Monday, March 19, 2012


So I thought I'd yet again drop in and dazzle you all, with some recent happenings and some random thoughts, which are whirring about my brain at this late hour!  Lucky you!

  • Our schooling is going well!  My husband has recently offered to teach Amy math for one hour each Thursday morning!  This has, and will be such a blessing to both me and Amy.  One, because math really isn't my forte and two, because he is such a great teacher and Amy will surely learn better under his tutelage than mine!  During this study time I will spending time doing something fun with just Dylan and Meg; last week we took out all of our musical instruments and made a "joyful noise"!  Currently my husband and I are reviewing our approach to the children's schooling, and discussing if it might not be better to source curriculum from overseas.  There are no homeschool/Christian curriculum's to choose from here in Ireland.  If you want Irish textbooks then you only have a choice of the different ones used in public schools.  We do not wish to teach our children much of what is offered as "fact" in some/all of them.
  • You might have noticed that I am in the process of spring cleaning my blog a little.  I'd love to re-design it a tad as well...but I really don't have the time or patience for that, maybe in the future perhaps!  Since I began blogging just shortly after I got saved, some of my old posts do not represent what we believe now, based on what we've learned through reading the those handful of posts will be/have been deleted.  Yes, I could have left them there to show how we have learned and progressed through our Christian walk...but I feel that when someone just "happens" upon my blog, I do not wish to lead them away from the truth by the things I have written in my spiritual infancy.  So best have them gone I figured.  Next I have added a few more labels to my categories of posts to help someone searching for specific things, so I have been adding some new labels to old posts...please be patient with me!

  • Speaking of spring cleaning, it is that time of year again!  I actually do look forward to it, because it gives me the boost of motivation I need to get a few sorely neglected areas of my home cleaned and reorganised.  I will be blogging my chore list very soon, and that way I'll be held very accountable for any chores that simply get.........forgotten!

  • Miss Meg...what a sweet little mischief maker she is!  She now has her two top front teeth in and they look a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!  She has inherited my family's trait of having gap between her front teeth...this makes her look even more mischievous when she laughs out loud!  So cute!  I have a post coming up all about the new things she is doing, and her favorite things to play and mess with!  So keep a watch out for that.

  • And yes speaking of upcoming posts, I have so many things that I wish to share with you all.  I have a few great recipes, health articles on the uses of plastic kitchen utensils and storage, family updates...and yes probably a rant or two!  Ha!
  • Just this evening my husband has taken Dylan with him to spend the night caring for his mother. It is the first time Dylan has ever spent the night away from home without me...and I'm a little unnerved about the whole thing!  I suspect that this is what is keeping me awake at such a late hour.  The house feels empty when even just one person is missing.  Dylan however was just delighted, packing his "sleep-over" bag and driving over with his Dad!  

Apologies for the lack of photographs in this post, but it is really late and I'm now off to bed!  Goodnight everyone!


      Jenny said...

      It must be hard to find Christian curriculum! Have you heard of Pearables books? The Personal Help for Girls and Preparing Your Hope Chest books are really interesting and they do books for boys too.

      They are American though but some sellers on eBay post worldwide.

      Maybe try some Christian parenting forums if you haven't already.

      I just redesigned my blog too - so scary! I always worry that I will either delete it by accident or hate the new version!

      Nikki said...

      Wow!!! I had never even thought that it might be hard for you to find a good curriculum. We use a wide variety of stuff in our homeschool. I find that my favorite sciences are the ones where we take books we like that focus on Creation. This year we are studying fossils as well as other parts of natural sciences. I like it so much better this way.