Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "It's About Time" Update!

Flowers My Lovely Two Men Picked For Me!

So as usual, things are pretty much hectic and crazy in the O'Neill home!  Of course we wouldn't have it any other way!  Our crazy schedule is just part of the reason why my blogging is almost non-existent; the other part being that I'm asleep or almost fainting with tiredness most of the time!  Happy reading!  ;)

School is winding up for the year, and we are all looking forward to a more relaxed pace in our learning.  Both Dylan and Amy have 2-3 weeks left to go - Hooray!  We usually keep working on some subjects over the summer, like: music, languages and some math, that way it is not so hard to "switch-back-on" come the new school year.   My hubby and I have been discussing recently whether we would buy in some of our curriculum from the US, and here is why:

There are NO home school curriculums to choose from here in Ireland; and certainly NO Christian curriculums either!  This is mainly because homeschooling is still pretty rare here, and there are even fewer Christian homeschoolers; there just isn't a market for the kind of books we would like to use.  I won't bore you in this post with the ins-and-outs of our frustrations, but after many hours of deliberation and a final discussion, we think we have found a better way to go forward, for the next year or two at least!  :) 

After reading reviews online, we have decided to use Galloping the Globe curriculum for Dylan in addition to his math, phonics and reading programs; that we are already happy with.  I ordered his books just a few days ago, and he is very excited for them to arrive - yes, I am too! 

Amy will continue with the books she already has for the most part; except for science, which we will be sourcing from the US.  At the moment we are considering both Abeka and Apologia for our science curriculum.  Hopefully my husband and I will be able to sit down and take a look later on this week, at which might work the best for our family.  Any advice on science curriculum would definitely be appreciated, if you feel so inclined! :)

Dylan's Math Book!

My pregnancy is running along nice and smoothly so far (currently 10 weeks along), for which I'm grateful!  My nausea has mostly passed, although I am still very tired!  Often times even when I've napped for a whole hour in the afternoon, I'm still exhausted by the evening.  I'm already taking my iron supplement to help me from becoming tired due to anaemia (my iron levels are pretty low without supplements during pregnancy).  I take Spatone iron supplement throughout most of my pregnancies and post-partum, because it really does get your iron levels up quickly, it is easy to take with a glass of orange and it doesn't produce that usual side effect, that taking iron usually causes! 

My thoughts about this pregnancy are a first for me; it is the first time that I find myself feeling completely overwhelmed somedays!  Overwhelmed by the thoughts of mothering 4 children...4 seems like 100 on those days!  Haha!  I know irrational thoughts are completely "normal" during pregnancy...but I still have moments of "How on earth am I going to do this??!!"  If you are a mama with 4 or more kiddies and you know I've spent crazy amounts of time on your blog lately; fear not, I'm not stalking you, I'm simply trying to glean all the tips and advice that I can before December rolls around! ;)

About two weeks from now, will be our first visit with our new midwifery team and our first ultrasound.  We'll hopefully be able to talk with them more about our wishes to home birth!  Excited!  The kids are all looking forward to the appointment too...Dylan even remembers coming to the hospital for Meg's ultrasound, when we "looked at the TV and saw the baby"! 

Speaking of Dylan and babies; he thinks that the "baby" on my pregnancy ticker is our real baby.  He thinks it is showing "live" footage of what our new baby is doing right this very second!  He is a hoot; almost everyday he will ask to "see the baby" and exclaims at any changes!  ;)

 Delicious Homemade Donuts...Yummmmm!

Meg "Making Dinner"!

Finally, we are LOVING our new church!  LOVING IT!  Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming, that we feel like we have just been there forever!  Every week we feel absolutely privileged by the amazing sermons we get to listen to, and learn from.  Just last week our pastor preached on biblical, God honouring convicting!  There is no avoidance of certain topics just in case people get "offended"; while our pastor is NEVER mean, he does not hold back, always preaches straight from the Bible, and has zero tolerance for sin in the church.  We are glad for a strong pastor!  Did I mention that we are LOVING our new church!!??  :)


 Little Miss Meg, All Ready For Church!


sarah in the woods said...

We love Apologia science. We have only used the elementary books so far but plan on using Apologia all the way through high school.

Katie said...

What a fun update! =) I hope you are feeling well! So glad you found a great church ~ that is outstanding. Nothing like a solid, Bible-preaching church.

