Thursday, December 15, 2011

Government Backtracking On Abortion Issue?

Just last year I published this post on the issue of  "A, B and C vs Ireland" at the European Court of Human Rights.  Just a few days later I also published the findings of that hearing.  Since then pro-abortion lobbyists have badgered, our now coalition government, to legislate abortion in our country.  Even though the ECHR stated that they respected Ireland's rights to set its own laws on this issue.  That's right, there was no action necessary!  Here is where we are now at:

The Government yesterday announced its intention to establish the expert group on abortion in the next few weeks. It will be a 14-member group and is being put in place as a response to last year’s ruling on abortion from the European Court of Human Rights. The make-up of the expert group will be critical in deciding whether or not abortion legislation is introduced. The Government has said that the group will be in place by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

As you just read, the Irish government is currently putting together an "expert group", comprised of fourteen members who will decided whether or not Ireland will legalise abortion.  The fate of thousands, perhaps millions of babies will now be placed in the hands of these "experts".  This saddens me so much.  In previous years our governments have held public referendums on this issue, and allowed the people to vote.  The Irish people have thus far voted "no" in overwhelming numbers.

By avoiding a public referendum, we perhaps are beginning to see evidence of this legislature being stealthily pushed through.  Our media is also attempting to sway public opinion by the means of extremely biased news articles. 

Yesterday I received a link from the "Pro-Life Campaign Ireland", to the following news article that ran in today's Irish Examiner.  It saddens me to read the depths to which the media will sink, in their attempt to sway public opinion, and push their pro-murder agenda.  (See full article here)

...NOW, of course there exists a vocal contingent that doesn’t want the minister to do that. Those on the pro-life side of this debate find it abhorrent that such legislation, enshrining in statute a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy right here in Ireland, would be introduced. To those people I say, tough. European law takes supremacy over domestic law and the ruling of the ECHR is binding. Although, there’s no legal compunction to like it.

Meanwhile, proving the law really is an ass, the advent of the internet means that many women, instead of opting for expensive travel to Britain, are simply going online to buy an abortion pill which they then have delivered to their homes. In 2009, the Irish Medicines Board reported that it seized 1,216 such pills in 60 separate consignments — 52 addressed to women and, in a sinister development, 12 addressed to men. As the recession continues to bite, an increasing number of women are likely to simply opt to induce their own abortion at home, and pay €70 online, instead of travelling abroad at an average cost of €1,200.

Furthermore, recent surveys have also found the electorate’s attitude to abortion is changing with three-quarters now favouring a relaxation of our restrictive laws and more than 50% of GPs believing abortion should be available to any woman who wants it.

So, while the minister’s talking shop will likely have some very worthy debates, and maybe he’ll even surprise the cynics by introducing the appropriate legislation at some distant point in the future, it is the anachronistic ban on abortion in this country that remains the real problem...

Due to the cold way in which the writer of the above article deals with abortion, I'm assuming that she has ever seen what an aborted baby actually looks like.  I wish I could show her.  I fail to see how she deems it a "woman's right" to be allowed to murder her baby within her own country.  Her response toward the people who work hard to protect innocent lives, is that it is simply "tough" angered me.  Obviously a person of  such moral standing, is unwilling to offer us more heartfelt reasoning when talking about the potential killing of a precious child.  If like me you took issue, that the editor of this newspaper allowed such a biased and inaccurate story to run, then please feel free to leave a response:

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Thank you for being the voice of the unborn who cannot speak for themselves, Sarah!! Praying for the unborn of Ireland and everywhere!

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Thanks for being the voice of the unborn in Ireland, Sarah!