Saturday, October 15, 2011

Random Update

     Chubby Chops!

    So I just thought I'd drop in with a quick update on all our goings on, while everything is quiet!  Of course being midday on a wet, grey and sleepy sort of Saturday, my house is still in total chaos...but I'd much rather be blogging than cleaning anyway! ;)

    • Dylan is trying to become dry in the night time, now that he is getting bigger, so I printed up this chart for him just a few weeks ago.  As you can see he is getting so much better!  He LOVES receiving his sticker on the days he did a good job!  Just yesterday, we gave Dylan, "Horton Hears A Who" on DVD, as a BIG reward for 7 dry nights in a row!  Dylan was thrilled as he loves Dr Seuss books and the movie was really very funny!  Well done champ! :)
      • One of my dearest friends has just had a baby boy!  He is her third child and her first since suffering two miscarriages in a row.  I'm so happy that he is here at last!  Just three day ago they finally decided on the little man's name: Logan, which I think is just perfect!  I've almost finished the crocheted blanket we'll be giving them as a baby gift, I'd just like to single crochet around the edge to finish it off nicely!   

          • We are in the process of redecorating our downstairs shower/wc.  Our extract fan was not working for a while, and we neglected to use bathroom paint in there when we painted initially, so tonnes of yucky mould had appeared on the ceiling and top of the wall.  It is redecoration through necessity, rather than preference!  So I've scrubbed it clean last week and the kids helped me to paint most of it.  Though I think Brian is going to finish painting the ceiling for me as I'm just not tall enough really...even with a step-ladder!  Thank goodness for husbands!  We also put up a bathroom cabinet for Brian to keep all his toiletries in, as he can be kinda messy!!!

          • Update on Meg ~ Well you'll remember this post, in which I detailed Megs unusual night waking.  Well we tried the paracetamol suppositories we received from the doctor, and they did nothing at all!  The next morning I discussed what had been going on with my mother.  She suggested turning Meg around in her bed to help with her stiff neck...thinking that she may simply have gotten into the habit of turning her head too far in one direction when she was sleeping.  I had, had the same thought the previous it seemed that to try it, would be a wise thing to do.  It was!  We've been so blessed with full nights sleep since!  It seems that switching her around was just enough to break the habit!  Thanks Mum!  :)

          •  I'm still waiting patiently, for the 70 % Amazon children's book sale...I wish they'd hurry up!  I've been checking ever few days but nothing as yet!  Come on guys...get a move on!

          •  Just today, we have started having a pre-Christmas sort out! always looks worse before it gets better!  I always start upstairs when doing this kind of thing, as upstairs isn't as messy in-use as downstairs.  So this morning, we got going on sorting out all the books in the kids rooms.  Amy had some to give to Dylan, and Dylan had some to give to Meg!  At the moment all the kids books, are stored neatly in grocery boxes...hopefully sometime in the future we can look into getting some shelving or bookcases to store them all.  We have a lot of books!  This afternoon I hope to start sorting toys by throwing away or mending broken ones...though that shouldn't take long as they don't many in their rooms.

          • Brian and I are on our 5th week (out of six) this coming week, of our "Christianity Explored" (a pre-requisite to becoming members) course with our Pastor.  We have both enjoyed it!  It has given us much to discuss both with our Pastor, and by ourselves.   
          • Our little scamp Meg now has two teeth!  Also she is going very well at crawling!  Admittedly she is very hesitant to crawl on her hands and knees, she tried that one day, and fell and hurt her face on the ground.  So she simply drags herself around on her funny to see her doing it, with her right leg giving her a little push when needed! Ha!  Can't believe how fast she is growing up!  Her birthday will be here before we know it! 

          •  We'll be staying home from church tomorrow, as Brian must take my parents to the airport to catch their flight to the UK; for Graham's funeral and so my mum can spend some quality time with my grandmother who is quite ill at the moment.  Unfortunately their truck decided that now would be a great time to break down completely!  

          • On a related note, there seems to be many sad and challenging things happening at the moment, that are driving both our immediate, and extended families to love, support and care for each other, more than usual.  When I think on this, I'm reminded that our Father in heaven, really does work all things for good!  :)

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                Katie said...

                Meg is so cute!!!

                Thanks for the updates, Sarah!

                Looks like you are doing a marvelous job raising your family and seeking to become more like the Lord everyday. =)

                I will be praying for your family ~ that the Lord would guide, direct, and bless all that is going on right now ~ and through all of it that you all may grow closer to Him and that He would be glorified!

                I'll also be praying for the church situation. We just became members of the church in our new area, but I can't say that we have disagreed with what has been taught even once! The pastor often encourages us to test everything against the Word of God, and if there is ever anything in question to inquire and ask! Finding a church where you can grow and be fed and serve is just so essential ~ will be praying the Lord would guide you in your decisions with the one you are attending!

                I hope your weekend is filled with blessings!