Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Underwater Adventure!

Underwater Adventurers!

As a special part of my husbands week off work last week, we decided to treat the kids with a trip to the Sea Life Centre in Bray, County Wicklow!  Of course, we kept them both guessing the surprise right up until the last minute, which definitely added to the excitement.

Touching A Starfish

Despite the 1.5 hour drive to Bray, Meg was a complete angel for the whole drive.  Only at one stage did she seem like she was becoming restless, so I passed back a cookie for her to munch on (normally we have a zero eating policy in the car)...the crumbs on the car floor, could seriously feed a mouse family for a week!

Meg...Little Girl In A Big Pond!

The Irish Sea Life Centre isn't very big or impressive, but it was enough for us to have fun in, and learn some amazing new facts about the sea creatures.   Given it's modest size, we were able to get around within about an 1.5 hours, and we did take our time looking at all the exhibits and even stayed for some of the feedings.  Dylan loved watching the Piranhas having their dinner!  Yikes, those are some scary looking fish! *shudder* 

One great thing about homeschooling is that we can go on trips like this mid-week...which means we were able to stroll leisurely around and enjoy and learn in relative quiet and calm, without being trampled by hoards of school aged children...perhaps public schooling has some advantages after all! ;)

After we had finished touring around, my very generous hubby bought all the children a souvenir each!  Dylan picked this plastic tube "thing" filled with blue jelly and little plastic clown fish...if you grab it at the ends it kind of jumps out of your hands!  He was literally hysterical with laughter in the gift shop...we just had to buy the thing after that!  Next we went and sat on the sea front, watched the sea (Dylan watched a tractor rolling the grassed area; you can take the boy out of the farm...!) and we ate our packed lunch in the sun!  Yes, to round this wonderful day off...we even had sun!


Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun!!! I really want to take my kids to the New England Aquarium... Which is about a three and a half hour drive from us... But someone recently told me that we have something similar closer by.... So I may do that soon.
Well, looks like everyone enjoyed it! Have a great week, Sarah!

sarah in the woods said...

Fun! My son LOVES the aquarium and asks to go a lot, but it's too expensive to do more than every couple of years. It's a nice treat though.