Monday, December 19, 2011

Pre-Christmas Catch Up!

Musical Meg!

God is so good!  Wow, December has been an awesome month so far!  Here are some of the things that have been happening, plus a few long awaited photographs of my adorable kiddies...though admittedly most of them are of camera lover Meg!

  • As of today the O'Neill Family Homeschool are now on our Christmas holidays!  I had pictured in my mind of having a long peaceful sleep, followed by a more relaxed pace morning routine...didn't really happen like that at all!  Last night we were woken at 3:30am by the phone ringing.  My dad had heard a labouring cow bawling and so had gone out to see what the commotion was.  She had birthed her calf through the night, but the poor little guy had rolled out under the fence, and was now lying in the lane half frozen to death!  He must have been there a while as he couldn't stand and he even had a cold tongue.  Brian was very worried!  I stayed in bed for a while longer, but Brian and my dad loaded the calf into the back of the truck and took both mother and calf to the warm shed.  Brian then proceeded to milk the cow into a bottle (despite her best efforts to kick him away) and managed to get the calf to drink it.  The calf seemed immediately revived and by this morning he is standing up.  If he had been found even half an hour later, he certainly would have died...we are calling him our Christmas miracle!

Amy Finishing Up Her School!

  • Another amazing event of today, is that my parents have gotten themselves a cat!  Anyone who knows them will be amazed at this, as my dad HATES cats!  But given their annual mouse problem, they decided it would be best to keep a cat about the place.  So, "Mog" now sleeps in their shed and will hopefully prove to be a good mouser!

Sleepy Head!

  • My hardworking husband recently upgraded his pick-up truck.  The one he had was very old, rattled somewhat, and was only two-wheel-drive (no good on our farm, or indeed driving to work in bad weather).  So we decided that the time was right for him to upgrade!  Due to certain "miracles" we are absolutely certain that God's hand was upon this project!  Such a blessing for our family!
    Dylan Working On Amy's Congratulations Card!
    • A wonderfully kind fellow blogger, recently sent us handmade gift, for our sweet Meg's upcoming 1st birthday!  Our family feels so humbled by such  kindness and generosity!  Thank you again! :)   
      • The cloth nappies are going brilliantly.  Although there have been a few leaks, when I have forgotten to change them more regularly than disposables...oops!  A little while ago, my mother bought me a lovely lambswool jumper/sweater from a thrift store...which I then accidentally shrunk in the wash!  So this week I purposefully felted it in the wash, and cut it into boosters for Meg's sleep time nappies!  I'm happy to report that they work well!  Waste not, want not! :)   
        Catching The Breeze!

        • We have a wonderful surprise in progress for our family at the moment!  Which we should be able to reveal sometime after Christmas.  No it's not a baby!  Watch this space! :)

          • Yes, as I've already mentioned Meg's birthday is indeed approaching!  I cannot believe that her first year has gone by so fast!  At this stage I actually have nothing at all planned for her gifts or cake...but by the end of this week, I hope to have everything organised and planned!  At the time of Dylan's birthday, I decided that I would like to bake all of our childrens future birthday I will need to think up something girly but very easy to make.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 
             Meg Helping With Laundry!

            • Our family are planning to take the gospel this coming week (along with some yummy cookies), to the people who serve in our town, as a way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the year.  It is not something we have ever done before, neither have we ever heard of anyone else doing such a thing!  If any readers have done things like this in the past and have any advice of tips for us, I would be very grateful if you would leave a comment! :)
            Making Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies!

            • Last night our church held its annual Christmas Carol Service!  My parents both went!  There was lots of tasty treats to eat.  We made some yummy "spiced pumpkin cheesy whirls" and some festive shortbread (angels, stars, bells...etc).  Dylan's singing was just precious!  Amy and three of the other older girls sang a beautiful hymn together!  I think many people were blessed by the service!
            So, there are some of the many things we have been up to lately!  My "To-Do" list for this week is HUGE...I think that I might be in for a few late nights. The Christmas season has been SO busy this year...but generally things are pretty much hectic here all year round anyway!  
            Hope you are all enjoying your week!


                Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

                What a fantastic wrap - up :) Lots of miracles in this post!! Merry Christmas!

                Nicole said...

                Wow, it's a busy time of year, but such a blessed time, and it sounds like everything is going wonderfully in your home. I am so glad that God is working the way is! He is doing great and mighty things in our hearts and lives right now, and I am so thankful!

                Can't wait to see what you do for meg's bday!
                And so glad that the cow is okay!

                Well, have a wonderful week and Christmas!!!!!!!!