Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In The School Room

 Sweet Miss Meg!

Firstly, can I just say, "I LOVE homeschooling!  I honestly am in amazement sometimes, at the way some people recoil in horror, at the mere mention of the word!  Who wouldn't LOVE to be surrounded by your own precious children all day, every day; learning, loving and laughing!  That, and the fact that God doesn't want us sending our sweet blessings away, to be taught to hate Him, by a governmental education system.

Dylan's New Workbooks

Our children learn so much every week that isn't even on our "schedule".  It amazes me to watch them learn new things...just for FUN!  For example, just two weeks ago Amy picked up a "Teach Yourself Japanese" pack from our local library.  The pack itself was pretty basic, having just a booklet and two audio Cd's...but Amy got stuck into it straight away!  Many times over the coming week she would address/answer me with a simple word or two.  "Arigatou, Mama-san!"

Amy really does have quite a flair for languages: at the moment she is learning both French and Gaelige (Irish) during school time.  Personally I dislike the Irish language (oh, don't get all offended), it is quite a difficult language to pick up, and it doesn't really have a pleasant sound.  Brian, Amy and I have discussed dropping Irish for a few months at some point, and beginning either basic German or Spanish.  I would love to teach the kids some Spanish, because I love it!  I studied the basics for a few years at school, and found it to be a beautiful language; both easy to speak, spell and understand!

 Fun With Octagons

Dylan loves to do his school work!  For about a week he was a little stuck, because he had finished his phonics workbook (we were waiting for more in the post) and his Bible worksheets for that month...so he just worked ahead in his maths and handwriting practice!  Seriously, nothing can take his focus from his school...well, except farming!  It is a joy to witness!  The only thing he despises (I do not use this word lightly) is...wait...for...it...colouring!!!  He really does hate it!  I suppose to a busy boy who is trying to complete his school, and has a gazillion farm chores waiting for him outside...colouring is just pure tedious!  I mean, who cares about colouring in, when there is "ploughing" to be done...right?

 Dylan Helping...

As for the kids music lessons...Amy is now beginning to learn her three exam pieces for this year.  She has chosen to skip a grade and go straight from grade 1 to grade 3.  Her teacher is confident that she can pass grade 3, so long as she is careful to practice, often and long enough!  You might also remember that last year we purchased Amy a violin as a gift.  Well, just a few months in, I had left it on top of the piano...and wouldn't you just know it?  Dylan dropped a football onto it from upstairs and the whole thing bounced off right onto the tiled floor!  We at first thought it was just a scratch...but on closer inspection we realised that the one of the tuning keys was cracked all the way through.  So now it cannot be tuned on that string, until we have it mended.  Brian hopes to take it in to be looked at, over the next few weeks so Amy can begin practicing again!

Dylan is also learning violin!  He has about ten minutes with Amy's music teacher at the end of her lesson.  He loves it!  His violin was second-hand and is pretty beat up...but we figure it's plenty good for him to learn on, while he is still so young.  He has had about 3-4 lessons at this stage, and loves to show Daddy what he learned! 

"Here...You Try!"

Seen as I've just gushed about the educational achievements of our oldest children for the last few minutes (seems longer, I know!)  it wouldn't be right for me to bring this post to a close, without mentioning cutie-pie Meg!  What a sweet girl she is!  Also, she is very often the reason, why Amy takes her school work into another room to complete!  Ha!  Meg really likes to be the centre of attention...so she often makes as much noise as possible, while the rest are trying to get their school done!  Such a little fox!  Though often, I see her watching Dylan as he is working hard at his school.  I just know that inside her little brain, she is seeing this as something she really wants to do when she is a big girl! 


Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Isn't it lovely to watch your kids learn and grow? I love that my oldest begs to do school every day :) I studied french, spanish, german and latin in school {I was a vocal major} and wish I'd stuck more with french - it's such a lovely language!

sarah in the woods said...

I love Meg's fat, smiley cheeks! My kids aren't really into coloring either. It seems to be such a filler activity. But those octagons look fun. I've seen several different styles and have been wanting some forever but still haven't bought any.

Sarah said...

Aurie ~ It's funny because when you tell people that your kids "beg" for more school...I suspect many of them think that it's not true!

Sarah ~ We bought the "Galt" octagon set from Amazon...which are great, but you don't get many in the pack. So my hubby ordered more.

They are very cool. You can make so many shapes with them. Of course Meg just likes to throw them all over the floor! ;)

Thanks for your comments! :)

Kimmie said...

I love reading homeschooling posts. It's such a misunderstood thing all over the world it seems. Your daughter is lovely.