Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mish-Mash Post

As promised, I have pasted together all the unfinished updates of the last few weeks, into a mish-mash post!  (Sorry no photos...too lazy to upload them!)  But I did add a pretty picture!  ;)

  • Just a few weeks ago, Brian and I took Dylan for a special day out.  We first visited a huge toy store; we took about two hours slowly looking around and playing with EVERYTHING!  Then we told Dylan that he could pick one toy to bring home with never did see such an excited boy!  Finally after about fifteen minutes deliberation, Dylan picked out a JCB Backhoe Loader toy!  He was and still is thrilled with it!  Next we visited a pet store to look at the cute animals before going for a (bad, but oh so yummy!) fast food lunch.  Just as we though our boy couldn't take much more excitement, we visited a music store in the city centre...and Dylan came home with a beautiful pre-owned violin (all pre-planned)!  It is a bit "biffed in", but we just wanted him to get comfortable with holding and handling the instrument, so it'll do the job nicely for now! (I'll try and get a photograph up soon!)
    • Speaking of music, we have now registered Amy for this years piano examinations.  We haven't got a firm date yet, but we know it will be sometime between early November and early December.  Amy is rather nervous as it will be her first ever exam in anything!  She is practising hard to be ready in time.

    • Again in music, I am currently trying to learn how to play "Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring" on the piano.  I say trying because I can't actually read music, though I do know the notes...sort of...  So has taken me quite a while to decipher all the notes, and childishly write the letters underneath, so I can see them easily as I play!  Hey, quit laughing!  I then find a clip of someone playing well on YouTube and try my best to copy them!  Voila! 
    • Remember this, Hopefully This Is The Last Time... well it wasn't!  Nope, I'm not kidding either!  "Queen of the Queers" otherwise know as David Norris, has announced that he is AGAIN seeking the support of his colleagues in Leinster House, in order to re-enter the Presidential run.  *eye roll*

      • I'm gleaning tonnes of good ideas and information from other Christian blogs at the moment!  Seems as though you all know things I need to know, and post them just at the right time!  So THANK YOU all kind blogger ladies!
        • You'll probably remember this recent post.  I just thought I'd let you all know, that I've had no more pain and am feeling great!  Thank you all for your advice and kind words.
          • Poor Brian came home early from work today.  :( My poor hubby was sick last night and is still not feeling very well.  He thought he might be ok, so went to work as usual, but found he is just not well enough.  I hope he is well by Saturday, as Brian's cousin is getting married on that day, and we have been invited to the evening celebrations!  I would appreciate prayers, for a speedy recovery for him! 
            • Our Meg is coming up to 9mths shortly and still is not crawling and still has no teeth.  I can see something that looks like teeth right under her gums (it is hard to see, because she insists on sucking my finger anytime I try to sneak a peek!) but I think it could be a while before they come through! 
              • Aarrgghh!  I get so mad at the limited curriculum (like 0!!) available for Irish Christian home educators.  A lot of Christian homeschoolers in Ireland (there are extremely few), buy all of their curriculum from the US.  But there is a huge problem in doing this...they only get to learn about American geography and history!  We sorely need to be able to purchase text books, from an Irish Christian (not Catholic) perspective. 
                • In relation to the point above, just yesterday we were going through Amy's history work and she was learning about the work of an archaeologist.  The book stated that carbon dating was a very reliable way to date archaeological finds!  It never mentioned ANY of the problems associated with this way of dating artefact's.  The children and I discussed this in detail and then we watched this video on the Dr Dino website.  On a further note, a later chapter in Amy's history book, discusses how important feminism was to the modern world and how without it women would be still "second-class citizens".  Just what the world needs, more angst ridden feminazi's in training! 

                • Over the last few weeks we have had an abundance of plums!  Lots and lots of plums!  Of course there is also lots of other types of fruits that are ripening by the day.  We have eaten tonnes of plums, but there is only so many one person can eat in a day!  So with my mothers wonderful help, we recently stoned a huge bucketful of the juiciest Victoria plums!  Our plum conserve tasted delicious.  We have had it on EVERYTHING!  Plum jam on: steak, rice pudding, sliced beef sandwiches, sausages and salad, yoghurt, ice-cream...etc!  
                  • We also CANNED plums too!  So thank you to all who gave advice on the "Canning Query" post!  We made lots of mistakes, but we learned from them and hopefully we'll go a little better next time!  

                  • And finally I'd like to send out my thoughts and prayers to Elizabeth over at A Picture Of Grace, I can't wait for your big introduction! :)

                    I Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Weekend!


                        Our Family Is His said...

                        Keep patient with Meg. She will get there. One thing our physical therapist told us when we were dealing with our older son's issues is that it's not so important that they do every developmental milestone, but that they can do them.

                        Here's what I mean. A child skips crawling and starts to stand and walk having never crawled. No biggie. Wait until they stand and walk and can do it very well, then get down the floor and play games that would encourage them crawling. If they CAN crawl, life is great, move on. If not, then you need to have medical help in discovering why that motion isn't possible. I know quite a few kids that went straight to walking, never crawled one bit. So, she might just not crawl before walking. She's adorable either way.

                        On the teeth, just a tip (yes, I am being one of THOSE people today - hehehe). If you rub her gums gently with a wash cloth, it can help her gums prepare for teething, it cleans them, AND it can help her teeth come in a bit quicker (thus making the pain for her shorter). It's 100% natural, no chemicals, nothing toxic in her little body. And they usually like it.

                        Sarah said...

                        Thank you for the teething tip! Though I'm not sure she will like it...she detests anyone "messing" with her! I'll give it a try though!

                        Please don't misunderstand...I know they all do things in their own time and not ours! I guess as mothers we just get so excited for each milestone! :)