Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dylan's New Quilt!

You've Gotta LOVE John Deere!

I have a wonderfully talented friend "S", who made a beautiful handstitched quilt for Meg when she was born (I'll try and post a photo sometime).  It is stunning and we all love it!  Dylan often sneaks it away from Meg in the car, when we are going on a journey.  I really wanted to learn how to make them, and "S" promised me they were really easy.  So easy in fact, that she reckoned even I could do it!  So just recently, I went ahead and ordered fabric that I knew Dylan would love!

 I Wrapped It Up In The "Farmer's Journal" Newspaper!

Often it was hard to work on this project in peace, as Dylan insisted on driving one of his tractors over and back on the fabric, as I tried to stitch it together!  One reason the I chose this particular "tractor" fabric, was that it had lines all over it...and let's face it, any monkey (even me!) can do a running stitch over an already-done-for-you line!

So Happy!

 The Teddy-Fleece Underside...
...not sure why this picture wouldn't come out the right way up?

The best part is the boy who gratefully received this quilt, cares little about the imperfections and mistakes I have made; but treasures it because he knows his mama put love into each little stitch!


  All Snuggled Up, Pretending To Be Asleep!


Jessi said...

Looks great! You did a good job.

Nikki said...

Your quilt is beautiful.:) Where did you get your John Deere fabric ? My littlest guy would LOVE that.

Sarah said...

Jessi ~ Thank you!

Nikki ~ Thank you! I purchased my fabric here: http://www.funfabrics.com/fdeer2.htm but it does state on the fabric that it is unsuitable for making sleepwear.

Jenny said...

So sweet!

I want to learn to quilt (it is on my list!) but it is quite intimidating. Need to practise on my sewing machine a bit more!

Zsuzsanna said...

You did a great job!!!

And: the only reason why they say that about the fabric being unsuitable for sleepwear is because it has not been drenched in toxic fire retardant. Don't even get me started on that one! :)

Sarah said...

Jenny ~ This quilt is made up of two full pieces of fabric not "patchwork" so it is super easy. It was all sewn by hand also, so no need to be able to "quilt" on a sewing machine!

Zsuzsanna ~ Thanks! So GRATEFUL for your explanation about the "unsuitable for sleepwear" statement...I had been wondering! I remember reading something about flame retardants in Slow Death Bu Rubber Duck...so scary!

My husband remarked when this fabric arrived, that it would make up to a lovely set of pyjamas. Now at least I know I could attempt it. I actually have about a yard of this fabric left so I'm thinking my making Dylan something else...just not sure what yet.

Nikki said...

I wanted to let you know I received our package today. That was so fast. :)It made us very happy. They are beautiful and I appreciated your hand written note as well. :)
When I write back would it be okay if my daughter Salinn writes Amy too? I think Salinn would love to have a LONG DISTANCE pen pal/ friend. Thanks again.!Nikki

Sarah said...

Nikki ~ Wow, that was fast! Glad you liked them. Also, Amy said she would love to write to Salinn! Happy hair-fixing! ;)