Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Quick Update

So, I stayed home from church today and my lovely family stayed with me.  During the last three days I have been experiencing pain around my right kidney area accompanied with  nausea.  I suspect a kidney stone, although I have never had one before.  Sometimes the pain is mild, sometimes so severe that normal pain relievers do not work, and sometimes the pain is gone altogether for a few hours.  Just incase you didn't already know, I'll let you in on a little secret...I'm a big wimp when it comes to pain!

Perhaps early in the coming week I'll visit the dreaded doctor to see what he can do for me *sigh*.  Most of you know I detest going to the doctor!  If anyone has any advice and/or remedies for kidney stones (if that is indeed what it is) then I'd be appreciative if you'd leave a comment! :)

Yesterday I had baked a batch of 'Cheesy Whirls' to take with us for our church's 'pot-luck' dinner.  The pain was very bad last night and still present this morning so we agreed to stay home, but Brian took the food to our neighbours house (they also attend our church) so that they could take them, with them to enjoy.  My kind friend then gave Brian some meat to bring home, to save me from cooking lunch!  My mother also is cooking a steak pie for us today, so all I will need to do is whip up a portion of vegetables and some mashed potato!  How blessed are we?!

There are SO many blog posts that are unfinished at the moment, that I have had the idea to hash them altogether in the one post.  I hopefully will do that over the next few days, so keep a watch out!  Also a good friend of mine is due her baby in two weeks time and I still have not finished the crocheted blanket I started to give her as a gift!  Though I've not much more to do; an hour or two each night should have it finished soon enough.

Today we have had private Bible time ( I am reading in 1 Kings) and just after Meg had gone up for her lunchtime nap we listened to our new (just arrived last week) KJV audio Bible!!!!  We LOVE it!!!!

I hope you have all had a restful weekend!  Have a great week in the Lord! 


Natalie said...

I'd really go to the doctor to get checked out; I've suspected kidney stones in the past. In one instance, it was a kidney infection, and the second time I left it for a few days, then spent nearly a week in hospital with renal failure!
Get it checked out, hope it gets better for you quickly though.

Our Family Is His said...

I have had kidney stones. I am not a pain whimp, and let me tell you about the pain I was in. It can do some serious damage. I am not a go to the doctor for everything gal. In fact, I see my doctor once a year. Our kids rarely go for anything beyond their special needs. We just believe, as does our doctor, that the body can heal itself quite nicely most of the time.

But, I would go to a doctor for a kidney stone. My brother-in-law ignored his. He ended up in surgery and on an IV twice a day at home for 6 weeks. My sister-in-law (his sister) ignored one (yes, my husband's family tends to ignore medical issues) and ended up in surgery, home, infection, back to the hospital.

I went to the ER, got meds, had a few simple things done, sent home same day, never looked back.

Chelle said...

I have also had pain mines been on my left side. I know it was my kidneys. I drank lots of cranberry juice and water. Also you can drink lemon juice.Most of the time doctors don't do much for kidney stones except give pain medicine or surgery. Eating lots of vegetables helps too. It really helped mine. Drink lots of water.

Sarah said...

Natalie ~ Yikes, I really had no idea it could be that bad! I suppose it is very tempting to leave these things, in the hope that they will work themselves out!

Our Family Is His ~ Thank you for sharing your experience with kidney stones. I think I would go to the doctor, even if it was just for stronger pain meds.

I guess I am very "down" on doctors...the last time we went, was to get something for Amy's skin as she was/is having a tough time with acne. The doctor said in a year or two if it was still bad, we could consider putting her on the contraceptive pill! She was only 11 at the time! INSANE!

Chelle ~ We alreday eat lots of veggies, but I guess I definitely could drink more water. Thank you for your advice!

Nicole said...

Sarah....I have had probably 50+ kidney stones. The first five I had sugeries...since then I have been able to pass all of them...the funny thing is. I AM HOME from church tonight because.......I HAVE A STONE!!!! Hahaha. Not really funny, but funny that we are both down with one. There has only been one time that I thought I had a stone and it was a kidney infection, but it can happen.
You MUST drink water CONSTANTLY! There are other things you can do but until you know what your stone is/was made up of, you can't specifically target what area your kidney has a problem with. I pretty finally (after seeing specialist, doing 24hr. urine samples, having my stones examined and seeing a nutritionist) realized that I was an iced tea (and hot tea) ADDICT and would get kidney stones left and right. Stopped drinking black tea (hot and cold) and no more stones. Every now and then I am FOOLISH and test my "tea causes my stones" theory, and suffer only a few days later. (Like today) :)

I am pretty confident that there are some other things in my diet that cause them for me, but I really don't know what.

They used to cause me so much pain that I would just have to go into the ER, get pain medication because I could barely sit up straight, get an IV with a bunch of fluids until I felt "good" or passed it (because of all the fluids I was getting).

Now, EVERYTIME I have a kidney stone I NEVER feel it pass from my kidney to bladder, I am just in a ton of pain once I feel it in my bladder. My husband says that I no longer feel them pass down my ureters because I have had so many it's probably all scar tissue and I don't feel He's just trying to be funny, but I have to wonder ! The last time I really felt one pass from kidney to bladder and was in pain two days later I went pee and out pops a stone the size of a pencil eraser (that's a big one to pass without any "help")

Anyway...been dealing with the horrible painful things for 8 years now, still having them, but MUCH less!

