Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas 2011...

Yummy Christmas Cookies!

My Honey And Me!

Wow, what a wonderful Christmas time!  Our first being the proud parents of three children!  We had so much fun!  We have enjoyed chomping our way through mountains of cookies, playing board games, constructing play sets and Lego, reading new stories, learning about new technology and a host of other exciting stuff!  ...Hence the lack of blogging!

As you might remember from this post, my husband and I were convicted about not doing "santa" this year or any other.  I'm pleased to report that despite this blatant parental abuse, our children did not spontaneously combust or revolt;  in actual fact they were joyful, happy and thankful for their gifts...crazy huh?  Who'd have thunk it!  :)  We hope you enjoy our Christmas photographs!

Sleepy Girl With Her New Dolly!

Our Gorgeous Boy!

Amy's iPod...She Was VERY Happy!

Crazy Guy!

He Was Speechless For About Two Full Minutes!!!

    Cool Board Games!

    Off To Do Some Work!

    Cheeky Miss Meg!

    Dyl's Lego Pig-Farm

    Happy Chappie!

    Our Whole Family Can't Get Enough Of...
    "Angry Birds"!!!

    We Hope You All Had A Wonderful Christmas!


    Chelle said...

    Glad you had a nice Christmas. I was watching the Duggars on our computer and they came to Ireland. Your country is a beautiful place. Your children are so cute. Your little one has grown so much. Don't worry about "santa". We never have had santa or any decor of any anywhere in our home. We taught our children from the begining that he was fake. They have never suffered from it.

    Anonymous said...

    I love the photo of you and your husband. What a lovely couple you are! I do not know how I feel about giving gifts on Christmas. We already have the *best* gift ever in the form of Jesus Christ! How do you explain the gifts in terms of Christ's birth? I do not like Santa!!! I'm just curious. Your children are beautiful, Meg is so cute and Amy always sounds so humble and appreciative. I love Dylan's mini-John Deere! How perfect! Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Is it very cold over in Ireland right now?


    Sarah said...

    Hailey ~ I apologise for my delay in responding! For some crazy reason I thought I had already replied!

    In relation to why we still "do" Christmas gifts:

    Though our family wishes to keep the focus, on the wonderful gift of salvation the Lord has given us, giving to others is a natural expression of that gratitude. The key is our focus; is it on Christ or the gift? Our family will continue to give gifts to one another at this time of year, simply because we do not feel it is unbiblical, or against God to do so. Hope that helps! :)

    As for the weather here in Ireland, it is actually not very cold at the moment. It is (so I have heard) one of the mildest Winters for many years?!

    Thank you for your kind words! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year also!

    Sarah said...

    I actually just wanted to mention in relation to the above, that we did become convicted that "santa" was unbiblical and was acting against God and that is why we ditched him! :)