Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spotlight - Miss Meg

Our sweet Meg is certainly growing up very fast indeed.  Here are a few fast facts about our littlest miss:

  • Meg LOVES to go farming with Daddy in the Ergo or pram/stroller!  She loves checking/moving the cows and doesn't make a peep whilst she is outdoors.
    • She is definitely strong willed and a born entertainer! 

    • She LOVES playing piano!  When Amy sits down to play with Meg on her lap, Meg pulls Amy's hands away so only she can "play" by herself!

    • She can walk independently now, and is now attempting to run!  One step forward often just leads to more frustration for our busy girl!

    • Brushing her teeth is one of her favourite activities!  She just loves to get her chompers onto that brush and give it a good chewing!

    • Meg sleeps like a wriggly baby octopus...all-over-the-place!!!

    • She LOVES her dollies!  She has three now, that sleep in the rocking baby crib, which used to belong to Amy.  She switches on the one that cries and feeds it, pats it back gently and even showers the poor thing with very wet baby kisses!
    • She is a bit of an expert at taking off her shoes and flinging them away!  I am surprised we haven't lost any yet.  Just today I took all the kids shopping for summer shoes...I got Meg a little pair with a buckle to stop her pulling them open...but she still got them off within a few minutes!
      • She is such a "groover and a shaker"!  Any kind of music gets Meg dancing!  She has even started her little "baby bop" when I've switched on some electrical appliances, such as the vacuum cleaner!


        • Her "preferred" people at present are Daddy and Grandad!
          • She makes the funniest sounds when she is frustrated...kind of sounds like a baby dinosaur!  Though by the end of a long day, it does kind of feel like it is searing my brain!  Ha!

          • She LOVES yoghurt...like a lot!
            • One of her favourite games to play is rolling and jumping around on the spare bed that is in her room, with Dylan.  They usually do this before bedtime; she just loves flinging herself back and rolling around!  ...Not the kind of treatment my s-i-l had in mind I expect, when she kindly donated this bed to us, complete with its silk filled duvet cover!!   


              Elizabeth said...

              I have a Meggy question. Do you always dress her so cute?! I mean, every picture you've ever posted of her she is always in the most adorable clothes?

              Thinking about it though, when Lydia was Meg's age I dressed Lydia up too. haha

              Her looks favor yours, but they also favor Brian's. What's momma's opinion?

              ~SALLY~ said...

              Aww...she looks like such a little helper! I love when mine get into cabinets and unload them...just to turn around and put it all back. (I don't think you mentioned that by the way, I just now thought of it and love the memories of that!) Meg is a really cute girlie girl! :)

              Nikki said...

              She is soooo cute. :) What a fun age as they learn to really explore more.

              Sarah said...

              Elizabeth ~ Ha...I hadn't considered that I dressed her up "cute" before. Most days she does wear "nice" clothes, but take Monday for example, she had NO clean t-shirts so she wore a onesie all day!!

              Sally ~ Thanks Sally! She does love her hair pretties, shoes, dollies and other girly things, BUT she is also very loud and rambunctious too!!

              Nikki ~ Thank you! I has been so great for her over the last few weeks, as she has gotten to grips with independent walking. She has been MUCH less frustrated, which in turn has been great for all of us! ;)

              Sarah said...

              Elizabeth ~ Sorry I forgot to add this: I actually think that Meg looks like my Dad. I don't really see myself in her, but she definitely has some O'Neill features too! :)

              Rachel said...

              She is so so cute!!