Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bugs, Organics, And Charcoal...Oh My!

Okay, so I have been much more diligent in making sure I at least, get a couple of good photographs of my beautiful children every week.  This is not as easy as it sounds...our camera is r.u.b.b.i.s.h!!!  But since Christmas has past, the dratted thing appears to be over its tantrum, and is taking some fairly decent photographs now and then.  So I thought I'd post some recent ones, as well as a few thoughts!

 Meg Sampling The Vinegar, On The Just Cleaned Windows!

A Pale, But Tummy-Bug-Free Dylan, 
Enjoying Some Outside Play!

Well, I'll firstly tell you about poor Dylan, who has had a nasty tummy bug all last week.  We were unconcerned by this initially, as there are always a few, making the rounds at this time of year.  Usually if anyone in our family is unlucky enough to contract one, they last a day or two at the most.  But poor Dylan wasn't so lucky...his lasted days, he was miserable!  On Saturday evening, a friend on facebook recommended "Activated Charcoal" for Dylan, she said it works very fast, which was what we needed!  We were staying home from church on Sunday anyway on account of not wanting to pass it to anyone else, so Brian drove around, trying to find somewhere that stocked it and who was open on a Sunday.  Long story short he found some!  Phew!  I'm glad to report that within hours of taking the charcoal, Dylan was much better, and he is now back to full health!

Amy Working On Her Bible Worksheet, With Her New
KJV "How-Can-You-Even-Read-It?" Bible!

Gorgeous Girly! 

I have recently gotten lots of motivation, to begin making changes, about the harmful substances we allow into our home.  After reading a book review on another blog; Brian and I began reading "Slow Death By Rubber Duck".  It is quite a scary read!  Although I know, that there is absolutely no way we can ever fully escape harmful chemicals, we have begun to target areas, that we think we can easily eliminate unnecessary toxins.  I will be blogging plenty more about this in coming weeks!  :)

Dylan Was So Tired During His Tummy Bug,
That He Fell Fast Asleep On Grandad!

Sweet Amy!

This week I have been truly shocked by "certain" internet users, who repeatedly "bash" other ladies online.  Often, their words do not surprise, nor shock me...but every so often I will read comments left at other blogs (Ms Anonymous back at it again!), that make my head spin.  Criticising and mocking children has to be a whole new level of nastiness.  I truly wish they would find a new way to vent their obvious envy...knitting perhaps?

Mmmm...Shepherds Pie!

One Of The Down Sides To A New Puppy!

Last week I was so blessed, by these posts on organic eating!  A lot of what we eat is organic, home-reared or home grown anyway...but you know when you just got slack?  Well I had.  These posts gave me the kick-in-the-rear that I needed!  Thank you Zsuzsanna!  Even though our garden is not growing right now, and organic produce in Ireland is quite limited; I'm glad to say that we are back-on-track and are eating about 80-90% organic again! :)  

Miss Meg, Enjoying Some Fresh Air
...Couldn't You Just Eat Her Chubby Cheeks!


Chelle said...

Thanks for sharing about the charcoal. I am going to get some of it. I can get it from where I am an herb member. I love herbs. I use them alot for many things. My daughter has exema it is really bad, the doctor put her on some medicine and it didn't help. I now use Aloe Vera. It has totally cleared her up. I am a believer that God gave us herbs for us to use them.

Nicole said...

The kids are all so sweet and gorgeous! I love the pics of meg in her swing... And poor Dylan, sleeping while sick :( ... I bet he felt horrible, but still a great and sweet picture!
We,too, eat a lot of organic but were really slacking in some areas...but thanks to those great posts by zsuzsanna, we're getting back on track too!
Well, love all the pics of the kids...they are precious! Have a great weekend, Sarah!!

Kerri said...

Hi Sarah,
I've read some of the nasty comments on several blogs too and I'm wondering why the blog owners publish the nasty comments? I think what I would do is as I was reading it I realized it was taking a nasty turn I would delet it and move on. I really think it gives these women a thrill to see their comments posted on some of these blogs. I've read some of the posts on a particularly nasty website and they remind me of a bunch of old crows that run back to their " nest" and brag/cackle about the comment they left and how it got the blog owner stirred up! They think it's funny! Sick!
So would they just go away eventually if the comments weren't posted?

Anonymous said...

We eat organic.
I don't post hateful comments and don't even read past the first hateful words.
Now, on to the really important things: your kids are SOOOOOO cute, all three of them. I am so sorry Dylan was sick. Praying he's over it now and is back to being full of energy and eating well.

Sarah said...

Chelle ~ I agree with you completely about the herbs; that God gave them for us to use. Although I'm only just learning which ones to use, and at the moment Irish big pharma, is trying to prevent people buying herbs and other alternative medicines!

Nicole ~ Thank you! I think they are all gorgeous too...and it's not bias if it's true, right?! :)

Kerri ~ I do publish some negative comments here, because I think it is important to take a stand against the people who write them.

Negative commenters have said that they think my "beliefs" are "dangerous" and therefore wish to see me close my blog where I cannot encourage (they used words like: influence, brain-wash...etc) other women in Christ. I'm not so weak, as to cave in because of criticism.

I've ignored some commenters, by means of not publishing their comments; some go away, lots don't! One person actually got heaps worse, as more of their comments went unplublished!

In the Bible, Jesus tells us to "rejoice" and be "glad", when people say bad things against us, for His names sake. I try to follow this advice (though sometimes this is difficult) ;)

Our Family Is His ~ Thank you! You are so sweet! Yes, Dylan is great once more...though he is still a little pale, we are just making sure he gets lots of fresh air and good food! :)

Thank you for you comments ladies! :)

Sarah said...

*unplublished* Hahaha!! :)

Katie said...

Sorry to hear about Dylan. So glad the Lord restored his health! :) Our daughter had a tummy bug that lasted almost a week too! At first I thought it would just be a 12-hour or 24-hour bug also...but it just really hung on. Praise the Lord, she has fully recovered as well.

Sorry to hear about the nasty commenters. Please don't close down your blog ~ I find such encouragement here and praise the Lord for your witness for Him! :) *Matthew 5:10-12*

Blessings on your weekend,

Stellar said...

Your kids are so beautiful, and Amy looks like she is a very successful, intelligent, godly young woman. You are so blessed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah-
Isn't your Meg just too sweet for words? I left a comment on Mrs. Anderson's blog because I don't believe as Christians that we should be visiting these sites and I am saddened when I see Christian ladies who resort to similar mean and judgmental behavior to defend someone talked about on a mean website. God KNOWS all and these people have a place. As a follower of Christ we have an obligation to mirror His Son's behavior and not mirror the nasty behavior of someone on a website. I think it should be left alone. I'm sad when I think that Miss Jessica possibly shut her blog down due to meanness and I think it serves no place. I find Christian blogs inspiring and I am glad to have ladies like you and Mrs. Anderson sharing your stories! Don't get caught up in the nastiness of others!


Sarah said...

Katie ~ Sorry to hear that your daughter has been ill too. I never realised tummy bugs could last so long! I'm so glad that she also, is well again!

And thank you for your kind words! :)

Stellar ~ You are sweet! Amy loved your comment! :)

Hailey ~ I agree with you Hailey; Christian women should not visit such sites. I took a visit to one many months ago (when my blog was first featured there), and I would NEVER return! I'm sure we all have much more important things to do with our time!

I'm glad you enjoy reading here! :)