Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Special Announcement...

Brian and I would like to announce that we...





Our Two Donkeys!

...have become the proud owners of two DONKEYS!  Ha!  I bet you didn't guess that, that was what I was going to announce, was it?  No, if it had have been a pregnancy announcement, I definitely would have been MUCH more excited, but alas no such news as yet!  I look forward to the day, that we will have that news to share!  :)


Recently a friend contacted me, asking did I know anyone who wanted two donkeys.  A new homeschooling family within driving distance were giving them away, as they were finding it hard to afford to keep them.  Feeding animals over the winter in Ireland can be seriously expensive, fortunately our family are able to provide our cows with home produced hay and silage, and we have plenty of grass for everyone in the meantime!

So I sent the message to Brian while he was at work, and later in the evening he asked me how much the person wanted for the donkeys, as at that stage we didn't know they were free.  I asked my friend the next day, and she gave me the details of the family who owned them.  I contacted the lady and she gave me all the information, which I then passed on to Brian.

Black-Jack...He Is The Cheeky One!

We decided to keep all of this a secret from the kids, as we figured, if we decided no then they would be disappointed and if we were going to say yes, then we wanted it to be a great surprise! We talked it over after the kids where in bed...and my lovely hubby simply said "Okay lets get some donkeys!"  :)  Yes its things like this that make our relatives think we're loopy!

That was Friday, and the man wanted to deliver them on Sunday afternoon...boy was it hard keeping the secret until then!  But Sunday rolled around at last.  As we were gathered around the breakfast table eating cinnamon toast, daddy and I told the kids the big secret  The kids were very surprised!

So we are now the proud owners of two male donkeys.  They are named Black-Jack and Bobby and are so cute and are almost too friendly!   We cannot wait to build the trust so the kids can ride them! 


Unknown said...

Wow, that is so cool. My husband and I were just discussing our getting our goats next spring and we were talking about good livestock protection...and he said we should get a donkey...haha.
Thats cool that you were able to keep it quiet!
Well, have lots of fun with them :)
Oh~ and the puzzles are great fun, I stole the idea from my friend Jenn ;)
Hope youre have a great week!

Chelle said...

Nice donkeys. I was expecting you to say a baby. Thats a good introduction though. Keeps you wondering.

Anonymous said...

I sooo thought you were going to say a pregnancy. Hehehe.

We are looking at chickens and goats for next year. We wanted some cattle but the boys aren't supposed to have red meat or cow's milk, so no reason to have a super expensive pet that provides us with nothing in return. Have fun with the two new family members.

Lisa said...

We are praying about getting sheep next spring. We already have laying hens and we're getting 15 turkeys this week. My children would love to have donkeys, too! :)
Hope you have a blessed day,

Sarah said...

Thanks ladies....they are SO cool!

Although we hav stopped taking them carrot treats everytime we go out to them as they were getting a little pushy looking for them!

Dylan is So looking forward to riding them!

Our Family I His ~ Meg is off cows milk too right now, as we are wondering could that be triggering her excema? She is REALLY enjoying her goat milk! Perhaps we may end up buying goats just for milk! ...Maybe for our next pet! :)

Lisa ~ We normally get turkeys for meat too...but thsi year we have decided not to! I do hope you enjoy rearing/eating yours! ;)

Thank you all for commenting! :)

Rachel said...

Oh Sarah they are both so cute! I've always loved donkeys, they're so gentle!