Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth

Recently I shared an news article on my facebook account, that featured a photograph of an aborted baby.  Some people were offended and upset by this.  I was contacted in love, by an old friend, who kindly asked me to not post anything else about abortion, as it was upsetting many of my childhood friends.  Although I understand why this person felt the need to contact me, I cannot, and will not stop highlighting this issue.

You may think "I cannot believe Sarah, posting these awful and horrible photos, she has really gone one step too far this time"  But wait a minute...I didn't take this picture, nor was I the doctor who did this.  Why are you angry or upset at me?  Is the dead baby in the photograph awful and horrible?  No, it is the act of abortion that is awful and horrible.

When faced with a photograph or news article such as this, it forces us to admit to ourselves the ugly realities of abortion; the ones we don't want to know about, and especially, the ones we do not want to see.  The fact is, abortion kills babies.  The truth is, is that you should be upset by seeing images like these.  But don't waste your tears on a photo.  Cry for the thousands of children who this happens to, daily around the world. 
I am not judging women who have made a terrible decision, such as abortion in the past.  It is up to us, to believe on Christ and receive forgiveness for this.  But pretending that abortion doesn't kill babies, to help yourself deal with the guilt of a past abortion is selfish.  You owe it to your child's taken life, to acknowledge that he/she existed, and was a precious eternal soul. 

Putting our heads in the sand, will not help us assuage feelings of past guilt or shame.  Looking away will not change this baby's fate, nor the fate of any others.  Deleting me from your "friends" list will not erase the image of the dead baby from your mind.  We must acknowledge the ugly truth, and be a part of stopping it.  If something is too horrible to look at, then it is too horrible to be happening.

In summary, I hope that this post has been helpful to those who were offended, those who wondered why I would publish these posts and even those who are struggling with the guilt of abortion.  I will not be offended if anyone deletes me from their facebook account; but I shall be disappointed, that you would rather look away, than face the truth and choose to help other children avoid this same fate.


Nicole said...

Wow Sarah! That was sooooo amazing written! Perfect and absolute truth and perfectly worded. I just loved the entire post. As I was reading I kept saying "WOW, That's good"!!! SO TRUE!

Anonymous said...

But according to the Bible, killing a fetus isn't murder. If a person attacks a pregnant woman and causes her to miscarry, the penalty is a fine which is decided by a judge and that's only if the father demands payment. However, if the woman herself is killed, the Bible demands "a life for a life" and the assailant must be put to death. Exodus 21:22-25. If killing a fetus is murder, then why doesn't the Bible demand that someone who causes the death of a fetus receive the penalty for murder?

Anonymous said...

I understand being upset at that picture if you didn't know you were going to a link about abortion and saw those pictures. I am very visual and have to really protect myself from things I see as they stick with me a very long time.

However, to be upset about it when you knew what the topic was, no way. You don't click on it if you don't agree or want to see it.

AND, to ask you to stop posting about the topic period, odd. I get that people want to hide their heads in the sand and either pretend it doesn't happen, isn't as bad as it really is, or that what they did wasn't horrible, but that doesn't make any of those reality. We can receive forgiveness through Christ. So if it's hard to see it because you actually had an abortion, come to Christ. He will forgive and cleanse you. If it's that you want to live in denial, that's a sad place to be and often that's why these horrible atrocities continue.

Keep spreading the word that abortion kills babies, real babies. It ends their lives. It stops their heart beats. It kills them. That's a fact and it should not be sugar coated because some people don't want to hear about it.

Sarah said...

Nicole ~ Thank you!

Anon ~ Copying and pasting your comment (that was answered by Taryn) from Zsuzsanna's blog, is just plain lazy.

Our Family Is His ~ In fairness I gave no prior warning and the picture was visible without having to follow a link.

I can certainly understand anyone being upset by seeing a picture of a dead baby. In fact I would be amazed if someone didn't! I also get very upset...but sometimes it's just plain necessary, to educate people.