Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meg's Magicream!

Since our sweet Meg was just a couple of months old, she has suffered with mild/moderate eczema.  It began on her cheeks, and has since appeared other places for either long or short spells, before moving somewhere else on her body.   For the last few months she has had a large patches on either side of her face and large red, scaly patches on her hands as well as small dry patches on her legs.  My poor girl! 

We knew that it could be one of many things, or indeed a couple combined, that were causing this reaction in our we set out on a process of elimination that went on for months!

  • I began to only bathe her (water only) 2-3 times per week, so as not to dry out her skin. 

  • Next we assessed her dietary intake.  Cutting out both cow's milk and eggs (the usual suspects).
  • I changed my laundry detergent to a natural one.
  • I believe that vaccinations can often cause allergic reactions such as eczema and asthma in children...but seeing how Meg has never had any, we could rule this one out immediately.
  • I changed her shampoo to a soap-free brand.
    Nothing we did helped at all!

    One thing that I constantly beat myself up over, was breast-feeding.  I have struggled terribly with breast-feeding each of my children.  It is something that causes me great distress, as I know it is what is best for their health and mine.  I do express my milk for a time, until I'm unable to continue.  So I have to acknowledge that perhaps Meg's eczema is for lack of mama's milk, and having to make-do with a far inferior substitute? 

    Next came the ointments!  We have tried, not just a lot...I mean EVERYTHING!   We have rubbed, dabbed and smeared the poor child with every lotion and potion known to man-kind!  Nothing really seemed to help much, but "Aveeno" lotion did help flare-ups to appear less red.

    I even used a totally natural salve that I make myself.  I only use natural ingredients (beeswax, almond oil...etc) and nothing that you would expect a reaction from...but it made the eczema flare up!  I was so surprised by that!

    Then just recently, we have had a break-through! 

    I was visiting with a friend of mine who commented on Meg's skin.  She asked me had I heard of Magicream...I admitted that I had.  A few months earlier I had come across it on the internet, but it was expensive and to be very honest I was skeptical.  My friend had a small tub that she had used on her own son and asked me to try it right then.  I rubbed a small amount onto one of Meg's cheeks (which had flared up that very day) and again just before we left.

    Within hours it looked less red, and over the next two days the scaly patch looked almost fully healed and stayed like that!  We couldn't believe it!  Brian was so impressed he asked me to check it out again online.  We ordered a pot for Meg just a few days later.
    This cream has totally transformed our daughter's skin, so much so that I wanted to share it with you all.  We have applied it also to a partially healed nappy rash last night, (Meg's skin had blistered on her bottom a few days ago on account of teething) and this morning her whole bottom looks great again!

    **Please note that I am NOT AFFILIATED with this company...I just really liked their product**


    Chelle said...

    Thats great. My daughter had dry skin really bad. It made her look like she had hives all the time. I took her to the doc and nothing worked. I thought I would try aloe vera. we bought a plant. Now her skin is soft and dry no more. So maybe if that doesn't seem to help again. Maybe you could try aloe vera.

    ~SALLY~ said...

    I've never commented here before and am a regular over at ZsuZsu's blog. I am also a born-again mommy of 2 and another on the way in May.

    I have begun to read your blog recently and really like it alot! :) My daughter has had eczema since she was about 6 months old. She gets it really badly behind her knees and on her hands. It is so horribly itchy for her!

    I was wondering if this cream heals it completely or just relieves it for a time. I too have found a cream that I LOVE but the eczema comes back after it wears off. While I would LOVE a complete cure for my girl, I don't see it happening as it never completely goes away and stays away. Soooo frustrating as I am sure you already know.

    Again, love your blog. :)

    Sarah said...

    Chelle ~ We have tried an organic Aloe Vera gel...but we found it did very little to help. We were surprised actually, as I am a great believer in the healing properties of Aloe Vera. Thanks for your suggestion though! :)

    Sally ~ Hi Sally, thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!!!

    Meg's eczema was also on her hands quite bad. It made me so sad to see it. But now they are smooth and soft again! For the first few days I applied the cream about 2x a day for a week (I did not follow to dosage guide, which required more) and now I have only been applying it every 4-5 days. In another week of two, I plan to leave it off for 2-3 weeks and see does it return. But at this stage her skin is still great on the days inbetween applications. Hope you are able to find something that works for your daughter soon!

    Thanks for commenting ladies! :)

    ~SALLY~ said...

    Sarah ~ Thanks for the answer! I was wondering because it seems certain stuff works for a certain amount of time but nothing seems to "cure" the eczema. Glad your baby is better! She looks great! :) My daughter's is definitely better than it was when she was an infant, but it still isn't gone. I might have to check into this cream. Thanks again! :)

    PS- I do have a personal blog that is private...if you are interested, I can invite you. Just drop me an email. piano4praise at :)

    Nicole said...

    That sounds GREAT...Maybe I should try this on Evan! Don't beat yourself up on the whole breast feeding thing, because I breastfed Evan ForE.V.E.V (so it felt like) and he's got it read bad too :(
    Well, I hope it continues working for you! I will have to tell my husband about it and think about getting some!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Tracey said...

    I swore by Magicream for my son, but was just looking for it online for a friend and found this:

    Your blog came up in the same results, so wanted to let you know.

    I'm gutted, as it was like a miracle cure for Oli :(

    Sarah said...

    Tracey ~ Thank you for commenting! I just looked at the link you left and to my surprise saw that Magicream is thought to be unsafe. I quickly did my own research and found out that this cream has been highlighted as unsafe in the Irish media also!

    ...Though I would guess that it is merely loss of money, that has the medical profession up in arms about these ingredients rather than the "danger" aspect. If their concern of people health was genuine, then why would they themselves regularly perscribe steriod cream for exzema?

    I think I may actually do a follow up post on this product! Thank you again for bringing this to my attention!

    Just to add, that I have not applied this cream to my daughters skin since posing this post, as her exzema has not returned.