Thursday, February 2, 2012

We're Still Here!

Meg's "Pineapple" Hair-Do!

No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the world, but we have been very busy, just keeping up with our daily schedules!  It feels like it's been a looooooooong time, since I posted with family here you go!

  • Our commitment to living more chemically free has been going great!  Our homemade antiperspirant deodorant is still working brilliantly, and we have also switched to this (see below) toothpaste.  I'm not sure why, but the picture below lists "green tea" as it's added ingredient...but ours has tea tree oil?  It took a little getting used to at first, BUT now, I couldn't imagine going back to our old toxic one!  

    • Speaking of teeth, Meg cut her third tooth (a front top tooth) just this week!  It seemed for a while, that she would enter into adulthood with just two teeth!  The other tooth beside it, seems just about ready to cut we might still have a cranky little lady, for a while yet!

      • Last week I received my copy of Above Rubies.  After I had finished pouring over it, I saw an advertisement for the following movie on the back page.  I think I remember someone blogging about it before...but can't remember where?  So, I checked out the trailer on the internet, and even though it obviously focused public schools in America, we thought it looked very interesting!  My husband wanted to buy the full movie for our family to watch, and so it should arrive within the next two weeks.  Can't wait!

          • Over the last week or two God has been reminding me that I can do all things through Him.  He will be my strength.  Of course, we may all go through times were our resolve is tested, but we go forth in faith and trust, not because we think we are able.  God is good, and I will trust in Him!  :)
          • Dylan is doing so brilliantly with his school over these last few weeks!  It is truly amazing to witness his learning.  He literally begs to be allowed, to complete more pages in his work book most days.  Most times I allow him to work ahead, but I do stop him before he becomes bored, and loses his thirst for it.

              • You might also remember in this post, I mentioned that Amy and I were trying to memorize the books of the Old Testament in order.  Well last week I was finally able to manage this!  It took longer than expected, simply because I kept forgetting to do it, and those minor prophets can be very tricky to remember.  But now I can do it, I am so thrilled!  It has already been immensely helpful in my Bible reading.  Now for  the New Testament!

                I Hope You Have A Blessed Weekend!


                    Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

                    How wonderful that you are memorizing the books! Way to go :0

                    I love the Above Rubies magazine and look forward to the days when it lands in my mailbox :)

                    Anonymous said...

                    Sweet picture of Meg, but your kids pictures are always adorable. I love the shot of Dylan and his school work. It looks like he's on some marathon learning adventure there with it all lined up. Hehe.

                    Way to go on memorizing the books of the Old Testament. When my brother was very small (4 years old, I think), our children's leader had the kids learn the books of the Bible. We all did it. I still have my little Bible I received for accomplishing it. The Sunday school teacher for the teens was attempting the same thing. They just weren't doing it. He brought my brother into the classroom, put him up on a chair so all could see, and had him do it. He told them, "if a 4 year old little boy can do this, you guys can too". Hehehe. I tell people that if you memorize where they are, you never have to do that thumbing page by page to find any book when your pastor calls it out as his location for his sermon. You can turn right to it.

                    Tara said...

                    I check your blog nearly every day so I'm not sure how I missed the deodorant post, but now that I've seen it I will definitely be trying it out!
                    Oh and I thought of you last Saturday husband and I went to a church that was having some special singers there. Anyway we met a man from Ireland who had just been saved! The missionary that led him to the Lord (in Ireland) was there with him. He had been the town drunk and so forth...neat story anyway!

                    Sarah said...

                    Aurie ~ Me too! Thanks for your comment! :)

                    Our Family Is His ~ Yes, Dylan's marathon learning adventure! Such a cool photogrpah I thought! It really is so neat to see his enthusiasm...Amy was in public school at his age, so it is the first time we've ever seen anything like it!!!

                    Tara ~ Oh I'm thrilled that you want to try the deodorant recipe...I hope it works as well for you, as it has for us! Such amazing news about the Irish man getting saved! Would love to have met him personally. Thanks for sharing!