Monday, November 28, 2011

Name The Calf - Competition!

Still Being Cleaned By Mammy!

Yes, just two days ago, our labouring cow has finally delivered our newest baby calf!  She certainly took her time;  labouring for the past week!  I had yet to see a calf being born, despite living on a farm for the last few years!  But today I managed to see some of the labour, and even get a few photographs too!  If you are easily grossed out then you might want to skip the next photograph!  Ha!


The new calf is huge!  Normally our calves aren't so big, but this guy is a cross between an Aberdeen Angus and a Charolais!  Not surprisingly, it is a boy also...they usually are!


Normally we name all our cows that are born on our farm.  We have had some funny ones over the years: Tarzan, Alan, Buttercup, Peanut, Socks, Ferrari, Cupid, Pepperoni, Jim-Bob, to name but a few!   But as for this guy, we are completely stuck for a we had an idea:



We are going to let one of you decide!  Please leave your name suggestion in a comment, and sometime over the next few days, we will draw a name out of a hat!  If your children want to get involved too, then please leave all their suggestions in a comment also!  We can't wait to see what you can come up with!


Nicole said...

Brandon votes: Cocoa

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is Bunyan. The size made that an easy suggestion.

My older son's suggestion (he's 6) is Lego. Yeah, if you knew his passion, that wouldn't surprise you. Hehehe.

My younger son's suggestion (he's 3) is Pitty (how he says pretty).

Yeah, well, there you go.

char said...

That last photo makes him look like a little lamb-lambiepie! ☺

Chelle said...

I think it is so cute. I think you should name it Vanilla. He has such creamy color. Connor (6) thinks his name should be mario. Kari(4) Says Oreo. The others aren't here at the moment. It is so fun to do these things. Happy Naming.

Nikki said...

Can we say adorable?
Salinn-Half and Half
Amos-Curious George

Erin said...

What a great idea! My 4 yr. old says, "Isaac." And the 9 yr. old, almost 7 yr. old, and myself like the Hebrew translation for calf, which is Egel. We also really like the Irish translation for calf, which is: Irish: lao, Pronunciation: lee.
We found a couple of great sites where we can translate different words into many languages. Thanks!

Sarah said...

"Charlie" has been entered also, on behalf of my mother. Ha! There you go mum! :)

Wow! Such lovely names! Our family are really enjoying hearing all your suggestions! This new calf, is surely going to have the best name EVER!

Nicole said...

Jada likes: Duke

Brynn likes: Alex

Bailey likes: Chully

Zsuzsanna said...

I can't believe Jim-Bob has been taken, already! If you named this little guy that, he'd probably produce a lot of offspring for you...

How about, King James? He seems so regal ;)

lisa said...

The last photo of the calf looks like he has frost on his head. So...."Frosty" seems fitting. :)

Anonymous said...

I like Charlie because our second son is Charles-Michael but I'm going to suggest-Toby(Tobiah). It means-God is good. -Taryn