Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Irish Couples And Indian Surrogacy...

Just the other day on our way to church, my husband told me of a disturbing news story he heard on the radio while at work.  It was reported, that some barren Irish couples (or homosexuals) are now travelling to India, to have children via an Indian surrogate mother.  The Irish couple who were interviewed on the radio, complained about living in such a "backward" country such as Ireland, where they felt people should be able to avail of surrogacy, without having to travel to India to buy have their child via a surrogate. 

The following is the subsequent news report that ran in the Irish Times just today (my highlights underlined)- (for the full article please click here):

JASON AND ROSS, a gay couple from Dublin in their 30s, are busy packing their bags with nappies, baby wipes, and toddlers’ clothes. “I suppose this isn’t your everyday pregnancy,” says Ross, with more than a hint of understatement.

They’re on their way to catch a plane to India. In a few hours, they’ll see their new-born twins for the first time – a baby boy, Nicholas, and baby girl, Alexis. Their birth is part of a growing trend of using surrogate mothers to carry children for couples who can’t have a child due to fertility problems or, as in Jason and Ross’s case, the lack of a partner of the opposite sex.

Nicholas and Alexis’s birth was was made possible through the involvement of four different parties: the egg of a Canadian donor was fertilised with sperm of Jason and Ross; the resulting embryo was then transferred to an Indian surrogate mother. In addition, two different organisations in the US and India facilitated the egg donation and surrogacy process.

In building their family, Jason and Ross are at the forefront of a reproductive revolution which is re-shaping our definition of the human family.

In Ireland, there is no law governing surrogacy. The Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction concluded in 2005 that surrogacy should be permitted, subject to regulation, but nothing has been done about this.  As a result, would-be parents in search of surrogate mothers are going abroad to countries such as the US, India or the Ukraine, where there are well-defined legal frameworks. There are no official figures for surrogate children in Ireland, although passport authorities here are aware of at least 35 children over the past 18 months.

Surrogacy is proving a vital source of hope for childless, would-be parents. But the emerging commercial market for surrogate babies is also raising unsettling ethical questions. In stark contrast with adoption – which requires a thorough and often painfully slow vetting process – anyone can enter into a surrogacy arrangement abroad, whether they are suitable parents or not.

Finding a surrogate mother was another challenging step. The cost of surrogacy in the US was prohibitive – all in, it was likely to cost them around €100,000. So, they looked to India. After searching around, they opted for a centre in Delhi which was recommended by other Irish parents who had used it. It would also cost far less – somewhere in the region of euro20,000. The surrogate mother would receive around €4,000 and would carry eggs by the Canadian mother, fertilised with Jason and Ross’s sperm

SURROGACY, HOWEVER, is increasingly under fire on a number of fronts. Many religious groups are opposed to the process. But a wider source of unease is the commercialisation of surrogacy. While it’s illegal in many countries, such as the UK, to pay for surrogacy, the industry in India is estimated to be worth up to €2 billion.  Sometimes, surrogate mothers – often poor – find themselves as pawns in a lucrative arrangement between agents and relatively wealthy foreign couples. Contact between the contracting couples and the surrogate mother is generally discouraged and sometimes banned, so they have no real way of monitoring the process.

Surrogacy in numbers

  • 2 billion The estimated worth in euro of the surrogacy industry in India next year.
  • 35 The number of surrogate children born for Irish parents that authorities know about.
  • 20,000 The typical overall cost of surrogacy in India, in euro.
  • 85,000 The typical overall cost of surrogacy in the US, in euro.
  • 4,000 The typical payment to a Indian surrogate for carrying a baby, in euro.
  • 25,000 The typical payment to a US surrogate for carrying a baby, in euro.
  • The surrogate child: no nationality, no passport, no legal parent.
INSIDE THE bubble of their spacious family home in Glasthule, everything seems well with the world.

One-year-old Robyn Maye-Coffey is cooing and laughing in the next room. Her parents are warmly recalling her christening and first birthday party. The photos around the kitchen, meanwhile, capture her transformation from a tiny 3lb tot to a wispy-haired, bright-eyed girl.

But outside the bubble of their home, it’s a different story. Officially, Robyn has no legally recognised parent or guardian. She has no nationality or passport. She cannot leave the country or enter another one. And she is caught in this bizarre twilight world because she was born to Irish parents by a surrogate mother in India.

“As long as we don’t leave this house, it doesn’t really affect us. You can almost forget about everything,” says Mike Coffey. “But that can’t go on forever. She needs an operation on one of her eyes. But we can’t sign the legal documents as parents. Under Irish law, she’s nobody.

