Monday, January 23, 2012

The Myth Of "I Was Born This Way"

We have probably all heard the idea that homosexuality is caused by a genetic trait.  If this is true, then this would make the homosexual lifestyle acceptable to many people.  The "I was born this way" statement has been key in pushing the homosexual agenda.  In the interest of challenging this idea in love and truth, I will discuss my own opinions about this statement:

God is perfect. He would not speak of homosexuality in the scriptures as an abominable sin, if men and women bore no responsibility for it.  The myth that people are born homosexual, just doesn't hold water...

Despite the fact that homosexual individuals have existed for thousands of years,  there is still no scientific evidence whatsoever for a "homosexual gene".  Without a doubt the "it's genetic" theory has been actively promoted by homosexual activists and the media.  However this remains simply a theory and no legitimate proof has been found to support it. 

What can appear to be the fulfilling of an inherited genetic trait from adolescence through to adulthood, is really only the developing and strengthening of a habit.  Some research has identified common elements in the lives of homosexuals, such as: negative relationships with the parent of the same-sex, leading to lack of gender identification, gender non-conformity (sissiness in boys and tomboyish behaviour in girls) that was not addressed by the parent, and a homosexual experience in adolescence. Such results lend support to the idea, that social and/or environmental factors are behind homosexuality.

Can homosexuals change?  Do homosexuals lack free will?  There is overwhelming evidence that they can change how they respond to their "inclinations"  It is clear that homosexual conduct, like heterosexual immorality, is assumed to be something we can choose either to do, or not to do. Otherwise how could God condemn it?  All sins assume personal responsibility.  Homosexual sin is no exception.

Our modern world media has unfortunately reached the stage, where it portrays the homosexual lifestyle as happy, healthy and stable; therefore making that way of life sound more appealing. The truth about it, is that it is associated with a large number of serious physical and emotional health consequences.  The Irish media portrays homosexual "committed relationships" as being commonplace, and very similar to the traditional family structure.  The Irish government campaigned for civil partnerships as fast as it could, insisting that they were in great demand.  This was a lie.  Statistics also show that no more than nine percent of these "relationships" may be said to be stable.  Is it for this tiny number that we are willing to violate the law of God? 

I have commented here before, that large numbers of homosexuals can then go on to molest children.  It is not hard to conclude that mentally unstable people, who give in to their own unnatural lusts towards another person of the same sex, would perhaps be also willing to also satisfy their unnatural and perverted lusts towards children.  How is stating "I was born a homosexual" any different to saying, "I have a sexual interest in children...but don't hate me, I was born this way"?  This of course is completely illogical.  

Stop being brain-washed by a world who wants you to tolerate, promote and participate in this wickedness.  "I was born this way" is a lie.


Anonymous said...

Only scientists can tell us if homosexuality is an inherited trait. Not housewives who've already decided what they want to believe.

If you read the research, the overwhelming number of child molesters are straight men.

K.R said...

Great post! It's so true. Everyone has the ability to become a reprobate if you do the things in Romans 1, it is not genetic. When I was unsaved and a flight attendant I was completely surrounded by them and they were my closest friends. It's no surprise the connection of how many were molested as children and I think in turn hated God because they felt He did not protect them which led to the path of Romans 1. They are anything but "gay/happy" when the party is over. They are recruiters for sure so this was a great reminder to me to be ever so vigilant and protect my children and definitely keep them out of "school" already here in California they have laws passed that they have to teach gay history as well as other much perverted stuff as early as Kindergarden. It's all an agenda..sad.

Jessi said...

They try to paint the picture that they are the same as everyone else and they are born that way. It is such a lie. Studies show they have 3 times as many partners then straight people. Yeah they really are stable relationships! Studies also show a very high number of them molest children.
I have thought that to, what if people say they can't help it they were just born liking children? Is that ok? People don't see the stupidity in the statement that they were born with it. What if I am just born with the need to kill people, or steal? I guess I can't help it right?

