Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh No, Not Another "Hate Group"!

This topic has been on my mind a little over recent weeks!  I guess you could say, that I have just gotten so fed up with the truly ignorant comments, people like to leave over the internet. Over the last while, a lovely anonymous commenter left these comments on my blog:

Anonymous said...

Ma'am, I'm aware that you don't live in the United States, so you probably don't know this, but Pastor ********** church has been classified as a hate group and is on a watch list of possible domestic terrorists.

I don't think you realize how this comes off: this is like posting a video that Osama bin Laden made and saying that you totally agree with it.

You're free to have your own opinions, but please, form them without input from terrorists.

Anonymous said...

In that case, I severely misjudged you. I did not think you'd be the type to support terrorists. And the ************** Church is basically an American version of the Taliban. There's much documentation on it if you Google it- the Southern Poverty Law Center is a good place to start (this is an American organization that tracks hate groups and domestic terrorist organizations).

But hey, no one's stopping you if you want to live under these kinds of laws. I hear Saudi Arabia is quite nice this time of year.

Anonymous said...
I see you didn't heed my warning during the summer and are still listening to the American Osama bin Laden. Mark my words, this lunatic is going to end up on the news after he or someone from his congregation carries out a domestic terrorist attack. I would stake my life on it.

To be perfectly honest I published the first one, because I felt the person was trying to be kind, though perhaps in a misguided sort of way.  I also thought it was very cool to be addressed as "Ma'am", something we don't get a lot of in Europe!  The subsequent "warnings" only made the commenter look stupid, by leaving such comments.  While I do appreciate someone genuinely trying to advise in love, I do not appreciate ugly comments.

A hate group for those of you who are interested is defined as: a group who promotes prejudicial behaviour.

Hmmm...perhaps we could label the Atheist associations around the world as a hate group?  Or what about abortion clinics, homosexual support groups or others which hate God, Christianity, Christians and almost everything we stand for?

I'm sorry to burst the bubble, but God does hate some people, even though He has loved every person at some point.  We as Christians, are commanded to hate those who hate God, and others whom He has rejected and bring everyone else to Christ.  The SLPC would label every church that truly preached Gods word a "hate group". 

So, please if you are ever tempted to send me comments like the ones above; please don't, because it will only waste my time in having to click "delete".

Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, 
rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.  
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers,
having itching ears;  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth,
and shall be turned unto fables.
~ 2 Timothy 4:2-4


Nicole said...

Perfect verse at the end there. It's true though...if you are preaching God's Word you are a "hate group". The World HATES God's Word...the world HATES righteousness and the thing of the Lord. The world hated our Saviour. So keep the faith! It's all worth it in the end :)

Sacha said...

I'm rather curious. A hate group is a group which promotes prejudicial behavior, such as the church in question which openly spreads hateful lies about all homosexuals being child molesters and actively encourages its members to pray for (i.e. contribute to) the deaths of people who the group dislike. One member of this church tried to bring a hand gun and an AR-15 rifle to an event that President Obama was speaking at and then later stated that he wants Obama to die, a sentiment which has been re-inforced by his pastor.

So, how are atheist groups and pro-homosexual groups hate groups? I've never once seen an atheist organization or a pro-homosexual organization encourage its members to murder people who disagree with the group or spread unfounded accusations about opposing groups.

Sarah said...

Sacha ~ I see you left out abortion clinics out of your "encourage its members to murder people" argument. Very telling...

I think you might find that MOST people would pray for the death of someone whom they considered evil; Adolf Hitler for example.

Some people who hold positions of power in our modern governments, are just as evil. It is not wrong to righteously ask God to strike them down, if it is His will.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment Nicole! :)

Wiola said...

Sarah, do you hate the weeds in my garden? No, I think you do not. How could you hate the weeds in my garden? Why would you even think of the weeds in my garden? How would you know there are weeds in my garden? You have never seen my garden or been in my garden. I think the last thing on your mind, are the weeds in my garden.

I mean, how can a person develop love or hate towards something this person doesn't even know about? Here I am. An atheist. I don't know about God. I can't hate God, more than you can hate the weeds in my garden.

Sarah said...

Wiola ~ Even Atheists have a knowledge of God.

Sacha ~ I almost published your "rant", about all the evil people you know...but then I remembered it was MY blog, and I simply deleted it! :)

Anonymous said...


This is my first comment. I follow your blog because I believe you are a strong woman of God and I enjoy hearing about the lifestyle your family leads. I am serious when I ask this: has your family ever considered moving to the US to belong to, attend service and soul-win with the church you are writing about? When I ask this, I have no idea of what it involves making a move like that so thank you if you do answer!


Sarah said...

Hailey ~ Wow, thank you what a lovely comment!

Ha! My husband and I have often joked about doing just that! Sometimes we get disheartened here in Ireland, and would LOVE the chance to live amongst some truly like-minded Christians, who love God as we do!

...But in reality, I do not think we could/would move country at this time. But you just never know... ;)

Thanks again for your kind comment!