Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Not To Do...

...Buy a white dog, when you live on a farm!  Yuck!
...and yes, this is cow poop!



~SALLY~ said..., you definitely don't have a farm-friendly canine there. LOL! :)

Elizabeth said...

soooo funny. We had a hound once that would wallow in everything disgusting: any sort of poop, old garbage, rotting animal carcass. She was particularly fond of dead armadillo. Stupid animals... :-p

Rachel said...

Cutest dog ever!!!

Nicole said...

I agree!!! We are finding that out also! Maddie has been covered in EVERYTHING, especially mud right now. White dogs are so hard!

Anonymous said...

What type of a dog is that? She is too cute! I had imagined she was a type of work dog being on your farm when you first got her, but she appears a type of terrier? Also rejoicing that your dear Amy has embraced Jesus as her Savior!


Sarah said...

Elizabeth ~ Your dead armadillo comment had me laughing out loud! Obviously we don't have them here...but if we did, I guess our dogs would roll in that too! Bella brought us cows horns just a few weeks ago; she had retrieved them out of the shed left over from the de-horning a few days earlier...she left them on the doorstep after she had chewed on a few! *throws up a little*

Hailey ~ Nice to hear from you again! Thank you for your comment regarding Amy's BIG news! :)

Yes, Bella is a Westhighland Terrier. She certainly has that terrier "pluck"!

Thanks for your comments ladies! :)