I have heard homosexuals talk about how they got saved and got out of that wicked life style. They said they were fed the lie that they were born that way. They also were told they could not get saved which is very untrue and NOT in the Bible. One homosexual I herd talking thought that, until he read this passage in the Bible.
1 Cor 6:9-11 KJV-
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers,NOR EFFEMINATE, NOR ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND.
Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

AS SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU: BTU YE ARE WASHED, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

The Bible is talking about Christians who used to be EFFEMINATE and ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND. But then it says they are WASHED, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.
This verse is why the homosexual got saved, he was told so much that he could not. So that just proves even more they are not born that way.

Natalie said...

Why would anyone choose to be gay when they know that they are going to be bullied for life?

You think its a 'choice'? Let me ask you, when did you choose to be hetrosexual?

Another thing to think about, 'homosexual behaviour' is found to exist in most animals, yet homophobia and the outrage of it being a 'sin' is only found in one.

If you believe in your religion, then fair enough, I respect that. But it does not give you the right to abuse and trample on something you have no idea about other than the utter rubbish you are being fed by other people who have no idea about what they are talking about.

PetraStrider said...

I have to respectfully disagree Sarah. When a woman is taking birth control pills it WILL interrupt her natural hormonal balance, and if she conceives a baby shortly after going off the pill the baby will develop in a hormonally unbalanced uterus. Also keep in mind that many new moms go back on the pill while nursing as well as feed their babies copious amounts of soy-based products. (Babies are asexual of course, but I think some biological factors can increase the possibility of developing homosexual tendancies later on.)

I don't say this to argue with you on your blog, just to give you some 'food-for-thought'. I think we can agree that nobody is CONCEIVED that way though.

PetraStrider said...

Also Sarah, if anyone accuses you of being 'hateful', I refer you to this:

Cheers, Petra

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad you got that out..

I'm not sure either whether a person is "born that way". Actually I'm inclined to believe homosexuality is based on social influences during one's childhood (mixed with biological and genetical influences). I'm not a biologist, but that's what believe based on the studies I have read.

Your last chapter is just vial. It's completely immoral to accuse people of possibility of being a child molester just because they are homosexuals. There is zero scientific evidence that would make your statement true. Also I'm not entirely sure, but I doubt it says in the Bible homosexual are more prone to molest kids. Sure there are homosexuals in child molesters, but homosexuality in itself doesn't make a person molester.

Homosexual relationships between adults are acceptable, because the love between two adults doesn't hurt anyone. Love between homosexuals doesn't affect your life. So just calm down. If you say their relationships causes some kind of moral decline in the society, I could say the same of your lifestyle. I think the hate you keep sprouting is really making this world worse place to live in.

It's a real possibility that my home country Finland will elect an openly homosexual person as it's president in two weeks. How about that..

With love and respect,

Sarah said...

Don't want to argue, your blog, your opinion, but Jessi- I work with molested children and 99.9999% of these children were molested by heterosexuals.Those "studies" are incorrect. I have ever read states that homosexuals are hardly ever pedophiles. Don't want to argue your opinion cause you have a right to that (although when your opinion can ruin someones life and cause them to kill themselves it becomes harder and harder to keep my mouth shut), but please please don't spread misinformation (that yes, can be proven to be misinformation beyond any doubt ;) ) like that. I'll be praying for you guys.

Philippians 4:8
King James Version (KJV)
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are TRUE, whatsoever things are HONEST, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

My God is a loving God.

Jessi said...

Not sure how sating that homosexuals have a higher rate of molesting children would make anyone kill themselves. I have read studies on that also.
I do NOT think we should hate homosexuals, we should hate the sin, and the lie that they are born that way. They need to be prayed for and saved. My God is a loving God that is why his son died for us and why the homosexuals can get saved just like everyone else who is a sinner like me. God rejects no one, people reject Him. Natalie- Why would someone kill another person knowing they will be in jail the rest of their life? Some people think it is worth it. Just like homosexuals think it is worth being looked at as not normal (Which they are not) I will choose to believe God not men.
Also no one answered my question, what if someone is just born wanting to molest children or kill people or any other perverted lust? Why is that not ok but homosexuality is?

Anonymous said...

