Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fresh As A Daisy - Make Your Own Deodorant!

Wow, wow, wow!  I have the most amazing recipe to share with you all!  But first let me fill you in with a little background:

Recently our family has been learning more about having a healthier "less chemical riden" home.   Even though we realise that it would be impossible to be truly chemical free, we had started to identify areas that we could lessen or eliminate chemicals easily from our home.  Personal care products was one immediate area we thought we could make changes.

I began to wonder about our anti-perspirant deodorant, after all I don't want to inject aluminium (or other dangerous chemicals) into my children or self, via vaccinations; so I wondered, why would I spray it onto my skin?  If you've ever looked at the ingredients list on the back of your deodorant can, you'd see it contains substances like: aluminium based compounds, butane, mineral oils, many types of parabens and propylene glycol.  Yuck...huh?!

I will note, that Amy and I are the only members of our home, that have used antiperspirant deodorant.  My husband does not EVER use it, and if he sprays anything "fancy" on himself, he applies a small amount onto his clothes.  To try and accommodate his wishes I have bought tonnes of "natural" deodorants over the last few years...I thought ALL of them performed BADLY!  He has told me for a long time that spraying chemicals onto your skin, to stop your body performing a normal function, is a really, really, bad idea!  He is so wise, I guess I should listen to him more! 

After talking this through with my husband, I remembered seeing a recipe for a home made deodorant on another blog a long time ago.  I discussed making this with Amy, and so a few days later, we pulled out the necessary ingredients and made it up as follows:


6-8 Tbsp Coconut Oil (solid)
1/4 cup Bicarbonate Of Soda (Baking Soda)
1/4 cup Arrowroot Powder


1. Combine equal portions of baking soda and arrowroot powder.

2. Slowly add coconut oil and work it in with a spoon  until it maintains a firm but pliable texture.  If it is too wet, add further arrowroot powder to thicken. I guess-timate that it took about 10-15 minutes of mixing, to get it all blended together well.  Again, if you need to add more powder, add more arrowroot, using too much baking soda, can cause stinging/irritation (this happened to me, but not Amy?)

3. We scooped our mixture into two small containers (with lids) Makes about 1 cup. I've read that this recipe lasts about 3 months for two people with regular daily use.  Apply a small amount to your underarm area, after showering/washing with the tips of your fingers.

We have been trying this out for days now, and it is amazing!  It works a hundred times better than any chemical laden antiperspirant deodorant!  The natural coconut-ty smell is so nice, it doesn't feel sticky or clammy when applied, and it keeps us smelling as sweet as a daisy all day.  In actual fact, just a few days ago I attempted to time its effectiveness, just to share with you all:  I applied it as I washed and dressed in the morning and only by the late evening was it starting to lose it's effectiveness!  See I told you it was amazing!

So go on, give it a go, and together we can make the world a cleaner, greener, more sweet smelling place to be! *Takes A Bow*  :)


Chelle said...

Sounds good. I buy mine at a organic health store. My daughter has never used it with alumium. I did before I read how bad it is for you. We have been natural for 4 years now. Also if you just put a little baking soda mixed with a little water works just as good. and it doesn't cost alot. I hope to use less chemical things too.

Anonymous said...

Is it antiperspirant AND deodorant? That's one thing I have yet to see done naturally, antiperspirant. I live in an area where the temps are very high and you need that help. No one wants to walk in with wet on their shirt under their arms.

Sarah said...

Our Family Is His ~ Yes, I believe it is both! I haven't experienced any wetness under the arms and/or "unpleasant odours" during the whole day, nor has Amy. Although I'm not sure how long it would last in a hot country. Ireland isn't really known for it's tropical climate! Ha! :)

Katie said...

I stopped wearing antiperspirant several years ago now after learning about the aluminum content as well. I buy "Tom's Of Maine" deodorant that is made with natural ingredients as well. Would love to try this homemade recipe!! Thanks for sharing!

Also, I try to only buy "aluminum-free baking powder" now, since regular baking powder has aluminum in it.

I agree that we need to "de-chemicalize" ourselves!

Blessings to you,

sarah in the woods said...

I've been using this recipe for a couple years, and you're definitely right - it actually works and none of the store bought, aluminum free ones do.

Stellar said...

I am definitely going to try this! Thank you so much :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I have all these ingredients. Going to try!