Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Ross Piano Festival 2011

So, its that time of year again!  The annual New Ross Piano Festival!  Gosh, where does the time go?  The festival took place through the latter end of last week, and over the weekend.  As usual Amy and her Grandad had a great time!  I was hoping to go myself this year...but alas, I was not able to make it!  Brian managed to take Amy on Sunday afternoon after church though, and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

One of the best parts for Amy was that she got to listen to a friend of her play on the student night!  She was very proud of her!  Amy is hoping to play on the student night next year...she had wanted to this year but still felt too nervous as she has not yet passed her first grading (which is coming up soon). Also one evening a "zoo piece" was played by the musicians...Amy particularly liked this piece as it was very funny, so she tells me!

Every evening Amy came home, she was very excited to tell us all that she had heard, and people she had met!  This is such a wonderful event, I'm glad that our family are able to enjoy it.   We appreciate the hard work, effort and sheer talent that goes into making this festival so delightful for everyone!

Strike A Pose! :)

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