Ok people that say "who cares it doesn't affect you" That is wrong. It DOES. For one it will cause Gods wrath on a nation that ok that sort of thing just like in the Bible. 2 Those people being allowed to adopt kids is sick. They will raise the child to believe that way and also be perverted and messed up no doubt. It affects us in many ways.

Sarah said...

Anon ~ If I want to hear the truth, I will look to God and His word for the answer...not a scientist.

Karen ~ "They are recruiters for sure" I totally agree with you! I need look no further than our local Catholic churches to "prove" this one. Such places are filled with sodomites who have molested children to fulfill their perverted lusts and/or in the hopes of recruiting.

Jessi ~ We disgaree on Corinthians 6:9-11. However I agree with you in that, all of us have NATURAL inclinations to sin, such as lying. For which God hold us responsible. But the Bible is clear that homosexuality, paedophilia and beastiality are not NATURAL sins.

Natalie ~ It is my personal belief that many adult homosexuals love the attention that their "choice" brings.

Our wonderful creator designed us to be NATURALLY heterosexual. Beginning your Bible reading in the book of Genesis, will prove helpful on this point.

PertaStrider ~ I'm glad that we could at least agree on one point! Ha! I also agree that taking any chemical that alters a persons hormones, is probably a really, really bad idea!

And as for the "hateful" accusations...they really don't trouble me in the slightest.

Ingrid ~ In actual fact I said that "large numbers of homosexuals can then go on to molest children". Not all, because of their homosexuality. Please take care to quote me correctly if you wish to do so.

The Bible is very clear that homosexuality is an UNNATURAL sin, and in every incidence were homosexuals appear in the Bible, it is to cause harm to a person under threat of violence. Therefore it is my belief that they are violent predators.

You state that homosexual relationships are "acceptable" as if you have just given us an undisputed fact. It is not.

You are quite entitled to your opinion that my lifestyle is causing a social, moral decline. What you think about my lifestyle or beliefs, is of little importance to me. God is the only one who I should be pleasing.

Sarah ~ I will assume that you are being accurate with your statistics given from those children with whom you work. It is so terribly sad, when a child suffers such abuse at the hands of any adult.

However, I can say with absolute certainty, that even within my own country; many children (now adult) who were molested during their childhoods by members of the clergy, 99% of them were molested by sodomite Catholic priests. Again this was under threat of violence.

Yes I do have a right to my opinion, as you do yours. All too often homosexuals commit suicide, because they know they are acting against God, and are aware that they are commiting a terrible sin.

Jessi said...

I guess we will have to disagree on that point, it list EFFEMINATE and ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND in that verse and goes on to say that they were saved. You are right homosexuality, paedophilia and beastiality are NOT NATURAL sins. However I don't see one Bible verse that says they cannot get saved. If someone had to not be a sodomite to be saved that would be a works salvation. All the Bible says we have to do is believe on him and be born again. I DO NOT think that we can just do whatever we want. I believe strongly in Principe's that God wants us to live by. I have head so many get saved and get out of that wicked life.

Anonymous said...

Sarah - So just to clarify, only 0.0001% of boys that are molested are molested by men and only 0.0001% of girls that are molested are molested by women? That is way off. Even if the men that do such things are married to a women or vice versa, that makes them at best bi-sexual i.e. homosexual and heterosexual. I would argue that more men molest boys than women do. Molestation isn't just limited to children either. Every adult raped or sexually assaulted in a prison environment is a victim of an act of sodomy which would skew the numbers you gave even more. My father was molested by his uncle when he was young. I don't think either one of our "studies" or life experiences are comprehensive enough to give out real accurate numbers but you are way off.

Natalie said...

I feel it pointless to even try and discuss this, because you are so set in your ways that you won't see it any other way. As I have said, I respect your choice to believe in your religion, but there are an awful lot of people who don't believe in the same thing, so quoting bible verses is not a valid argument, that is something Christians do not seem to get, which means you are being disrespectful to others.

