Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Meg!

Meg's Birthday Party Breakfast!

Just recently our sweet Meg celebrated her very first birthday!  Wow, where did the time go?!??  It seems that just last week, we were bringing her into the world!  How time flies, when you're loving on God's greatest blessings!

As Meg's birthday fell during my husbands working week, we decided that we would have a "birthday party breakfast" for her, to celebrate this wonderful occasion!  That way my husband could celebrate with her, before he went to work...but, I think he was really just hanging on for the cake!

A Pretty Dress From Nan And Grandad!

My parents and brother came around early, and we all tucked in to lots of yummy food (I had gotten up extra early):  sausage, bacon rashers, black pudding, grilled tomatoes, baked oatmeal w/maple syrup, orange juice and birthday cake!  Meg especially loved the oatmeal, since she loves anything with maple syrup!  That is why in most of her birthday photos she has "shiny syrup face"!  

Next we opened Meg's birthday cards and her gifts (From us, my parents and a kind friend), before kissing hubby off to work!  The rest of Meg's special day was spent quietly enjoying our usual activities and routine, which was nice after such a busy morning!  And although, I'm sure she had absolutely no idea that it was her birthday, she sure did love all the excitement and attention...all-in-all I think Meg had a great 1st birthday!

Meg Sporting Her "Party" Hair Clippie!

Happy Birthday To Our Sweet Baby Girl, Meg!


Elizabeth said...

happy birthday, little angel.

time flies. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Meg!!!!