“We’ve been told we need to go to the High Court to sort this out. That is hugely expensive. And we’re told legislation will be put in place to regulate this, but that could take another 20 years.

When Robyn was born in September 2010, it felt like a miracle. Coffey and his partner, Catherine Maye, had been trying to have a child for years. But after numerous miscarriages and failed IVF attempts both here and in Spain, Ukraine and South Africa, they had run out out of options.

By now they were both in their mid-40s. Adoption, they felt, wasn’t a viable option. But when a doctor suggested surrogacy, they decided to give it a try.

A "reproductive revolution which is re-shaping our definition of the human family", this disgusts me.  I cannot believe that some people would turn to such measures, to fulfill their own selfish wants. Please do not send me comments telling me I "don't understand"; I have gone through periods of infertility before, and I do understand how hard it can be. But God is the one who opens and closes the womb, it is not for us to "fix".    When considering the second example of "parents" in the article above, perhaps God has closed the woman's womb because the couple have chosen to commit fornication for years?  And the first example given is so abhorrent to me that I will not discuss it; suffice to say that two perverts who have chosen such a lifestyle, should not be allowed to adopt/foster or otherwise have children placed in their care

It is beyond comprehension, that couples are either so ignorant or completely uncaring about the fact that many babies are killed during each IVF cycle.  Many people who choose IVF or IVF via a surrogate know this information, but still choose to go ahead to have the baby that God never intended for them to have.  Any God fearing Christian, should be appalled and disgusted by this.


Jessi said...

Yes, it is so sad that so many baby's are destroyed from IVF. People have no regard for human life anymore. It also is stupid that homosexuals talk about them going through infertility. Really? They are not infertile, most likely they could have children no problem if their partner was of the opposite sex. It is NOT infertility, they just don't have enough common sense to know men marry women and women marry men. God NEVER intended that children go to people like that! I feel so sorry for the poor children that go to these sick "couples".

Jessi said...

To the person who left a nasty comment letting me know embryo's come from IVF. Yes I know quite well where they come from. I also know much more than you on the subject, that is apparent. If you read my comment I stated that many babies are destroyed in IVF. I believe embryos are lives and they should be treated as such. Embryo donation/adoption is giving life to some of the embryo's that are here from careless people. Without embryo adoption these lives would be frozen for ever and/or destroyed. By adopting embryos I am saving some of these precious lives, and will raise them in a Christian home, and they will hopefully serve the lord with their life. So I do think embryo adoption/donation is a very good thing. I do not approve of IVF, but people have already made the mistake and now these babies need parents. Yes the world would be a better place without IVF and I would have to do a different type of adoption, but the fact is IVF does exist and and these embryos do need parents because theirs don't want them, or can't carry them. People know very well that 10, 15, or 20 embryo's will result of their IVF cycle. They only plan on having one or two children and still proceed with IVF. Most people will destroy the remaining embryos. I am happy that even know what these people do is wrong, they at least are decent enough to donate them instead of killing them. So no, receiving donated embryos is not the same as doing a IVF cycle and killing most the embryos. So I think you are the one who doesn't understand what you are talking about. I am sure Sarah doesn't think I am vile and horrible. I also don't care what you think of me. I will associate with whoever I want and it is none of your business.

Lilli said...

"suffice to say that two perverts who have chosen such a lifestyle, should not be allowed to adopt/foster or otherwise have children placed in their care"

You're absolutely right. Perverts and people who harm children should not be allowed to have children. So you'd better turn your children in right now Sarah, you're irreparably harming your children with your hateful, bigoted lies and your sub-par homeschooling. You're a sex-obsessed pervert and a hateful monster and a creature so full of hate should not be allowed to have children!

Anonymous said...

Many of the woman in India are forced by their husbands to be surrogates. These woman don't get the money-their husbands do. This is the same with organ donation. When a surrogate woman in India gives birth, the child is immediately taken outside the hospital to show the woman's husband that the baby is not one of their children. The woman is not allowed to look at the child. I saw a special on tv where it showed a surrogate woman giving birth and she told the doctors she could feel everything but they decided to continue. Also, reduction(killing a third child if a boy and girl are desired and three children have been conceived) is a big part of surrogacy. I always wonder if reduction has happened when I hear that famous couples have twins.-Taryn

Olive said...

I am really honestly curious....What are your feelings/beliefs on the following? If children are a blessing, but IVF and homosexuality is wrong then why are children born to homosexuals and individuals that participate in IVF? I don't think they aren't still a blessing....so I am wondering what your take is. Thanks, M.

