Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feminism Strikes Again

This week I received an update email from the LAF website, reporting on a news article that had featured in a UK tabloid newspaper.  Intrigued I read on...

A generation of young women have been put off starting a family because it will damage their lifestyle, career and looks, a survey shows.  One in three childless women quizzed now say they don't ever want to become a mother while increasing numbers of thirty-somethings in stable relationships and with good jobs have different priorities.  Almost half would rather get on the property ladder than have a baby while 28 per cent would prefer a £100,000 salary, according to a poll of 2,000 women.

Childless women just aren't willing to make the sacrifices they now see are necessary for motherhood with 44 per cent feeling sorry for working mums struggling to have it all, the survey said.  A quarter think working mothers always look exhausted and one in five say it looks so difficult it makes them think twice about having children.  Half of childless women over 30 look at stay-at-home mothers and think it will be difficult for them to get back on the career ladder and a fifth believe they've lost their identity. 
Body issues are also a factor with three in ten worried about the effect pregnancy would have on their appearance.  Almost a third think having a baby would make them less body confident while almost one in three mothers miss their pre-baby figure and feel judged by society thanks to coverage of glamorous celebrity mums.

Four in ten childless women say they're not ready to give up their lifestyle - and a quarter still feel too young for a child.   Meanwhile 26 per cent admit they are fearful of the effect motherhood would have on their career.  Almost half think having a child would make them poorer and over half say they couldn't afford a baby even if they wanted one.
Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton said: 'We were really surprised a third of childless women admitted they didn't want to start a family.  "It's clear from our survey 'having a baby' has just dropped off the to-do list for a whole generation of twenty-somethings".  "Yet with women bearing the brunt of the recession and headlines about rising costs of childcare forcing working mothers out of their jobs, is it any wonder these women are questioning whether motherhood is really worth it?"  "It's time we started looking at the support systems out there for women so the new generation don't feel pushed into making a choice between motherhood and a career."

This report is saddening.  This is a prime example of one of the "ill effects" of feminism that I mentioned in the comments section of this post just recently.  It still amazes me how many people (men and women) have been taken in by feministic lies.  Think about it...if feminism "liberated" women why are so many feeling under such pressure to keep working, maintain a perfect body and provide for themselves, that they will give up the blessing of children?  Doesn't make sense does it?

Of course the questioned childless women over thirty, that have chosen fancy clothes and career, over husband and family would think stay-at-home mothers have lost their identity.  This helps them justify their dull and empty lives.  Additionally "losing ones identity" is a ridiculous term, that could only be directed at a generation of women who have truly lost their identity.  A womans true identity is the one given to us in Gods word.


Nicole said...

what a sad sad world sometimes :( I wish everyone could just live the blessed life of doing what God's word says, accepting their own roles, they don't even understand the life that they COULD have!
Great post, Sarah!

Chelle said...

Great post! I am a stay at home Mom and I haven't lost my idenity. That is just an excuse to not have a family. Who cares if your not popular. You have a family thats what matters. I love my family and don't care if I'm rich or not. I look at my neighbors who work and they only have one child. They are so unhappy. I'm often told how lucky I am to be able to do what I do. I tell them not lucky but blessed. I tell them they can change. Most of them don't want to though theywant the "toys" they have.

Taryn said...

My daughter(21), her beautiful 19-month-old baby girl and my daughter's friend just left for a baby shower. My daughter's friends are having babies and the ones who aren't having babies want to have children. I remember when I went grocery shopping with my children years ago,a few times older women told me they regretted not having more children. I heard my 5th granddaughter(3m.) laugh for the first time yesterday! Children are a reward-Psalm 127:3,Hebrews 11:6(KJ)

janet said...

Women who choose to have kids are liberated. They are making a choice to not be a mother and to follow their hearts desire. Each decade changes with new ideas and new standards. Women are more liberated now than ever because they can make a difference. They are choosing to become police officers, work in construction, become a dr, etc. and not have to worry about tying down their lives. These women who choose not to have kids know that it is a great responsbility to take care of a child and they wish not to have a child and put it in second place. At least they realize that. I commend those women who are taking their lives into their own hands and following their dreams. I also commend the women who are blessed to have children and be able to stay at home with them.

Megan said...

I think I read that some time before you got saved you were a working mother. My question is, did you feel even before you found God that something was greatly missing from your life? And was that rectified by becoming a SAHM? I'm interested in hearing about your experience of both lifestyles, if you wouldn't mind, because it is quite rare to have someone who has lived both!

