Saturday, November 19, 2011

Best Foot Forward!

Yes, I finally got around to taking the girls for their new shoes!  I love being able to say that...the girls!  Two beautiful daughters!...

...Anyway where was I?  I was actually worried that I wouldn't find anything suitable for Amy, as she takes a larger shoe size than your average twelve year old.  So normally she doesn't fit the kids section, and the womens shoes and especially boots, are too "old" looking for her.

But thankfully we found a beautiful pair of black, leather boots for her (sorry no photo yet), which she just adored!  Buying a good pair of boots in our climate is really important, as you would need to wear them for half the year, if not more!  These new ones were a little pricey, but we are sure that she will get good wear out of them...her old pair lasted nearly three years!

Little Meg was next on our list and we spotted the ones we liked straight was easy to pick really, as they didn't have many to choose from.  We had it down to two pairs: one with a velcro fastening and one with a buckle.  Velcro won the day...I don't fancy struggling to fasten a shoe buckle on a wriggly baby!  Meg's shoes are just super sweet and she loved them so much she played with them all the way home!

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Our Family Is His said...

I like Meg's little shoes. They are so cute.