Anonymous said...

All children are a blessing. The Creator of the King James Bible has set in place natural laws. That's why children are born to drug addicts,alcoholics(fetal alcohol syndrome),etc. We live in a fallen world. I pray for abortion(and reduction) to be abolished. I believe that fornication/adultery/ divorce and remarriage are wrong. I don't think that those who are in adulterous marriages(where a former spouse is living) or those involved in unrepentant fornication and adultery should judge homosexuality and I believe that is exactly what Jesus was speaking of when he said to not judge others. Sarah, I thought I would answer that last comment since I had a few minutes.-Taryn

Chelle said...

I think playing God is a bad thing. I was told I would never have my last two children That if I wanted anymore I would have to have invetro. I would not do that if He wanted me ti have anymore babies He would make it possible naturally. God did heal me and they are my blessings today. Also if you choose to have a life with a partner of the same sex you should not have the privalge of having children.

Sarah said...

Jessi ~ Thank you for your comment! :)

Lilli ~ I'm so glad that you pointed out how hateful and bigoted I am...it really took the focus off the awful things YOU wrote! Phew!

Ha, Taryn you pipped me to the post on this one. Thank you! ...I've been busy putting up the Christmas decorations with my kids today!

Olive ~ (apologies if some of my answer is repetative, as my views on this question, are much the same as Taryns)

Often people who sucessfully conceive with IVF, suppose that it WAS Gods will. But there are many instances were people sin, and a child is conceived (adultery and fornication).

God has already established the laws of this universe. This is why even when a man and a woman are living in open sin, they may still conceive and bear a child/children. But this does NOT mean that God condones their actions.

ALL children are a blessing; the child of course, had no part in the sin of the parents, and is just as loved by God as any child.

Chelle ~ Amen! It is up to God to heal our bodies and/or open our wombs to His blessings! Praise Him for our beautiful children! :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that the delivery I saw on tv with the surrogate from India who felt pain and the doctors continued anyway-it was a caesarean birth.- Taryn

Olive said...

Ok, So sinners can still be given blessing by God...but they are wrong and will go to hell. I really am honestly trying to understand. If God controls the womb then God would not give blessings to individuals who did not deserve them. I am not saying you are wrong. I am just honestly trying to figure it out.

Sarah said...

Olive ~ Its pretty much the same that I already said...God has already set the laws of the universe; when a man and a woman come together, it is probable that they will conceive, even when living in open sin.

All children are a blessing from God...though this does not mean that God condones their sin; its simply the way God has designed these things to work!

I hope this helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew 5:45KJ-"...for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust." -Taryn

Anonymous said...

These couples are so selfish! They seem to see pregnancy and birth just as a mechanical process with the surrogate mother as some kind of "birthing machine". But what if these mothers develop feelings towards the children they nurtured and carried in their wombs for nine months? Feelings they did not expect when signing the contract? What if they decide they want to keep the baby rather than the money? Are they then forced to abandon it by those oh so loving and understanding couples?

And let us not forget about the child itself: Won't it be confused about who his/her parents really are?

Kerri said...

I know I'm a little late coming to this conversation but I just had to share a verse that I think makes all the difference on topics like these. In the King James Bible Psalms 127:3 "Lo,children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward." DID YOU SEE THAT??? It says HIS REWARD!!! (yes, I'm yelling, this is huge!)HIS reward! NOT "A" reward but HIS reward! As in GOD'S reward! Wow! The first time I read this verse with this understanding I almost cried. Do any of us think God would reward us with a human life? Let alone the drug dealers, prostitutes, child molesters...These children are HIS reward. Now if that doesn't make you want to read only the KJV I don't know what will. Changing "His" to "A" makes a huge difference in the meaning of the verse!

Jessie-Bessie said...

For some of us IVF may be the only way we can have children....I'm fully against embryos being destroyed- but how many do you know are actually destroyed? A lot died naturally- just like a very early miscarriage which can often be mistaken for a late period.

If your against IVF that's fine, but just remember that may be someone'd only chance to have a child.....

Anonymous said...

This is child trafficking and it's disgusting. It's more prevalent than ever!
I am horrified the gay men can claim to be to be oppressed but then go on to oppress a poor third world woman! The gay men's movement is the most self indulgent of all.

Anonymous said...

Oh and thanks to international surrogacy pedophiles can just buy babies and if anyone bats an eye then it's "discrimination" against gay people. So upsetting! There was a recent case of just that happening - the case of Truong and Newton.