Friday, October 28, 2011

Ireland Has Voted...

Yesterday was the day when most Irish citizens went to vote in the Presidential election.  To be perfectly honest I'm so glad it's finally over; now they can all take down their campaign signs, that have littered the road sides for weeks and cease posting out their flyer's full of empty promises and lies.

It has been said that "A country will always get the government it deserves".  Such a provoking thought that, isn't it?

On an interesting note, the topic of abortion has raged upon the airwaves all week, discussing each candidates views on such.  Pro-murder women bombarded the radio stations with calls, defending pro-life candidates and stating that "forcing a woman to endure a full term pregnancy when she doesn't want to, is equal to abuse".  Letting these feminazi's vote, was such a master stroke for the modern world... 

Yes as the title suggests, Ireland's votes have indeed been counted, and pro-murder candidate, Michael D Higgins has been elected as Ireland's 9th President.  Not too bad of a feat, considering he was up against two brain dead women, an "ex" IRA commander and a social welfare dependant homosexual, and a bunch of other half wits with dodgy morals.  You would be astounded by the amount of people I have spoken with,  who even though, they know full well that Michael D Higgins supports murdering babies, still feel that he is the best man for the job!  Perhaps it was a case of choosing the best out of a bad lot?


Anonymous said...

Does your husband know that you've been spending time outside of the kitchen? Don't let him catch you! He might sell your daughters into slavery!

lisa said...

It's the same in our country. Our president is "pro-choice" (I loathe that word!! The baby has NO choice!!) However, I know that Lord sets up kings (presidents) and He takes them down. He has put him in the White House. And the Scriptures commands that we pray for those in leadership, and I do. But I strongly disagree with 99.9% of our president's policies.

Katie said...


I agree that the current leadership is quite discouraging all the way around. I agree completely with Lisa above, too. While I get so utterly disgusted with leadership that is pro-murder, liberal, and anti-Christian in so many facets, I am so very thankful that God is a sovereign ruler over all, and He is in control. Our pastor has been doing an amazing series on the book of Daniel, and the theme has been focusing on trusting in God in a secular society. It has blessed and encouraged my heart so much because, quite frankly, there is so much in our country that is just wrong right now.

Thanks for keeping on keeping on! Thanks for standing for your faith and making your voice heard. I wish more Christians would do so!

Praying for Ireland and the USA,

Sarah said...

Lisa ~ I also hate the term "pro-choice" deceptive!

Katie ~ I have been reading with my kids, about Moses leading the children of Israel out of bondage...and how the Lord hardened Pharoah's heart...and I often wonder is this the case with our leadership also?

So I agree with you Katie...the Lord is ultimately the one who controls all these we must continue to keep our eyes on Him and simply trust!

Anonymous said...

I think the term pro-life is much more deceptive than pro-choice, seeing as how pro-lifers only care a out life until a child is born. After that, they don't care about he child. This is obvious by the way education and safety net programs are treated.

Sarah said...

Anonymous ~ People who are pro-life (myself included) campaign hard to protect life from conception UNTIL natural death.

We all LOVE our children and consider them God's greatest blessing.

Our governments are mostly NOT pro-life; neither of the unborn, child, adult or the elderly, this is reflected in the way they approach education and other "services".

Taking all that into consideration, I find your comment a little illogical.

Perhaps you are simply looking for something to disagree with?