Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Top Ten Dislikes!

I know you might find this boring.  But just in case you're interested in boring kind of stuff, then here is a list of my top ten dislikes! ;)

  1. The cat scratching on the window pane *shudder*
  2. When I lose something!  Aaarrggghh!
  3. Dogs barking...even mine!
  4. Laziness in any form.
  5. My husband pretending to listen to me, whilst reading the newspaper and doing it badly!
  6. When the iron breaks down and you just had one more shirt to do!
  7. Nasty attitudes!
  8. When someone else stacks the dishwasher...wrongly of course!
  9. Drivers who utterly fail to indicate before a turn!
  10. Accidentally standing on a snail and hearing "Crruuunncchh!!"


    Taryn said...

    The other day I was on the "10 items or less" line and a woman two people before us had an overflowing cart. The cashier said nothing to her. People behind us were mad. Last night at our son's house we all were discussing,"What would you have done?" in that situation.

    Rachel said...

    Oh man, I totally empathise with the drivers who don't indicate! In fact, I really struggle when I'm driving to be gracious and patient!

    Our Family Is His said...

    I would have said nothing. I would have been frustrated but someone once said, "maybe that delay would have kept you from something horrific down the road". It's rude, but you just never know what's going on. Maybe the cashier invited her over. I have had that happen before when there were a lot of people in a standard line and no one in the under 20 line. So they start checking full carts and someone walks up.

    And it's just groceries.

    To get back on the topic:

    I hate fingers on a chalkboard, horrible commercials that pop on during totally innocent TV, someone that just can't wait to spoil a good book's ending.

    Taryn said...

    This was at Walmart-no groceries in her cart. The cashier(an older women) told us she would have lost her job if she said something. The lady behind us said that we all would have supported her(the cashier). We had our granddaughter with us. She became fussy during the wait. I told my daughter to go out to the car with the baby but she didn't want to because it was dark out. Romans 8:28KJ

    Our Family Is His said...

    I know it's hard to wait. I have two that have a very hard time waiting. We have discovered a lot of fun, impromptu, games that way. Hehehe, far too many to count. But again, it's just groceries (or whatever is in the cart). It's not a big deal and maybe you would have been saved from a big wreck down the road or you could have chatted to someone else in line and struck up a new friendship. Who knows. I have learned to let things like this go as they used to irritate me beyond belief. Then it hit me that these things don't matter in life at all. I was there with my kids (so I could chat with them, sing with them, engage them), I was in a relatively comfortable place (had light, heat/air conditioning, clothes on my back, and a car that was going to drive me home), and no one was deathly ill waiting on emergency medications that I had to pay for.

    Not saying it's not rude of someone to choose to go over, just that it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of life and maybe she was having one of those days where her mind was on very important things and she just wasn't thinking. We never know what another person is walking through.

    Yes, Romans 8:28 is perfect for this.