Friday, March 9, 2012

Recent Happenings...

Dylan's Self Portrait!

Well there has certainly been a lot going on around here lately!  I have a few blog posts in the making, but haven't seemed to be able to get along and finish them.  So today I thought I'd drop in with a few thoughts and stories from our home over the last few weeks!

  • My very kind hubby recently allowed me to purchase this amazing stand mixer by Kenwood, for our kitchen!  I am so thrilled about it.  It should be arriving in about just over a weeks time!  We've been at a loss since my bread machine died a few months ago and are all looking forward to making more bread and other baked goods again!  Yes you can always make these thing by hand (and we have)...but who has time for that everyday! ;)  If anyone has any great links for bread recipes using stand mixers, I be so appreciative if you leave them in the comment section, thank you!

    Dyl Playing Hop-Scotch

    My Hubby...A Baby-Wearing Daddy!
    • I've recently had a major FB clear out!  Ugh!  I seriously didn't know I had acquaintance with so many immoral, and downright nasty people!  Although I did delete some old childhood friends simply because I never hear from them, and we don't have anything in common anymore.  I often have a love/hate view of FB and had been pondering the whole "friend" thing for a while...and so it was time to "purge out the leaven"  

      Miss Meg Thinks That Eating Chalk Is Really Fun!
      • Meg has begun to walk un-aided, but only now and then!!!  She is such a stinker about it too, because when she knows that we are all watching her, she will laugh and then drop to the floor and crawl the rest of the way!!!  Most of the time she still walks about, holding onto the back of my skirt, but very soon she will be an independent walker.

        • I just wanted to share with you all this blog post that I loved this week!  Sarah from The Forest Room took the time to put togther a post (complete with links) of the educational games her family uses in their schooling.  Thanks Sarah! 

          Meg "Catching The Breeze"...Again! 

          • The engine in my husbands new truck has broken down!  We are so upset about it, as he only bought the truck fairly recently.  A re-furbished engine is likely to cost in the region of €1500!!  Also for the next 8 days my father is in England with my parents car, so we are relying on just my car between our two homes!  My husband takes it to work at the moment, till he can get his own vehicle fixed up.  This means that my mother has to walk to work and back twice a day and that the kids and I are housebound!  Just yesterday my husband was home from work and so I raced around with the girls in the morning running all my errands: Library, grocery shopping, recycling and mail!  Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for mail from is now on it's way! 

          A Sweet Message From A sweet Girl! :)


          Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

          Donkeys can be ferocious! I hope you are able to find a home for them. Loved all your pictures. Good thing chalk is "all natural", LOL ;)

          Nikki said...

          I would be scared of the donkey's too. Hope they can find a home somewhere else. As always enjoyed your update.

          Nikki said...

          I love it when my hubby wears our babies too.:) He loves my Ergo's too.:)

          Sarah said...

          Just in case anyone was wondering: I removed the section regarding the donkeys as per my hubbys request! Sorry if any were confused as to were it went! ;)

          Sarah said...

          Jackie ~ Ha, yes the chalk eating was so funny...but she looked as though she was having so much fun chomping on it, I just left her to it!

          Nikki ~ My hubby has only just started talking her with him for a walk when he gets home from work...she normally HATES to ride on the back when she is with me? I'm not sure if we have it set up right either because the strap in the front seems to high up?? Might be time to dig out the manual! ;)

          Thank you both for commenting! :)

          Nicole said...

          Sarah, I was reading the comments and wondering if I totally skipped out on reading a section...thanks for clarifying that :) haha.
          Good Old facebook friends. That is why I totally did away with my facebook account. Wow, I cannot believe it's almost been two years!!! Doesn't feel like that long, but life has been wonderful and freeing without it! Im not against it, I just couldn't do the whole friend thing. I had so many ask "Why haven't you accepted my friends request?" Or the oposite, "Did you delete me?" and I found it a lot easier to say, "I dont have facebook" haha. So it was an easy out on my part :)

          Well, have a wonderful week! I hope you had a great Lords Day yesterday! We did!