Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dylan's 4th Birthday!

The Birthday Boy, With His Big Sister...
...I Think Amy Was Just As Excited As He Was!

Dylan's First BIG Boy's Bike!

Yesterday, we celebrated Dylan's fourth birthday!  I cannot believe that four years have gone by so fast, it feels like just yesterday he was born!  Even though I love celebrating my children's birthdays and counting their milestones, it is so bittersweet!  If only we could keep them all as children forever...

Dyl With My Brother, 
Who Arrived The Day Before As A Surprise!

Dylan's Gift From Uncle Tom...Being Used As A Bicycle Helmet!

The evening before, I was up LATE preparing everything for the morning.  There was the cake to decorate, clothes to press, breakfast to prepare, decorations to put up and tonnes of other chores!  On Sunday nights, my husband takes his turn to do a sleepover at his mothers house, so Amy helped me organise some things before she went to bed. 

A Crop Sprayer...Organic Only Of Course! ;)

Dyl Enjoying His "Farmer-Boy" Birthday Breakfast,
With All Our Family!

So early the next morning, Dylan woke up and came in to me for a snuggle.  He was very excited when I reminded him that it was his birthday!  He had completely forgotten!  Amy then peeped around the door and also climbed in bed with us.  Within minutes, we heard Meg singing on the baby monitor...and so I was awake after what seemed like a tiny amount of sleep!

Homemade Apple Pie

 A "Build-A-Burger" Set

I asked the kids to make their beds and fix their bedrooms, while we waited for daddy.  Just as I opened my own curtains I spotted the car parked up outside!  He had woken early and hurried home, so as not to miss out on anything!  Dylan opened his cards and a few gifts from friends and family and just as he thought it was all over, daddy said that there might be another one somewhere else in the house...

Dylan's Farm Cake...
The Very First Birthday Cake I've Ever Made!

Dylan was very surprised to find a BIG BOYS bike hidden in the sitting room!  He was so excited!  For the next twenty minutes or so, he peddled it around the kitchen and rest of the house (one of the brilliant bonuses of a large home!)  After a few photos, I got breakfast on...


Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder, is Dylan's FAVOURITE book!   He loves reading a chapter most nights before bed...so we agreed to have Almanzo's Sunday morning breakfast, consisting of lots of pancakes with maple syrup, sausages (in the book they had sausage cakes) and apple pie.  We also served boiled eggs and some homemade banana-walnut bread.  It was a delicious breakfast and everyone was STUFFED!

Yum-Yum...Birthday Cake!


For the rest of the day we did only the necessary chores.  Amy and I did something special together while Brian and Dylan looked at the animals.  Then we all played with Dylan's farm equipment...the battery operated wind turbine that my parents gave him is really cool!  Now Dylan can provide his own farm with electricity! 

At dinner time, my kind and generous hubby brought us all pizza from a very nice place in town!  Hooray...and because I didn't have to cook, clean up was quick and easy!  After dinner we had yummy birthday cake!  I have never made a birthday cake before and my sponge cakes ALWAYS sink in the middle!  It did sink slightly, but thankfully it didn't matter, as you couldn't really tell once the frosting was on it!  ;)

While I bathed Meg and put her to bed, Brian and Dylan drove Amy to a home schooled friends house for the evening.  They were a long time, and by the time they arrived home, Dylan was practically walking into walls he was so tired!  We popped him to bed and he said that he had, had "The BEST birthday EVER!" :)   

Clapping Hands...Completely Covered In Green Icing!

Happy 4th Birthday Our Sweet Boy!


sarah in the woods said...

Happy birthday, Dylan! Cute cake!

Anonymous said...

Farmer Boy is our favorite of the books. My 4 sons and 2 daughters enjoyed it. I think it was set in New York. The cake looked great! -Taryn

Nicole said...

You did a great job on the cake! I love it :) Looks like "The BEST birthday EVER!"
Happy Birthday, Dylan!

Anonymous said...

Compliments on that birthday cake! Looks great!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Dylan!! Yay! =)

Fantastic job on that birthday cake ~ I bet your son was tickled! It looks wonderful!

We love all the "Little House" books. My hubby read "Farmer Boy" to our children a few years ago for bedtime.

Also, love that build-a-burger set!! Fun! Did you make it?! I purchased a bunch of colored felt on sale last year in hopes to make some fun food shapes for our kiddos. Haven't done any yet though! These pictures provide some motivation for me, though!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! You guys really went all out. How fun! "Farmer Boy" is Josiah's favorite book, too. In fact, Hailey wants a "Little House on the Prairie" theme for her birthday next year. Your cake turned out adorable. Great job!

Sarah said...

Thank you kind ladies who complimented my cake baking skills! You wouldn't be so impressed if you could see how much my sponge sank...but I'll take your compliments and run with them anyway! ;)

Dylan did have a GREAT day...though he was so excited now we are on what I call "birthday comedown"!

Katie ~ I did make the build-a-burger set...I'm not a great seanstress, so I just backstitched them by hand...but Dylan liked it anyway!

Sarah said...