Blog posts such as this one can be so damaging. The view you have can be so damaging. What if one of your children is gay? And don't give me the whole 'well we trained them right, that will never happen' speech, because you don't know. A friend of mine is from a baptist family, and because he is gay, and decided that the baptist 'lifestyle' is not for him, his family shun him. The way they treat him is frankly, disgusting. Would anyone here abandon their child because of their sexuality? Or would you try to 'convert' them back?
Maybe this is a bit heavy and getting away from the original post, and for that I apologise, Sarah.

But as someone in an 'alternative lifestyle' which I'm sure most here would disapprove of, I find it revolting that people link homosexuality with paedophilia. They are NOT the same thing, and as someone else pointed out, the majority of paedophiles are straight men.

Wiola said...

I think it's important to mention that Sarah's views are not represented by the majority of Irish people. Irish people are in general friendly and good-humored. They are not a bunch of serial bullies, with no empathy for others.

Sarah said...

Anon ~ I gave you an example with which I am very familiar. I quote myself, seen as you seen intent on misreading/quoting here:

"many children (now adult) who were molested during their childhoods by MEMBERS OF THE CLERGY, 99% of them were molested by sodomite Catholic priests."

Perhaps now you can see that the example I gave, dealt with clerical abuse, not all child abuse, neither did I include adult victims of molestation or rape. So my numbers are not "way off" like you claim. This was obvious, in the way I worded my response to you.

Furthermore these wicked men often abused girls too. Calling this behaviour "bi-sexual" does not make it any more acceptable. A monster like this knows no bounds, and a sodomite like the example given, may sometimes also sexually abuse females.

Natalie ~ I used to hold to the same views as you seem to on this topic. So I do understand how you feel about me, and posts such as this. I now know better.

You are entitled to the opinion that my beliefs about homosexuals are damaging. However I believe, the idea that we must all "embrace" homosexuality is damaging also.

As for your "alternative lifestyle", I have no idea what that entails. But I too used to live VERY differently to what I do now. Most of which was what most God-fearing people would disapprove of. But than I got saved and my whole life was transformed!

I urge you to ask God to save you, before you go any further into sin. God is good, He really does want you to get saved! If you wish to contact me further about this, I will not publish your comment and we can talk privately.

Wiola ~ I'm wondering why you never comment on posts that are non-controversial? Are you really just looking for someone to disagree with?

Now ladies, if you find that you still disagree with me, know that I won't debate my opinions any further with you. You are entitled to disagree with me and voice your opinions elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

God doesn't force people into sin. He wouldn't create a person that had no choice other than to sin. He doesn't create murderers by birth, liars by birth, cheaters by birth. I have never seen people march in the streets chanting, "liars are born this way, let us lie" or "adulterers are born this way, let us sleep with tons of women/men" or a host of other sins. But call it homosexuality and people are screaming about it. It's not an inborn trait. God doesn't force people to sin. Is it easier in some people's lives to be tempted with that sin? Yes, absolutely. It's nothing I am tempted with, but I have other sins that are easier for me to be tempted by. Is the world so depraved that we have made people feel it's natural to fall into the sin of homosexuality? Yes, absolutely.

This is one reason God tells us to be in the world but not of it. We have to rise above the lies of the world and see our behaviors for what they are, SINS. Homosexality is a sin, one that can be overcome and forgiven if the person humbles themselves and desires it. It's not one that condemns you to hell, if you seek Christ.

April said...

Why do some of you read this blog when you clearly have different beliefs? Just to mock? I'm sure you must have something better to do!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I was responding to something another Sarah said to someone, not to you. This what I was responding to:

I work with molested children and 99.9999% of these children were molested by heterosexuals.Those "studies" are incorrect. I have ever read states that homosexuals are hardly ever pedophiles.

I absolutely do not think calling it bi-sexual makes it any better, I was saying that doesn't make it "not sodomy" and is just as evil. I do agree that happens in the catholic church. Sorry I should have been more clear about which Sarah I was talking to.

Sarah said...

April ~ Thank you for commenting :)!

Anon ~ Ha! I actually wondered after I posted my responses, that you might have meant the other Sarah! Thank you for graciously pointing this out. I hope you were not offended by my response! ;)