Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decrease In Irish Women Travelling For Abortion

Today the Pro-Life Campaign Ireland released this statement, detailing that the number of women travelling to the UK for abortion has decreased for the tenth consecutive year!  Even though these numbers are still considerably high, we should look at this news as extremely positive!

The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the latest Irish abortion figures released today by the British Department of Health,* which show that the number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortions has decreased for the tenth consecutive year.

In 2011, 4,149 Irish women travelled to Britain for abortions, down from 4,402 in 2010 and 4,422 in 2009. The 2011 figures show a marked decrease over previous years. 2011 is the tenth consecutive year that Irish abortions have declined and represents a 38% decline since the high of 6,673 Irish abortions in 2001.

The release of these figures follows the recent report ** from the HSE/Crisis Pregnancy Programme showing an increase in the number of women expressing abortion regret. In that study, 44 per cent of women expressed varying degrees of regret about their abortions up from 33 per cent in a similar HSE study in 2003.

In a statement welcoming the continuing reduction in the number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortion, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said:

“While it is too early to draw firm conclusions, the fact that the abortion figures are decreasing while the number of women expressing regret after abortion is increasing, shows the need for a much closer examination of women’s experiences of abortion, including abortion regret."

She said: “There has been a refusal on the part of those campaigning for abortion in Ireland to take on board the research indicating the negative consequences of abortion for women. This does a tremendous disservice to women. The claims by some groups that the reduced figures can be explained by the fact that women are travelling to other countries is not backed by the evidence."
The "right to life" within Ireland is constantly under threat, let us keep working hard, to ensure that the womb is the safest place for any unborn child.  We also must work hard to offer support and help, to those expectant ladies/girls who are in great need of it; that they may escape the terrible burden of abortion. 


Zsuzsanna said...

That is interesting. Are abortions illegal in Ireland, is that why women travel to the UK? And do they travel to Northern Ireland, or actually all the way to the mainland?

Sarah said...

Zsuzsanna ~ Abortion is still technically illegal in Ireland at present. They may be performed in extreme circumstances where the mothers life would be at risk, but I can't actually remember any case of this since I have lived here (11yrs). However it seems that not a year goes by, without some governmental party/parties trying to push for abortion legistlation to be made. Right now our government has side-stepped the need for public referendums (vote) on this topic, and has put together an "expert group" comprised of 14 members who will make the decision. This is terrible, as in the past when the Irish people have voted, they have always voted in large numbers to keep Ireland pro-life.

So yes, this is why Irish women travel to the UK. Even though Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom, the laws regarding abortion in the North, are the same as here in the South.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the Catholics!