Our Family Is His said...

It's a sad world we live in when people deny having children, the same children Christ said to let come unto Him and that He told us to have faith like. But let's not have kids. Makes sense.

We are killing our world. Everyone says it's from global warming, environmental damage, and the like. I say it's with our damaging ideals we now have prevelant in our nation. Women can't understand the great role they had and tossed away like it was garbage to lower themselves to be "just like men". This doesn't mean men are below women in worth. It means our role was a perfect fit and we lowered ourselves for a lesser fit. Men's roles are a perfect fit for them, and a lesser fit would be taking on the roles of women. God's design is perfect. Man's is messed up and destroys people and nations.

This article came at a time I am on edge a bit with this whole gender issue. I read the changes to the NIV and am gobsmacked people think this is OK. They are calling Christ a "human being" instead of "man". It's such a horrible thing to dare call a male a man. It's horrible to call mankind man. Boy, wonder why the world is so afraid of the males in this world? The new version says we will be saved by a "human being". Boy, how wrong they are, and how many people they will help send to hell.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so terrible that women are doing what they want to be doing?

And you really haven't done any research at all about feminism, have you? Feminists are the people who are working against the notion that women must maintain a perfect body. Ask any feminist and he or she will tell you that a woman's appearance should have no bearing on how she is judged as a person.

And wow, dull and empty lives? You're saying that a woman can't be complete unless she has a husband and children, in essence, that who she is as a person is based solely her role as a wife and mother.

Maybe that's where those ladies got the idea that people like you have lost their identities, if that's how you look at yourself.

Sarah said...

Nicole ~ Wouldn't it be so great if we could just "make" everyone try out Gods plan for their lives, just so they they could see how truly happy they would be! :)

Chelle ~ I'm so glad that you feel as blessed as I do! Children really are the Lords heritage!

Taryn ~ I LOVE hearing babies is so cute! ;)

Janet ~ I agree the there are new ideas and standards in the modern world we live in, BUT they are FAR below Gods ideas and standards! I would "commend" a woman for following Gods will for her life; the one set out for her in Gods word. Its not about choosing to stay home or work outside the home, rather it is about choosing to obey God. Thanks for commenting!

Megan ~ You are right! I was once an un-saved, single, working mother. I definitely DID feel that I had an empty space. That has now been recified...but not from becoming a stay-at-home mother. No, my empty space was filled when I chose to believe on Jesus Christ!

I may post about this issue seperately sometime in the future, if you don't mind waiting a I have been asked this question before! Thanks for asking! ;)

Our Family Is His ~ I so agree with you on that Gods way is perfect! I often have heard people say "Well thats ok for your family because...but it would never work in ours because..." Gods will is perfect for EVERYONE! It makes me sad, because they're missing out on so much!

I'm glad you researched the "new" gender neutral NIV! How disgusting! However that being said...I cannot stand the established NIV either! Ha!

Anon ~ Comments like yours are so tiresome, because I have addressed all of this before.

If a woman is a CHRISTIAN, then she should be living her life in obedience to Gods will, not her own. It is about honouring God, not pleasing ourselves.

I have thoroughly researched feminism. And find it has afflicted women (and their families) in the worst ways. If you had troubled yourself to read a little more here, than merely looking for something to disagree with, then you would understand that I used to be a feminist!

A woman will be "incomplete" until she is made whole in Christ. And in my opinion even after that, she will never be truly fulfilled until she is on Gods program! ...So get with the program! ;)

Thanks for commenting everyone!

Anonymous said...

I really pity you. How sad your life is. I can only imagine how miserable you must be, to have thrown away your free will and everything that makes you an actual person as opposed to a mindless drone.

Our Family Is His said...

Oh, don't get me wrong, I am not an NIV fan either. Even if you are just reading it for enjoyment (meaning, not as God's actual inspired word) it's so watered down and bland. It's missing so much in nuance and meaning.

Oh, and ignore the "mindless drone" comments. They are laughable. Funny how they all say the same thing, almost verbatim, but WE are the mindless drones? They all throw God out, but we are the ones that tossed out our free will (wasn't it our free will, given by God, that allowed us to CHOOSE Him). We don't go to their blogs and harass them and name call them, but we are the miserable ones. Very telling.

Jane said...

I really pity you. How sad your life is. I can only imagine how miserable you must be, to have thrown away your free will and everything that makes you an actual person as opposed to a mindless drone. - Another cookie cutter comment from your hate group. Why do they even care enough to leave you the same comments all the time. Get a life people.