Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Long Shot


Daddy Denomstrating How To Shoot...
...Dylan's Face Just Kills Me In This Picture, Click To Enlarge!

Amy Having A Turn

Recently Amy has been very interested in learning archery.  There is a local archery group near our home that meet together to practice field archery...however Brian and I advised her to practice a little at home first; to at least become familiar with the equipment before trying the archery group.  Luckily my brother had a bow and arrows tucked away, that she could borrow to practice with. 

...You Can Actually See The Arrow Flying In The Top Right Corner!

Amy has literally spent HOURS shooting arrows back and forth across the field in front of our house.  Then about two weeks ago she managed to hit her target and inflict a "mortal wound"  Ha!  Dylan of course was in on all this action too and really wanted to have a turn, but the bow is an adult bow and would be much too heavy for him...

Don't Mess With Amy!

...So one night, after my husband returned home from work, he proceeded to make Dylan a homemade bow out of a tree sapling!  So inventive!  In fact I think he had more fun making it, than Dylan did...but only just!  To be perfectly honest, I was a little skeptical that the bow would work at all, but I was totally wrong!   The bow shoots the arrows very well!  It is light to carry and the string is easy to pull back, so it is perfect for Dylan!  We had a few pumpkins in the garage that were staring to rot, so the guys brought them out for target practice!  Wish I'd got a photograph of that one...but I missed it!   

One morning, a week or two ago, Amy and Dylan both begged to be allowed to practice archery before school.  I allowed them, as the day before I had declined, and then just when they had finished their school it began to rain...and rained ALL day!  They were so disappointed; so that morning I allowed it.  Archery is educational too of course; they could learn all sorts of stuff...spacial awareness, probability, physical education, first-aid???  Ha!

Hope You All Enjoy The Rest Of Your Weekend!


Nikki said...

I love those pictures. Amy's skirt is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Amy looks absolutely elegant in that skirt, shooting a bow! It's really amazing how comfortable skirts are and how much one can do in them- I don't think non-skirt wearers realize this! You have a lovely girl.

I bet she would really enjoy reading "The Hunger Games" novels, in which the protegonist is skilled with a bow!


Chelle said...

That is cool.

Elizabeth said...

My kiddies love archery. Looks like y'all are loving it too!

Don't know why but there is something about a bow that, to me, is graceful. Weird, I know. :)