Monday, October 17, 2011

The Imaginings Of A 3 Year Old!

Oh to be three years old!  What a wonderful age it is, they are old enough to converse with and think complex thoughts, but still oh so cute and innocent!  Dylan is really into imagining, and pretending at the moment.  Although from his point of view it isn't is real!

Dylan ~ I has a wife (sometimes he uses the word "mother" here, but means wife) and she is called (thinks for a long time) Juicy.

Me ~ Really, that is a lovely name for your wife...she sounds very fruity.

Dylan ~ Yeah she is!  She is a good cooker and makes nice ones like: wrapperkoko and muckalakka.

Me ~ Oh they sound yummy.  What else does Juicy do?

Dylan ~  She cleans the house, does the washing and looks after the children.  She sleeps over there, on the side next to the cooker!


Dylan ~ I has a son (Juicy gave birth to a twenty tonne baby just last week!) he wants to go to Dublin, but I won't let him 'cause there is bad peoples in Dublin!

Brian ~ Yes, children aren't allowed to go by themselves, but a grown-up could.

Dylan ~ He is grown up, but I's still not allowed him!  'Cause he went and died on the cross and God had to bring him alive again.  God is very powerful!

At that point Dylan left the room, and Brian and I nearly died laughing!  What an imagination!  It seems as though, he just likes to talk about all the things, he either likes or knows about, and smushes them all together in a story!  He is such a funny boy!

Dylan Showing Off His Latest Invention!

The Hand Tool And String Is To Keep The "Silage" From 
Falling Out His Trailer!


sarah in the woods said...

So cute. Rohan is always telling stories saying they happened to him. I think he really gets so caught up in his imaginings that he actually thinks they are true. And Zahana does the smush thing. It seems like so much of what comes out of her mouth is so totally random.

Unknown said...

Aren't children amazing? I LOVE that age too...they are brilliant and imaginative and I just love the things that come out of their mouth :)

Elizabeth said...

"She sleeps over there, on the side next to the cooker!"

Because OBVIOUSLY a wife/mother can be no happier when she's sleeping by the cooker!

I totally agree that three is absolutely precious!

Elizabeth said...

Oh and I love the vast amount of security that the string gives to keep the silage in the trailer. The cows will be pleased that he went to such protective measures! Cute, cute, cute!!