Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Play Room

You might remember this post.  In which I posted photographs of the newly fitted storage units in our playroom!  We were all very excited to finally put the room to good use!  Before it had served only as a room in which we kept a few boxes of toys.  But as the room was otherwise empty, nobody really liked to play in there!

In that last post I promised to post updated photographs when I found the time to fill the room up with all our stuff!  But alas, I never got around to it!  So here they are now, better late than never! ;)

Our Lovely Snuggly Sofa...Perfect For Read-Aloud Time!

The Huge Cupboard Is Where We Store Art Materials An Board Games
...I'm Not Letting You Peep Inside There, Because It Is Hideously Untidy!!!

Tough Shelving To Accomodate Some Of Our Reference Books

Our Computer Area, This Used To Be Upstairs But Moved Down Just Recently,
We Are Still Waiting To Cut A Cable Hole Into The Worktop To Pop The Cables Through

I Hope You Enjoyed Having A Snoop Around Our Playroom! ;)


Our Family Is His said...

I always love seeing rooms and homes where people spend their days. This playroom is so bright and airy. Make me want to go, sit, and read a book.

Jessi said...

Your house looks so nice! I like seeing peoples houses too.

Taryn said...

I like the maps. My son liked Abeka's 9th grade world geography book(10th grade is world history). We didn't answer the questions in the book. We used the tests as worksheets. We have a map of Long Island,NY hanging up. We also have the learning placemats world map(rainbowresource). The timeline in the Rod and Staff(Crockett,KY 41413) catalog looks good. We use to have a timeline hanging up in our last house.

Taryn said...

The timelines in the Abeka books(KJ) are good( Seventh grade is also world history. I don't buy the teacher's guides, quizzes or answer keys. I just buy the textbook and tests(we use them as worksheets). Some people just buy the textbooks( and just read it(not answering the questions at the end of the chapters) without testing. We use Spectrum test prep workbooks(no history or science) at setontesting and use Seton's tests($25) at the end of the year.

Katie said...

What a lovely and useful room!!

Also, I remember reading a post in which you mentioned that curriculum that included Irish history was hard to come by and that many Irish homeschoolers purchase U.S. stuff. I had never even thought about (nor known) the variety or how many curriculum choices are available to those outside the U.S. I guess, if anything, I would've thought there would be a lot to choose from. Just wanted to say I will pray about this for you! =)

Blessings on you and your sweet family,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You are blessed indeed! Great way to organize. I used to have a playroom, but had to convert it into a bedroom.

Sarah said...

No, unfortunately Katie. The only curriculum we have available are the government approved, public school kind!

Even some of the state exams that requite a practical element (such as home economics and woodwork) are unavailable to the home schooled student! The state acknowledges this "problem" but will not amend it!

Sarah said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, I love! What a sweet, comfy, useful space now :) Great Job! I want to just curl up on your love seat and veg out with a good book :)

Taryn said...

Christian Light Education's 7th grade world history hardcover textbook mentions Ireland and the Spanish Armada(1588) with the Scripture Nahum 1:3b on page 404. Abeka has a world history book in fifth grade. I plan on ordering Abeka's science and world history for my grandchildren whether or not they homeschool. Abeka uses KJ Bible Scriptures. Christian Light has the approximately 6,000 year timeline like Abeka.

Taryn said...

We enjoy reading about the missionaries in the Christian world history books-Irish missionary Amy Carmichael to India, "Gypsy" Smith,etc.