I remember from past posts you mentioning the issue with curriculum in your country. I have used both ABeka and Apologia for elementary level. We love things about both, but they are quite different in their teaching styles. ABeka is very traditional ~ textbook-oriented. Apologia still has a "textbook" but is more Charlotte-Mason style. Both are solid science programs with a biblical worldview though. I don't think either would disappoint!

Blessings to you as you prepare for another little one and seek out curriculum for your older children!
♥ Katie

char said...

We love apologia. I have also used truth in science for my oldest son and it is just awesome!!! It really helped ME and helped to change my worldview. They only have it up to 6th grade and then they recommend Apologia. That is what i plan to stick with all through high school.

Nikki said...

Hi Sarah,
I had to smile at your completely overwhelmed thoughts on #4!! You are going to be great. :) I think being tired adds to those thoughts. :) I really enjoyed your post as always. Little Meg is so sweet in her little red dress. :) I loved reading about Dylan checking in on your baby. :) Too cute. We are so happy for you. I hope to get to the post office soon as I have some snail mail overdue to send your way. :) Take care!! Rest often and enjoy growing that little life inside you. Those days go SO fast.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I was just reading in a homeschool magazine about an science curriculum that looked really interesting and not too expensive. It by Creationist, Ken Ham, whom I respect greatly. You might check that out, too, before you decide :)

1HappyWife said...

Dylan is so cute :)! I love your top picture with the flowers and Jpy sign. I know what you mean about the tiredness ... I could have slept my whole last pregnancy. Meg looks so sweet all dressed up for church. Looking forward to hearing your decision on science too.
Praying for rest for you and good health for your sweet little baby :).

~SALLY~ said...

Yay for a good pregnancy so far! I just had my third baby and feel about the same as you getting ready for 4. It can be overwhelming but I have realized that you just adapt to the new little one and within a few days (or weeks), you cannot imagine life without them and schedules just change a bit to accommodate the baby! You already know this though. :)

Also, I am so happy that you are enjoying your new church. Having a loving church family is so vital in these days in which we live. So happy for you!!! :)

lwood said...


A friend of mine (Kerri in
Texas) pointed me to your blog yesterday. I'm excited to start
to read your posts .... we are a Christian home schooling family,
and are about to temporarily relocate to Ireland for a year
with my husband's job. We're still in the initial research
stages, but are looking for any and all information about living,
finding a church and homeschooling in Ireland. Hard to even know
where to start!!!!!

Thank you for blogging! :)

-- Lynn Wood

Sarah said...

Sarah In The Woods ~ Thank you!

Katie ~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts on both Abeka and Apologia! :)

Char ~ I know what you mean, when we started Apologia Astronomy, I was amazed at how much I didn't know. I learnt a lot from just teaching my children!

Nikki ~ Thank you! So looking forward to your "snail-mail"! :)

Jackie ~ Thank you for your suggestion, we do have a few books authored by Ken Ham at home already! I will definitely check it out!

1HappyWife ~ Thank you, your blog has been a great encouragement to me lately! :)

Sally ~ Congratulations!!! How on earth did I miss that?!?? I will pop over to check your blog later today!

LWood ~ WOW, how exciting! I will definitely be in touch via email soon, and we can "talk". Do you know yet which area you'll be moving to?

Thank you everyone for your comments. One more question I have is this: What is the actual name of the Apologia high school science books? When we looked, we scouted through CBD, but were unsure exactly which Apologia was for high school level (we are looking for Grade 8) Thank you!

1HappyWife said...

Hi Sarah,
I just checked the catalog from Apologia and they recommend Exploring Creation with Physical Science. This summer they have a student notebook coming out along with a DVD that is over 20 hours of lectures. My 7th and 9th graders did General Science and both did a lapbook with it. The three of us did it together for the first half of the year but do to a sweet little baby growing in me and then her birth they ended up doing it just the two of them.
I need to take pictures for my state reports anyway so if you would like to see what they look like just let me know and I'll post them.

Sarah said...

1HappyWife ~ Thank you! I actuaklly googled it last night and found Apologia's own website. It was very helpful because it actually listed the grade levels for each book. I thought we might end up using Apologia General Science...but my husband really liked a DVD/textbook curriculum from Answers in Genesis. So I guess that is what we'll be using; because it is a DVD approach he figured that we can all learn together! Apologia will probably have to wait until next year! ;)

Thank you so much for your help! :)

Sarah said...