Praying for you and as uncomfortable as it is, you should have it checked out. It may be too large to pass, cause problems, or could just be a kidney infection, which in that case you really want to know.

Well, keep drinking! Water is your best friend right now!
Let me know how your doing!

Sarah said...

Thank you Nicole! I cannot believe you have had SO many kidney stones!

I've had no more pain today since this morning, praise the Lord! I'm glad for that, as Brian is staying at his mothers house overnight, to help care for her...I'd be a total wimp on my own!

I'm wondering is it possible to pass the stone without realising?

It is funny that we were both home from church today, for possibly the same reason!

Megan said...

I'm very sorry to hear you've not been well, Sarah, but pleased to heear you're no longer in pain. Nicole is clearly very well experienced in the world of kidney stones (unfortunately) and her advice is excellent. The only thing I would add on to her comments are what another person already mentioned - drinking citrus juices can help prevent stones, in addition to copious amounts of water. I know going to the doctor is not much fun, but you really should get this checked out, even if you're not in pain currently.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Nicole said...

I can't believe I don't proof read my comments before publishing them... I sound like a crazy person! :) Well, sorry for all of my typos and errors... I even left out whole entire words...forgive me :)
Glad you felt good today!

Elizabeth said...

My husband had a kidney stone a while back. He was pretty tough through it, I will admit. He didn't complain much, just wanted space and quiet time.

He drank tons and tons of cranberry juice. In the States at least, for it to be labeled juice a product must have 100% juice. All other products must be labeled "juice drink," "juice cocktail," etc. We made cranberry juice from frozen cranberries from the supermarket. He ended up passing it. He never saw it or knew for sure, the pain just went away.

My mom used to work with a man in a similar situation to Nicole's. An herbalist recommended to him marshmallow root tea. It was an absolute GODSEND for him. Over time it fully eliminated the problem for him.

Also, sort of a no-brainer, let your body get cleansed: no soft drinks, refined foods, etc. but you don't eat too much of that sorta stuff anyway.

Hope that it all works itself out for you.

Elizabeth said...

We use this book a lot:
It is loaded with encouraging Scriptures and Godly advice, not to mention loads of home/natural remedies. There is also a "symptoms" section and a "causes" section, so you can figure out what the ailment may possibly be.

Under kidney stones, this book recommends licorice (to reduce inflammation and swelling), horsetail tea (increases urine output), stinging nettle tea, marshmallow root tea.

Also, eliminate soft drinks, caffeine, chocolate, black pepper, salt, vinegar, and meat.

The book also recommends a potassium broth: potato peelings, carrots, garlic, and celery. Simmer these for 40 minutes, strain and drink. Sounds disgusting!!! lol

Sarah said...

Megan ~ Thank you for your well wishes!

Elizabeth ~ Thank you so much for the book recommendation! I'll definitely check this one out! You know how much I LOVE good books!

But black pepper and meat? What could be bad about them? I LOVE freshly ground black pepper! :(

Thank you all so much for the wonderful advice and kind words, they mean so much! So far today no pain, I am now convinced that it is/was a stone.

Nicole said...

Again, it depends on what your stone is made up of...but yeah, no black pepper...tried it for a while, liked white pepper alright, but black is cheaper and better :) Glad you are feeling good today!

Elizabeth said...

Black pepper and meat, in themselves, are not per se "bad" for you. They tend to have an acidifying affect on the body. Anytime you have an ailment that you're trying to treat naturally, you want to increase the alkalizing foods and eliminate the acidifying ones.

I'm so glad you're no longer having trouble with the pain. My husband went to the doctor with his. The doctor ordered labs and blah blah. He got the labs in and (so typical of doctors) he kinda shrugged and said, "You have a little bit of blood in your urine, but not a lot. Well I guess it's probably a kidney stone. I'll pass. If it becomes chronic, call me back." It cost us something like $200 to hear what the doctor "guessed" was wrong. Pfft, what a waste! lol

Oh, he never found the stone. But the guy I was talking about earlier...when he was having kidney stones, he said they were huge. They were so big, in fact, that he said it would cut off his urine stream if he was passing one while urinating! Can you imagine?! He said that the marshmallow root tea cleared it up perfectly.

Twinkle Toes said...

So odd...I too was out of church on a Sunday. (9/4) With...You guessed it, Kidney pain! I had been having pains since Wednesday, but on Sunday it finally got so bad I called my mom (who was in choir practice) to come so I could go to the hospital. Something I would normally not ever do! I don't particularly like doctors :P Turns out I had a kidney infection. Being pregnant, I opted to take the antibiotics because UTI's, kidney and bladder infections can cause preterm labor and I was starting to have contractions. But when I'm not pregnant I have found for infections of that sort (I have bladder infections quite frequently) Aloe vera gel for the pain, kidney and bladder formula from Nature's Way, and Goldenseal (3x a day for 10-14 days). Will usually clear it up. I also take cranberry pills, but if I can afford it I will get something called D-Mannose. It works way better than anything else I have ever used. Usually will clear it up in 2 days. Meaning NO PAIN after 2 days! Other stuff can take much longer for me, but it does work! My midwife recommended I use for buying herbs and vitamins and they are much cheaper than other places I've looked. They do have international shipping and payments too. Hope that you're still doing good! And much as I dislike doctors, it might be a good idea to get checked so you will at least know exactly what you're dealing with. You don't wanna treat for kidney stones if you have a kidney infection or something like that :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I sure hope you are feeling better. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to pain, too. You are not alone! Praying all is well now.