Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beat That Pesky Raven!

Quite a while ago I read about a board game for younger children on this blog.  The game, Orchard, is a co-operative game; in that all players race to win against a common enemy, instead of one another...which as we all know can sometimes lead to arguments!

So after searching for quite a while, I found a seller through Amazon...the game was reasonably priced, but the shipping was a little high.  I was so impressed by how high quality the game was; all wood pieces (no yucky plastic) and a colourful card playing board.

Dylan and I played together Christmas night!  That night, we won a game, and then we lost one to that formidable foe...the raven!  We have played several times since, and all our family thinks this game is just brilliant, for little ones AND bigger ones!

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