Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Will Sing Praise To Thy Name!

I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy 

name, O thou most High. ~ Psalms 9:2

This week, much to the relief our our fellow church members, we received our first family hymnal!  Our family don't know many hymn's...this is something that we have been seeking to rectify.  Of course both Brian and I remember some from our childhoods; but even so, we want to sing praise day and night, solo and together, in the car and in the shower...a hard thing to do when you only know a couple of children's hymns!

We ordered our hymnal and its accompanying "music edition" from Amazon at a very good price.  Immediately Amy and I went through it, trying to find some of our favourites from church.  Amy was so great at spotting them and remembering how the melody went also! 

Just yesterday I finally cleaned off our whiteboard, ready to write a hymn out for us to learn, plus our weekly memory verse.  I can't wait to know lots of them all by of my favourites is the classic "How Great Thou Art!  What a beautiful hymn!

Do you have any favourite hymn's in your home?  

My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing unto thee; and my soul, 
which thou hast redeemed. ~ Psalms 71:23


sarah in the woods said...

An excellent idea. My favorite hymn is Come Thou Fount.

Megan said...

Be Thou My Vision has always been my favourite, I sing it everywhere.

Nicole said...

As a Family I think right now (and I say that because it changes everytime we learn more new hyms), our fav. right now is "Saved by the Blood of the Crucified One"....but my BOYS favorite Hymn that they sing ALL....THE....TIME is "Hold the Fort". I just said today that I need to get a video of them singing it and post it on my blog :)
Well, enjoy your new book!
Great verses!

Taryn said...

I just went through the Abeka Books hymnal and circled my favorites in the index. My children would say that In the Garden was a family favorite. That's because I would sing it and replace the "me" in the chorus with a child's name-starting with the oldest. I didn't sing the third verse for some reason. I like the last verse of Amazing Grace. It was taken from the novel,Uncle Tom's Cabin,and added to the song in the 1800s. My granddaughters and I are enjoying, Jesus Loves Me this I know for the BIBLE tells me so. I let them sing the word Bible without me singing it and they sing it a little louder than the rest of the song. The story behind It is Well with my Soul is interesting. Psalm 69:30KJ

lisa said...

Our favorite hymns are the old ones...all the classics. Our children have memorized many of them. And we studied the life of Fanny Crosby in September and October, so the hymns she wrote are definitely favorites as well.
Have a blessed day,

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" and "What a Friend we have in Jesus".

Be Thou my Vision is also wonderful.

Have a blessed week!

Rachel said...

Ooo, Sarah, where do I start?!

- My Song is Love Unknown
- Come Down O Love Divine
- Jesus Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
- One There is Above All Others
- When Peace Like a River
- Tell Out My Soul
- And Can it be?

There are so many wonderful hymns and christian songs out there though, I would also recommend a hymnbook called "Christian Hymns" published by the Evangelical Movement of Wales, though you've probably got more than enough to be getting on with!