in anything!  She is practising hard to be ready in time.

    • Again in music, I am currently trying to learn how to play "Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring" on the piano.  I say trying because I can't actually read music, though I do know the notes...sort of...  So has taken me quite a while to decipher all the notes, and childishly write the letters underneath, so I can see them easily as I play!  Hey, quit laughing!  I then find a clip of someone playing well on YouTube and try my best to copy them!  Voila! 
    • Remember this, Hopefully This Is The Last Time... well it wasn't!  Nope, I'm not kidding either!  "Queen of the Queers" otherwise know as David Norris, has announced that he is AGAIN seeking the support of his colleagues in Leinster House, in order to re-enter the Presidential run.  *eye roll*

      • I'm gleaning tonnes of good ideas and information from other Christian blogs at the moment!  Seems as though you all know things I need to know, and post them just at the right time!  So THANK YOU all kind blogger ladies!
        • You'll probably remember this recent post.  I just thought I'd let you all know, that I've had no more pain and am feeling great!  Thank you all for your advice and kind words.
          • Poor Brian came home early from work today.  :( My poor hubby was sick last night and is still not feeling very well.  He thought he might be ok, so went to work as usual, but found he is just not well enough.  I hope he is well by Saturday, as Brian's cousin is getting married on that day, and we have been invited to the evening celebrations!  I would appreciate prayers, for a speedy recovery for him! 
            • Our Meg is coming up to 9mths shortly and still is not crawling and still has no teeth.  I can see something that looks like teeth right under her gums (it is hard to see, because she insists on sucking my finger anytime I try to sneak a peek!) but I think it could be a while before they come through! 
              • Aarrgghh!  I get so mad at the limited curriculum (like 0!!) available for Irish Christian home educators.  A lot of Christian homeschoolers in Ireland (there are extremely few), buy all of their curriculum from the US.  But there is a huge problem in doing this...they only get to learn about American geography and history!  We sorely need to be able to purchase text books, from an Irish Christian (not Catholic) perspective. 
                • In relation to the point above, just yesterday we were going through Amy's history work and she was learning about the work of an archaeologist.  The book stated that carbon dating was a very reliable way to date archaeological finds!  It never mentioned ANY of the problems associated with this way of dating artefact's.  The children and I discussed this in detail and then we watched this video on the Dr Dino website.  On a further note, a later chapter in Amy's history book, discusses how important feminism was to the modern world and how without it women would be still "second-class citizens".  Just what the world needs, more angst ridden feminazi's in training! 

                • Over the last few weeks we have had an abundance of plums!  Lots and lots of plums!  Of course there is also lots of other types of fruits that are ripening by the day.  We have eaten tonnes of plums, but there is only so many one person can eat in a day!  So with my mothers wonderful help, we recently stoned a huge bucketful of the juiciest Victoria plums!  Our plum conserve tasted delicious.  We have had it on EVERYTHING!  Plum jam on: steak, rice pudding, sliced beef sandwiches, sausages and salad, yoghurt, ice-cream...etc!  
                  • We also CANNED plums too!  So thank you to all who gave advice on the "Canning Query" post!  We made lots of mistakes, but we learned from them and hopefully we'll go a little better next time!  

                  • And finally I'd like to send out my thoughts and prayers to Elizabeth over at A Picture Of Grace, I can't wait for your big introduction! :)

                    I Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Weekend!

                        Tuesday, September 13, 2011

                        Fruitful Farming!

                        My BIG Helper!

                        Autumn Is Coming!

                        My Little Helper!

                        Can You Spot Dylan?

                        Picture Perfect Pears!

                        Inside The Polytunnel...

                        My Dad's Grapes!

                        Juicy Tomatoes

                        Just A Snapshot Of How After The Hay, We Managed To Stack The
                        Straw 3 Bales High...Two Gates And A Lot Of Muscle!

                        Sunday, September 11, 2011

                        A Quick Update

                        So, I stayed home from church today and my lovely family stayed with me.  During the last three days I have been experiencing pain around my right kidney area accompanied with  nausea.  I suspect a kidney stone, although I have never had one before.  Sometimes the pain is mild, sometimes so severe that normal pain relievers do not work, and sometimes the pain is gone altogether for a few hours.  Just incase you didn't already know, I'll let you in on a little secret...I'm a big wimp when it comes to pain!

                        Perhaps early in the coming week I'll visit the dreaded doctor to see what he can do for me *sigh*.  Most of you know I detest going to the doctor!  If anyone has any advice and/or remedies for kidney stones (if that is indeed what it is) then I'd be appreciative if you'd leave a comment! :)

                        Yesterday I had baked a batch of 'Cheesy Whirls' to take with us for our church's 'pot-luck' dinner.  The pain was very bad last night and still present this morning so we agreed to stay home, but Brian took the food to our neighbours house (they also attend our church) so that they could take them, with them to enjoy.  My kind friend then gave Brian some meat to bring home, to save me from cooking lunch!  My mother also is cooking a steak pie for us today, so all I will need to do is whip up a portion of vegetables and some mashed potato!  How blessed are we?!

                        There are SO many blog posts that are unfinished at the moment, that I have had the idea to hash them altogether in the one post.  I hopefully will do that over the next few days, so keep a watch out!  Also a good friend of mine is due her baby in two weeks time and I still have not finished the crocheted blanket I started to give her as a gift!  Though I've not much more to do; an hour or two each night should have it finished soon enough.

                        Today we have had private Bible time ( I am reading in 1 Kings) and just after Meg had gone up for her lunchtime nap we listened to our new (just arrived last week) KJV audio Bible!!!!  We LOVE it!!!!

                        I hope you have all had a restful weekend!  Have a great week in the Lord! 

                        Saturday, September 3, 2011

                        Two Brilliant Sermons To Share!

                        Brian and I watched this sermon some weeks ago and have been so blessed by it since!  Even though I think he is GREAT, my husband became so convicted about his own spiritual leadership of our family, that he immediately began to diligently study his Bible every day!  I am so proud of the example he is setting for the rest of us!

                        Oh, this was so thought provoking!  Brian and I discussed this for a long time afterward; would we burn or bow?  It is true that many Christians today would bow, all the while secretly confessing, that they had not in their hearts.  I loved the references of biblical people who refused to bow down and turn from God.  For example, Daniel opening all the windows and doors of his home, to let everyone know that he was still praying.  Pastor Anderson, with the use of lots of scripture, proves that God wants us to inwardly and outwardly refuse to bow! 

                        Thursday, September 1, 2011

                        Meg Loves...

                        • Her bouncer, and will happily spend up to twenty minutes jumping about, watching all the goings on in our busy kitchen.
                        • Her baby dolls a lot!  It is so sweet to see her smile light up as she chatters away to the babies!

                          • Her big brothers funny antics!
                          • Her sippy cup.  She really likes the fact that she can hold it all by herself without any help from mama!
                          • Feeding herself.  Like our other daughter used to be as a baby, Meg likes to do things all by herself.
                            •  Sleeping! Zzzzzz!
                            •  Eating fish!  Two of Meg's favourite dinners are Salmon and Cauliflower and Ocean Pie. 
                            • Playing piano...loudly!